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What Do You Make Of This Exam?


Lake Baldwin(Orlando) C&P Exam - Ankles

During my ankle C&P exam today, the examiner(PA) stopped typing and asked me to pull his middle finger on his left hand.

He stuck out his hand toward me with his middle finger sticking out straight.

I just sat there amazed by this and silently stared at him.

Next, he said that he'd dislocated his middle finger and needed me to pull it for him.

I looked at him like you've got to be joking.

He said, "I'm not kidding," and he just sat there staring at me with his finger extended toward me.

I said, " I guess I'll have to pull your middle finger then since you appear unable to type in that condition because I need this exam done."


When he started measuring my ROM, he began twisting my ankles and hurting me the entire time, all the while I was crying out in pain.

He never allowed me to demonstrate my ROM ability on my own.

He hurt my feet and ankles removing my ankle braces forcefully because he didn't loosen the laces up.

More crying out in pain.


After all of this, he decided to order ankle Xrays.

I told him I couldn't walk anywhere because he had aggravated my pain with all the forceful twisting on my ankles.

He said, "I'll grab a wheelchair and take you to radiology."

I get over there and wait for my Xray to be done.


The Xray tech wheels me into the room and has me sit on the xray table.

He tells me to lie down on the table and tries to position my ankles for the Xrays

It hurt me so bad trying to placement of my ankles that I couldn't keep my ankle positioned where he wanted.

About this time I feel a big pop in my lumbar spine as one of my vertebrae slips forward over the other, and my pain is an instant level ten in my spine.

I told him that was it. 

I just couldn't bear any more pain.

He said he'd make a note of it all, and that I should go over to the VA Medical Center at Lake Nona(Orlando) as they have more advanced imaging techniques which would make things a lot less painful.

VA got an attendant to roll me out to my car as I was unable to walk.


Looks like I'll have to get another xray done although there are two sets of xrays in my claims file already.

My second ankle C&P exam performed in five months.

No decision by the VARO from the first exam.




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if it was me  I'd said listen Dr  When I say that's enough  you better let go..if you don't your  probably going to get the sh*** knocked out of ya.

There suppose to use some type of meter devise to measure ROM

Theres is no excuse for this  you should report him to the authorities. 

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He had a tool to measure ROM but only measured when he forcefully manipulated my ankles to the point of causing severe pain and my begging him to stop.

I don't remember what he said the measurements were due to my pain.

I never got a chance to show what my actual range of motion was without his twisting of my ankles.

Load of pain. 

My podiatrist has diagnosed with chronic ankle strain and chronic ankle capsulitis.

Real dick move.

He did say he was looking for a job since the VA is eliminating his job.

Still..he had no right to torture me.

Edited by 63Charlie

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no he didn't   and I wouldn't pull his finger....

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      Waiver of cost of Service Disabled life Insurance: and additional $20,000 of life insurance at cost to veteran. Veteran must have applied for insurance within two years of initial disability rating or within two years of a new disability rating. An increase in a disability rating does not qualify as a new disability.

      Commissary and Exchange privileges for veteran and dependents: The veteran must request a letter from the VA specifying veteran is in receipt of 100% disability, and then applies for a military ID card at the nearest ID card issuing facility.

      Emergency treatment in non-VA facilities: if VA facilities are not available.

      Annual Eye exams and prescribed eye wear

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