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Voc Rehab - Independent Living Services

Anthony Johnson


I had an appointment at Vocational Rehabilitation yesterday for Independent Living Services.  After completing the necessary paperwork I was told that a Counselor would contact me and come out to do a home visit.  I was wondering who has already gone through this process and what your experience was like?  I am 100% disabled Total and Permanent and Unemployable.  I have chronic back issues, chronic migraines, Stage 3 Renal Failure, PTSD, Depression, Carpal Tunnel (both wrists), Sleep Apnea.  What exactly can I expect from this program?  What are my chances on being approved?  I have read that individuals receive adjustable/therapeutic beds, computers, lift chairs, etc...  How long is the program good for?  Any and all information will be helpful.


Thanking everyone in advance



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I know about the this link Sgt Cox.  Appreciate it.  But I'm looking for information from individuals who have already been or are going through this program.  Want to know what their experience is or was like.  Thanks again.


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Well, then Mr. Johnson, you want to know about how to win a ILP. I've been involved in how to do that since 2011. Here's everything I know on the subject.




And the library of selections to learn everything you ever wanted to know about ILP requests-and even more.



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 Mr Johnson,

I was in the VR&E and ILP back in 2000  and my counselor was very helpful  matter fact he filled out all the paper work and Applications, I got everything I ask for pertaining to my SC Disability's and he even had some great suggestions  ect,,ect,, and I could have got more but I just ask for what I needed to help me live a better way of life , & after they could not find me any type job due to my SC Disability   he wrote me a letter stating I was unfeasible to retain at this time due to my S.C.Disability that letter was a big help getting me TDIU P&T.

I now have 100% P&T Plus SMC-S-1 H.B.


ILP maybe different now? but I think it all depends on what type counselor you get.

After your enrolled with ILP that should qualify you for anything you need to help you live a better way of life.

I suggest you request anything you need to help you and also  help make it easier for your spouse.

you can ask for a booklet that  has the things you can get from ILP that is due to your S.C. Disability, you having a bad Back  a nice electric mobile wheel chair would be good and a carrier also they pay for trailer hitches to be installed  or they use too? things around the house  ramps for your wheel chair, things like making your doors wide, bathroom fixtures, and of course the grab stick and sock -puller uppers  things like that, you can even request a nice walk in bathtub with heater with jet inserts plusation for sore achy muscles.

I'd love to have one of those!

all this to be installed and no cost to you.

Thank you for your service Sir & I wish you the best.


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I'm not sure how long it takes for them to contact you?  mine took about 6 weeks or so for the VR/E counselor to send me a letter. setting up my consult appointment with him.

I think it depends on your area & how booked up they are as to when they can see you for evaluation,You should be getting a letter soon & once you get your letter  it should not take very long then.

you should be sent to the area that does the VR/R & ILP. I think they try to set you up to the closest VR/E ILP  closet to your home.

For me I Lived in Wills Point Tx at the time I used ILP Tx, 45 miles east of Dallas Tx  and my VR/E ILP was in Tyler Tx , but I was being treated with My VA PCP at Dallas Tx at the VAMC.

(Maybe Dallas was booked up months in advance?)

I'd give it a couple more weeks if you don't hear anything or get a letter from the VR/E ILP Counselor   call  or ask your VA PCP  or call the 1-800#  they should be able to let you know,and your PCP can do a F.U.(Follow Up.

But as I mention it maybe different now   that's how it worked for me.

lot of it depends on your Dr   or who / & when they placed the order for your VR/E- ILP. Consult.

Seems like the VA is getting slower &slower helping us Veterans.

good Luck



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