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CUE? Not using SMR?


Hi everyone.  I am new to this site and want to commend all of the Veterans and advocates who devote endless time and energy into those who are new to the claims process.

I will try to keep it short.  Some background-

My dad, 68 years old, is a Vietnam vet.  He was drafted and served 6/68-3/70.  He is currently rated at 80%.  He initially claimed "injury to both feet" in 1983 and was denied.  Needless to say, information was not as readily available in 1983 and like he said, "I was busy raising a family to fight the VA."  He claimed foot disorders (plantar fasciitis, foot injury) again in 1996, 2004, and 2010 all denied because medical evidence of service connection was not found.  Fast forward to November 2015 when I got involved.  He has gotten to the point where he cannot stand for more than 5 minutes without pain.  It breaks my heart.  I immediately jumped head first into his records and I am just amazed at what I found.    

His SMRs clearly show symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis while serving and he was treated prior to 1983 in non govt facility and since 1983 at the VA. 

Here is a timeline of treatments found in SMR-




1/22/68 –“Foot Trouble” marked “No,” Exhibit A, pages 1-4

6/25/68- reported for duty in Ft. Benning, GA, Exhibit D, page 1

7/16/68- “Feet are going flat” reported to clinic, referred to podiatry for “Falling Arches” Exhibit A, page 10

7/16/68- podiatry clinic notes “stress fractures at the insertion of the tendo-Achilles” prescribed heel pads and light duty, no running.  Exhibit A, page 10

7/22/68- “no improvement” expedite to podiatry again, Exhibit A, page 11

7/22/68-notes “bilateral stress fractures of os calcis, still having      trouble with feet” Exhibit A, page 11

8/6/68- clinic notes “pain over heels when pressed, bilateral stress fractures,”  Exhibit A, page 12

8/9/68-no significant change, “feels arches have fallen since in Army,” “deep aching both feet, ankles and feet,” jelly casts made. Exhibit A, page 13

8/16/68-“still having trouble with feet, pain in both heels for 2-3 weeks, notes that “heel pads  make pain worse.” Exhibit A, page 10


8/16/68-“clinical early bilateral stress fractures” noted, patient claims that “arches have fallen since in the Army,”… “pain in both plantar surfaces and heels.” Exhibit A, page 14


8/27/68-9/6/68-“admitted to ER with cellulitis of the knee, deep pain under patella” Exhibit A, pages 15-19


9/10/68-“cellulitis is improving, patient has had chronic problem with feet since BT, having constant dull aching feet especially when standing.” Exhibit A, page 19


9/11/68-“tenderness plantar aspect of both feet,”  Exhibit A, page 20


9/17/68-(Dr. notes frustration) “This man has painful feet . . .not getting

 better . . . this man needs some concrete answers as to what the problem is and what to expect” refers to orthopedic clinic for “chronic foot pain”, Exhibit A, page 20


9/17/68-“having constant dull aching feet, especially when standing, feet both significantly flat, pes planusExhibit A, page 21


9/17/68-“Chronic foot pain-seems real, 21 year old complains of dull aching pains in both feet, completely fine except for flat feet, insoles as per podiatrist” Exhibit A, page 22


9/17/68-“symptomatic of pes planus,” custom arch supports ordered-make casted molded arch supports to hold heel in neutral,” Exhibit A, page 23


10/15/68-orthopedic clinic notes “pain in ankle joints, more painful when barefoot” “no relief from pads” “Flexible, pronated flat foot while standing

Exhibit A, page 24


10/16/68-Physical Profile Record-notes “Flat Feet, no guard duty”

Exhibit A, page 26


10/22/68-no change, “symptomatic of pes planus, continue arch supports, refer to podiatry and orthopedics” Exhibit A, page 27


11/6/68-“despite Thomas heel, no improvement of pain in arch of foot”, “referred to orthopedics for heel buildup” Exhibit A, page 28


12/5/68-patient complains “feet are sore from result of falling arches, dull, deep pain after standing less than 15 min, when pain is severe, progresses up left leg,” notes about changing MOS from infantry, “leaving only flat feet as the diagnosis” Exhibit A, page 30



1/22/69-Fort McClellan, AL-noted “pain in feet, knees, thighs and back,” “Dr. is frustrated) with options-“I have nothing further to offer this man since every modality I would use has been used by the podiatrists at Benning.” “He presently has heel lifts and Thomas heels on boot, patient should be seen by orthopedics for back.” Exhibit A, page 32


2/13/69-“still problems with feet and heel, noted Achilles tendon insertion area, ordered hydrocortisone injection at Achilles tendon, “more padding in boot.” Exhibit A, page 33


