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Finally, it's moving forward, last major update was BVA hearing March 2016





Pending Decision Approval

(I don't know how long ago that was updated on eBenefits, I think I looked maybe less then a couple months ago).


Last major update was BVA hearing March 2016

in person hearing


I looked on forums to see what that means. I don't want to get my hopes up. I don't want to sound like a drama queen, but the pancreas disease is on the move up into my stomach.

I don't know if it was approved, denied, etc. I have a bunch of stuff on appeal, my VSO asked the BVA judge to combine them, the BVA hearing was actually for an 1151 claim, but had 5 outstanding issues. Some issues actually went to claims that I did not have additional evidence and so I did not appeal them in 1997. So, they had connections to those, but since they were not appealed, they cannot go back that far, I made now claims in 2009. The year before I spent 6 months in a VA hospital and was unable to eat or walk. The failed       pancreas surgeries were  the basis for my 1151 claim. Attached are other issues that worsen, neurological issues, mental health, skin, and other issues going back to active duty. BTW although my claims were because I got sick from chemicals, I was also hospitalized for Gastritis on active duty 30 years ago, then developed pancreas disease. I was hospitalized several times on active duty. Also suffered a concussion and had severe allergic reactions to chemicals. So, although  I am currently rated at 60% for headaches and a bad knee, patella issues. I have inoperable necrotizing pancreatitis, after the failed surgeries. I was unable to claim compensation for the pancreas surgeries for 6 months as an inpatients because at that time they denied my intestinal claims in 1997. For 30 years the doctors sent me to mental health doctor telling me I was mentally ill and a drug seeker. In the hospital every day for 6 months the surgeons interrogated me asking how I got pancreas disease. I told the VA doctors I got sick on active duty from chemicals. Which are clearly in my active duty USAF records. Anyways, I hope Pending Decision Approval is good.!  I hope,, I wish!

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Steve I sure hope the  BVA considered the 4 most important pieces of evidence you had.

1. that powerful SOC whereby the VA admitted they caused your pancreas disability,

2. the doctor's statement that they caused it, which I hope was documented.

3. the BVA case that is just like yours I linked here long ago. They would consider it as relevant only to that vet but I hope they read it anyhow.

4. and the established medical facts in abstracts and medical treatises that I also posted here,long ago,  as to how this type of surgery has caused so much negligence and malpractice, to include necrotizing pancreatitis .

I am praying for you and also praying for the BVA ,who will read everything they have.

I still feel this was one of the best 1151 cases I had ever seen.




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Today  , the VA called asking confirmation of my daughter's dependent status and her dates of education, for dependency and graduation. Good sign that that must be working on my claim and they only pay dependent college tuition for those and dependents of Veterans that are at 100% right? My daughter graduated  with a 4 year degree and is continuing on for her Masters soon, she had to have 2 years work experience, for a requirement for her Masters degree, so she's working in publishing. Anyways, the VA wanted to make sure they have the right dates in my Claims files. That has to be a good sign! My wife and I are trying to be reserved. I only want a couple things, as my health will not allow me to not do much, I do want a walk in bathtub (I slip and fall all the time and stepping over things, and standing in wet showers is hard to do.), and some bathrooms need some work. My porch is getting bad, the home is 100 years old, so it needs work. But is still solid and nothing is broken. Would be great to pay some bills! It's way too late to have teeth put in my mouth. I lost mine (the enamel and teeth melted into shards of sharp pieces cutting through the flesh as I bled day and night with enamel falling out, as the intestinal juice covered my mouth in a foul smelling coat of bacteria.) a very long time ago, I cannot risk any surgeries any infection would be my last. I need apart time cleaning service to help clean the house. The pain of trying to clean around the house is intolerable. I really don't travel because it is horrible to go places and be sick on the way, while there, and on the way back. I have a few things I do inside the home for fun, so I could use a new Joystick for combat flight simulations on my computer. I always need others to help with the garden as I cannot do the hard work to work in the garden, like pulling weeds, etc. I don't party, I couldn't even if I wanted, with necrotizing pancreatitis, a drink is a death sentence.

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the VA said they were going to use Final Needle aspiration, but tried to use a stent, but I have necrotizing pancreatitis, so the stents ripped through the rotted flesh and the contents filled my insides and sepsis took over, they tried again and it got even worse, this went on for 6 months... not even morphine helped with the terror and horror of the worst pain ever so bad it would send me unconscious because it was to much for my body to take. often the pain wasn't given fast enough or often enough with shots. The swelling was horrific and the liquid filled the area in my chest around my lungs and have many very long needles pushed between my ribs to drain liquids... more and more went on for 6 months and was unable to drink or eat for 6 months (could only be tube fed into my veins and intestines through a tube), lost almost every muscle, and was a quadriplegic . For many year I told them I was very sick and suffering but was told it was in my head. Now it terminal and inoperable. I had filed disability claims with the Veterans administration, because I originally got sick on active duty working with chemicals, but they denied most of my claims for 20 years. Still waiting for a decision from a hearing I had earlier this year for claims.
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