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Notification Letter Sent & back to gathering of evidence


fiasco2g    3

Well I finally got somewhere at least. 80% combined rating so far but I guess part of my stuff went back to gathering of evidence. My tinnitus must be the problem even though that should be simple one. I did get 70% PTSD and 40% Fibromyalgia.

Ebenefits just updated today with that info so when should I receive a BBE and payment?

So is part of it going back to gathering of evidence normal? Thanks to everyone who has helped out on the site as I continue to work through this.

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broncovet    3,175

There is ONE thing you can count on:


SOME parts of ebenefits is pretty good.  For example, in the "letters" section.  If you are 80% and you go to the "letter" section, and it says you are 100% P and T, then you probably got benefits and you have not gotten the decision letter yet.  

WHY THIS WORKS:  VA does not want people printing out letters that say they are 100% P and T, when they are NOT.  So, go to the letters section.  

Ebenefits is about as reliable as a drunk, drug additcted teenager.  You never know, except, as I pointed out.  You can count on the drunk teenager showing up on payday for his check.  

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