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    When a Veteran starts considering whether or not to file a VA Disability Claim, there are a lot of questions that he or she tends to ask. Over the last 10 years, the following are the 14 most common basic questions I am asked about ...
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  • Can a 100 percent Disabled Veteran Work and Earn an Income?

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    You’ve just been rated 100% disabled by the Veterans Affairs. After the excitement of finally having the rating you deserve wears off, you start asking questions. One of the first questions that you might ask is this: It’s a legitimate question – rare is the Veteran that finds themselves sitting on the couch eating bon-bons … Continue reading

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Claim Decision - Total & Permanent but.......


Based on Ebenefits, they have closed my open claim and awarded me additional ratings. I was already 100% combined; however, when I go to Documents/Records and retrieve a VA benefits summary letter, it shows YES for 'You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due soley to your service connected disabilities. The commissary letter goes on to say it is permanent and not scheduled for any future exams.

Here lies my question......would any of these state unemployable if the VA decision was that I am total, permanent and unemployable? I realize this will be all spelled out when I get the yellow envelope in the mail but thought others with experience might be able to let me know what I should see on these.



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Did you apply for TDIU?  If not, then I don't believe that they will award it....and if you're already at 100%, then TDIU offers no additional benefits.




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Sorry.  You have 2 choices. 

1.  Conjure up different senarios of how you think ebenefits is spot on and can be trusted.  Given that we know ebenefits to be unreliable, you would be better off going fishing, camping, visit your grandchildren, plant a garden, or clean out your garage.   You can also make a plan on what to do with the money, such as 

a) if its over 20,000  b) if its 10-20k  c if its less than 10,000.  

2. Wait for the BBE and the deposit in the bank and read what the decision says.  

I favor the later part of option one or option 2.  

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Tom, it appears to me that you are Rated 100% SC Scheduler and your DX's are determined to be T & P, with no Future Exams Scheduled, that is, unless you file a New Secondary Issue Claim. Were you ever classified as IU, prior to receiving the 100% Scheduler Rating?

I was rated IU P&T "NFE" Scheduled 2012 thru 12/15. Yearly E-Ben Comp Award letter always indicated the 90% SC being paid at the 100%  level due to IU Award. This changed 01/03/2016, New Secondary issue Awarded from 05/15 FDC, got my SC SA 50% bumped to 100%.

01/16 E-Ben Comp Letter, now says nothing about my IU Rating still being in effect, strictly addresses the 100% SC and SMC S (1), T&P and "NFEs."

If your 100% SC Scheduler, the issue of an IU Award, becomes "Moot." The basic comp is the same, only real difference, with IU, Earned Income "SGI" above $12,400 under 65 could result an Award Reduction. The 100% Scheduler Award, carries no Earned Income restrictions.

Semper Fi

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I've never been IU nor have I applied for it