3/69-Leaves for Vietnam Tour


4/28/69-Skin condition treated, on face, Exhibit A, page 35


6/13/69-contracted Malaria in Vietnam (already SC-0%), Exhibit A, page 46


8/19/69-“cellulitis on bottom of feet and toes” (infection of calluses), admitted to hospital to treat, Exhibit A, pages 49-50


11/26/69- reports of “6 months of calluses on both plantar areas, pes planus, reoccurring watery vesicles on both feet, bacterial infection of calluses” Exhibit A, page 49


***pain was present the entire time while in Vietnam.  There was really nothing that could be done about it.   There was no need to complain to the medic.***


3/20/70-Returned from Vietnam


3/20/70-Separation exam “Foot Trouble” marked “yes”

“Skin ulcers on bottom of feet” noted in explanation box-(These “ulcers” were the infected calluses) Exhibit A, page 53-54



Clearly he was treated for foot conditions while in service.  I have reopened claims for plantar fasciitis, etc.Does anyone see a case for EED based on CUE?  (38 CFR 3.156)


Here is the "4th Pillar" in my recently submitted claim. 


IV. Effective Date

Please consider all of the evidence presented.  I have reviewed my service medical records and it clearly shows that my pes planus was acquired while in active service.  Throughout my claims history, I have assumed that my service records were being used to adjudicate my claims.


I requested my SMR in 2010 via FOIA request.  I was sent two (2) separate packages dated April 22, 2010 and September 26, 2012.  These packages were not identical.  The 2012 package had additional service medical records. 


From my understanding of 38 CFR 3.156 (c, c4), the VA is required to review my C-File for the evidence used in adjudicating my historical claims.  Also, please note for the record that I was never informed that my service records were not available to be used to adjudicate my claim(s).  The only correspondence was from St. Louis and referencing inpatient records from DaNang Army Hospital.  This was not communicated to me until April 14, 2010.  This hospital stay is not absolutely necessary to prove service connection, so it is irrelevant.


Based on the reasons I was denied and the service medical records not being lost or destroyed, it is my understanding that my initial claim date of May 13, 1983 would be the correct effective date and retroactive evaluation would be made.


The reason these records were delivered separately and two years apart is unknown.  One possibility could be misplaced files and if that is the case, I feel that the new evidence obtained would fall under the 38 CFR 3.156 regulations.


Or, if all of the evidence was available at the time of the initial claim decision, then it would qualify as a Clear and Unmistakable Error (CUE).  Please note, I am not filing a CUE on this matter.  I am just adding justification for an earlier effective date.  The VA was required (even before 2000’s Duty to Assist) to assist the veteran by getting necessary Federal records.  All of the necessary information needed to get these records was provided by me and it is noted in my Rating Decisions for other conditions. 


The various medical treatment notes for foot injuries and other foot conditions while on active duty have been available all along.  The reason for denial always noted no medical evidence of service connection.


Regardless of the reason, I initially claimed foot injury/plantar fasciitis in May 1983.  I claimed these same conditions again in 1997, 2004, and 2010.  These foot condition (s) have been ongoing and chronic and I feel I should be compensated based on the evidence available through my claims history. 



I wish I had known about this wonderful community before I submitted his claim, but if he is denied again, the claws are coming out!  LOL!  Don't mess with a girl's daddy!  Haha. 


Any advice would be appreciated!  Thanks!





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Looks like it could be a cue using the following rule. Title 38 cfr 3.156C Missing Service Department Records.

Any denial will state the evidence used to make that denial in the reasons and basis of the denial. If these records are not mentioned then they were not there ti be considered. This is new and material also. he can file a cue claim asap.


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Great Info from Jbasser,

I think its the VA  ''Duty to Assist'' the veteran in  finding his service records, if they can't find them then VA  is suppose to take the veterans word on any lay statements made if there  is a circumstance  and a close date (within 60days) that put the veteran  close to what he mention in his statements. Then reasonable doubt will go to the veteran





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Thank you both for the responses.  Have you ever heard of a EED awarded on a reopened claim without filing a CUE? 

or does it go more like this process-reopened claim, SC awarded, effective date is date of reopened claim, and then having to DOD for a EED using CUE? 



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CUE does not equal 38 cfr 3.156.  Instead, its far better for you!  Dont file a cue, file a motion to reopen under 38 CFR 3.156.  This is instead of CUE, not a CUE.  However, that is very good for you!  You need not "toss out" benefit of the doubt.  Dont raise the bar (standard of review) to Cue unnecessarily so.  3.156 includes benefit of the doubt, while CUE does not.  

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I have reopened the claim for bilateral plantar fasciitis, injury to both ankles, injury to both knees, ankle condition bilateral (secondary) and a new claim for flatfoot.  In my claim summary I referenced 38 CFR 3.156 (noting that I was NOT filing a CUE).  In your opinion, will they decide in favor of EED based on claims history? 

