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Ok! so........i went to my VSO this morning and we reviewed all the necessary C&P's and current stuff and she called the VARO....this is what she told me.

the VARO was essentially looking for a nexus(medical opinion) for the PTSD/MST which they got and has been uploaded....they rated the bladder as secondary and don't need a nexus for the secondary condition.....the PA stated in her notes that it is more than likely (50% greater probability ) that the bladder is a comorbid to the PTSD, which in VA language is apparently the same thing as secondary condition.  Everything has been uploaded and they are now waiting for the DRO.  I feel a lot better about things now, but you never know.  So........i am hopeful that its 100%.....if not, the VSO said we will do the NOD immediately about whatever i disagree with, but they believe it will be 100%......because i am already on SSDI and it is because of military service stuff. Now we wait! thanks for all the concern.


Florida Nurse

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I too think it will be 100%   ''Now''

Good Luck with the ratings Florida Nurse

Let us know what ya get?

 and  also think about helping other MST Veterans  here on hadit

 that is if your up to it?

I understand the frustration with our claims.


your welcome to come to hadit any time

God Bless


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Floridanurse, I too hope that you receive the best possible outcome. I am truly sorry to hear about another service member who had to go through what so many of us have had to endure, and also what I had to endure, MST. You are a survivor though and your strength will pull you through. Again, the best of luck to you !

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