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  • Similar Content

    • By Ztmiller8
      Finally heard back that I received my 100% Overall rating and a 100% PTSD rating Following my long appeal process!
      My question is this, given the fact that my appeal was on the advanced docket and is an “Expedited” appeal, what happens now and how long(ish) is the process from here on out with retro and so forth? I’ve read a million things but nothing with an expedited appeal status.
      Anyone deal with this situation before? My jump is from 50 to 100 over the course of 2 years if that helps some. I only am asking because as happy as I am, I would be much happier to pay some of these bills off!
    • By eli
      It's been awhile since I've posted.  The process took a lot out of me and my health has been pretty bad.
      My TBI and residuals among other things were service connected and I was awarded SMC T.
      To all still in the battle, don't give up and keep fighting.
      Thank you all, it was a long road we traveled together and I appreciate the knowledge base. ❤️
    • By MarkInTexas
      Well folks, I finally crossed the goal line that I have been moving the ball toward since I started this adventure in 2010.  A few days ago, I saw all kinds of crazy activity on eBenefits and VA.gov as I went to check on my slow shuffle in the BVA line.  I had already had my hearing and had several claims granted, and was waiting for the VA to move forward on the granted conditions, or see if they were were going to handle the remaining two remanded conditions that didn't amount to much anyway.
      I was sitting back with something like 33,000 claims still ahead of me in the slow march, so I was surprised to see an attorney fee determination claim pop up out of nowhere.  I called my attorney and left a message with his office.  He called me back a couple of days later excited and says that it looks like I'm about to join the Chapter 35 Club and that they will be retro'ing my EED back to my original claim dates.  He said to watch for the mail, and as usual to never trust eBenefits, which I don't, but I still do go to, which I know I shouldn't, but I do.  Y'all know what I mean.
      Anyway, a couple of days later, I get a nice retro in my account, and see that eBenefits is showing 100%, and the letter generator shows the same with the famous language of permanent and total with no future exams scheduled included in the letter.
      I noticed all of the BVA granted conditions were showing as service connected, except for one, so I'm assuming they are still working on that little one.  Also the two remanded conditions have not been decided yet either.  One called for a records review in the BVA remand decision and the other for a C&P, so since we now live in a COVID-19 world, who knows how that will work out?
      So anyway, I'm sitting and waiting on the one granted remaining and two remanded, but everything online shows green lights.  I did notice that there is are now two "new" claims open in my eBenefits, one still for the attorney fee determination and one for a "STR-Medical", and when I go to it, it says the claim is a regulatory and procedural review.  I'm hoping that some of y'all know what that means.
      I know that nothing is super "official" until I get the big brown envelope, or white, or brown and white....whatever the VA has in stock at the time, but it is a relief to finally be near the end of the tunnel that started with a VONAPP submission to the VA.  Yeah, I said it...VONAPP......the claims are that old.
      I know I've said it before, but I will say it again.  I joined this site back in 2012, and it has provided a wealth of knowledge, counseling and peace of mind, and also served as a place to ventilate.  I couldn't have made it without the help of you folks.  I also have to say that Asknod's e-book on Amazon saved me tons of trouble in the beginning, and it as handy as a pocket on a shirt as you navigate through the process.
      Thanks to all of you, and I wish you peace, good health and happiness.  I'll be back and forth on here still to check in, and maybe give some advice or get some advice.  Thank you all for your service, both in the military and now.  God bless each and every one of you.
    • By hemipepsis5p
      Hi everyone! 

      So I have bipolar disorder, and I've made massive progress in my wellbeing in the last 6 months from diet/exercise and tons of self-help books and a Bipolar Life Skills program. Anyway, I feel great, and have for months and months now, and I feel like I'm ready to go back to school and finish my degree (in psychology) and try to get higher education so I can help other Veterans out of depression (I want to be a psychologist, the Psy.D route).
      Anyway I'm at 100% right now for my bipolar disorder, and I'm getting re-rated in like 2 years. I have 1 month left on my 9/11 GI Bill, which isn't enough for me to finish my degree (I have 2 years left). I'm aware that I have to put in for Voc Rehab before using my last month of benefits in order to get the higher Voc Rehab BAH rate.
      So my question is, if I call up Voc Rehab and say "Hey I'm feeling well enough to do school again and work and I want to be a psychologist and help other Veterans get their lives together" will the Voc Rehab people immediately schedule me for a re-evaluation? Don't get me wrong I want to get off of this disability stuff but if Voc Rehab is going to pay me only the BAH for the school's zip code, that is not enough for me to live on without a roommate (I'm 30) or some other source of income, not even close, like, the BAH is 3k per month, and the cheapest studios around the school (within a 45-minute drive one way) are $1200, and there are so many people applying for the apartments that unless you can show you bring home an income that is 3x your rent (in this case $3600 per month), they won't rent to you. I already tried to move there on my current monthly income (3k) and I got no responses.