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    • Yes 

      After a PTSD/Unspecific MDD Diagnose From the VA Dr's

      The gold standard for diagnosing PTSD is a structured clinical interview such as the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS-5). When necessary, the PCL-5 can be scored to provide a provisional PTSD DSM 5 diagnosis.

      Any clinical clinician such as MD ,Psychiatrist even a L.C.S.W. (Certified)can perform the Diagnostics Evaluation Employed by the the VA

      ...They just need to figure out your symptoms and put together a list of your symptom's that you possess or show from the evaluation...I am not 100% Sure just how they do this ?

      being I am not a Dr or clinical clinician 

      Once a Diagnoses of PTSD is given they try to set you up with a Therapist to help with your New dx And how to adjust or cope with the Anxiety and Depression the PTSD can cause.

        you learn the tools to cope with and depending how severe your symptoms are ? 

       They test /screen you with phychoeducational type therapy treatment usually at first.

       Warning  some of this therapy can be very rough on a Veteran  from holding on to guilt  from the trauma its self or you maybe in a  ''stuck point''from memories and guilt or from the stressor's or anything that reminds you of the trauma you endured.

      The therapy works  even if we think it don't,  I recommend Therapy for all PTSD Veterans  it could very well save your life once the correct therapy is in place and the Veteran makes all his Clinical Appointments.

      I still have Combat PTSD it probably will never be cured completely but we can learn the tools it takes to cope with this horrible diseases 

      even learning breathing techniques  Helps tremendously during a panic attact.

      I have guilt from the war in Vietnam  ( I ask my self what could I have done to make a better outcome/difference?..and also I am in what the therapist calls stuck points. working on that at present once a week for 90 minutes.  I am very fortunate to have the help the VA gives me and I am lucky I have not turned to alcohol or drugs to mask my problem.

      But I have put my family through a living hell with my angers of burst.and they all stood by me the whole time years and years of my family life was disrupted because of me and my children &spouse  never deserved it one bit.

      That's all I want to say about that.

      At least I am still around. and plan to be tell my old age dying day.
    • No timeframe gotta love that answer it’s even better when you ask 1800 people or call the board directly they’ll say you’ll know sooner then later. I had mine advanced and it was about 2 months later until I had the decision in my hand which seems forever but in the present system in 2016 lightning fast...
        • Thanks
    • I am serviced connected for ankylosing spondylitis back in 1985. I had a C&P exam on 7-7-19 since I am asking for an increase in my cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacral ratings. After speaking with the DAV to find out progress and info on my exam, the Rep. noted sort of what I expected. Radiculopathy was noted and ROM was 0-15 for cervical, and 0-25 for back. I am currently rated as Cervical 30%, Thoracic 10%, and Lumbosacral 40%. The main question that I have is relating to the thoracic 10% and lumbosacral 40%. I am confused on these two. Is Lumbosacral separate from the thoracic/others ? Since my back ROM is at 0-25, does this mean that my thoracic might increase from the 10% to a higher rating ? I am confused how they break down my ratings from cervical at 30%, Thoracic at 10%, and Lumbosacral at 40%. Also, with the radiculopathy, is this something that they will rate also ? I am currently at 90% total combined for all my disabilities. I hope this helps for someone to give me advice/answers.
      • 4 replies
    • Thank you @GeekySquid for your reply. 


      I have redacted personal information for my documents listed below. 

      I look forward to your reply. 

      HEADACHE STR 2006 copy_Redacted.pdf


      Pages from Original Denial-Grant Reasons_Redacted.pdf
    • Hello Defenders of freedom!

      I have a question pertaining to this denial for headaches. The decision letter is quoted below. 


      3. Service connection for headaches.

      "We may grant service connection for a disability which began in military service or was caused by some event or experience in service.

      Your STRs are negative for any treatment of or diagnosis of headaches. On your post-deployment exam in 2005 you denied any headaches. On separation, you denied any headaches. VA treatment records are negative for any treatment of or diagnosis of headaches. On VA exam, the examiner stated there was no evidence of any residuals of a traumatic brain injury.

      We have denied service connection for headaches because the evidence of record fails to show this disability was incurred in or caused by military service."

      From my understanding these 3 points must be overturned to successfully win a CUE case:

       (1) either the correct facts, as they were known at the time, were not before the adjudicator or the statutory or regulatory provisions in existence at that time were incorrectly applied; 

      (2) the error must be undebatable and of the sort which, had it not been made, would have manifestly changed the outcome at the time of the prior determination

      and (3) a determination that there was CUE must be based on the record and law that existed at the time of the prior adjudication in question.  

      @Berta, or veterans out here who have knowledge/experience, tell me what facts you think would be needed to prove this denial for headaches was an error? 
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