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Coach Edgar



Coach Edgar    0

my claim was moved to gathering eveidence on the 25th of january, then on the 30th moved back to pre for decision, and this morning it is in pending approval. is that normal? the date changed as well it is say febuary 5th 2017 to Feburary 8th 2017...  TODAY THIS MORNING I CHECKED AND IT WAS ALREADY PENDING NOTIFICATION, BUT MY A8 LETTERS STILL SAY THE SAME RATING I HAD BEFORE.. HOW WOULD I KNOW WHAT VA AWARDED ME WITH... 

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jfrei    131

You might be able to check your payment history or a trick I learned is go in and start a new claim go through the process to file a new claim and then when you click on the disability tab to see your current ratings it will have it listed l there then exit before you finish filling it out and it stays as an intent to file 


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