      Living on campus is possible but would be a nightmare as I would have to spend 4 months out of the year living with my 62 year old mom and my stepdad in a cramped little house. It's just not realistic. I know for a fact they wouldn't let me live with them for 4 months out of the year. Even when I was homeless they were only going to let me stay there for 1 week until I got into a VA housing program. It especially wouldn't work if I wanted to take summer courses because the dorms are closed during the summer and my family lives in another state. I also wouldn't be able to maintain my current extremely-healthy diet because no cooking is allowed in the dorms (no hot plates or toaster ovens). I eat very specific health-food recipes and mealprep 3-4 days at a time. The dining facility at the college is okay but is incompatible with my superfood diet. I checked to see if the school has off-campus school-sponsored housing but they don't have any.
      Anyway, I could absolutely make it work even if I'm bumped down to 50%, but if they put me at 10% or something I'm going to have to get a job when I'm going to school which would be too hard for me to do while getting the grades I need to get into a Psy.D program. Transferring schools to a cheaper area isn't much of an option because my transcript is so awful right now that no one else will take me.
      Will Voc Rehab set my BAH to 3x the studio rent for the area so I can get an apartment? I can hear you laughing now, I've dealt with the VA, I know the answer is probably "Yeah sure, when pigs fly."
      Thanks for any help!
    • By Nyree212
      Hello all I am fairly new to this forum however I get the majority of my insight here
      Currently I'm rated at 90% overall , out of that my depression is currently rated at 50% , about 6 or 7 more disabilities each rated at between 10-30% as well ranging from back ,feet and hip problems and recently I have submitted my claim for tdiu back in October 2018 and this past Feb 2019 I had my c&p exam and I was wanting to seek feedback based on what my examiner wrote in the notes in the results I've copied and pasted the portion that stuck out to me most 
      Do I have a good chance at tdiu? Its a very scary process 
      facilities. Encounter Date/Time Encounter Type Encounter Description Reason Provider Source                                                   :here are some of key things that stuck out from my examiners notes- 

      At the time of the last exam she was experiencing a high level of work
      stress. This continued until her discharge in 9/19. She enrolled in
      College but only went to a day of school. She
      recalls, "it was pretty stressful, the wear and tear. Some of the
      classes were upstairs. Mentally I couldn't focus. I was excited, but
      when I went I felt overwhelm[ed], 'I can't do this.'"

      She has looked for work she could do at home but was unable to find
      anything. Has not had paid work since her d/c from military service.

      The veteran's depression is quite severe and would impact her
      performance in any job. She would be vulnerable to regular absenteeism
      and low productivity in any job. She would avoid social interaction and
      would particularly struggle to perform in jobs that involved extensive
      social interaction (e.g., team based jobs, customer facing jobs). She
      would likely struggle to tolerate the routine stress of most jobs or get
      through a work week without displaying obvious signs of depression and
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    • I told reviewer that I had a bad C&P, and that all I wanted was a fair shake, and she even said, that was what she was all ready viewed for herself. The first C&P don't even  reflect my Treatment in the VA PTSD clinic. In my new C&P I was only asked about symptoms, seeing shit, rituals, nightmares, paying bills and about childhood, but didn't ask about details of it. Just about twenty question, and  nothing about stressor,
    • This is the latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide dated 20180719. The only other one I've seen is dated 2002, including the one on this website and the VA website. I got this from my claims agent, who got it from the VA.

      VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide 2 Final Corrected 20180719.pdf
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    • I don’t say thank you enough to all of you...
      You, yes you, are the reason HadIt.com has remained a resource-rich resource. Thousands come each month to read, ask questions, or to feel a sense of community.

      Last month June 2020, we over 50k visitors they viewed over 160k pages. Veterans and their advocates, spouses, children, and friends of veterans come looking for answers. Because we have posts dating back 15 years and articles on the home page, they usually can find an answer or at least get pointed in the right direction.

      You all made that possible. Thank you.
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    • VA has a special where we can ask questions TODAY, at 3:00 to "people that matter?"  Someone should ask why we can not ask them questions EVERY day, why today only? (This is a big problem with VA..the 800 number often does not give specific answers).  We should have people in VA who "solve Vets problems" like Allison Hickey did a few years ago. 
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