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i've got ptsd rated at 80 and my teeth are killing me i looked up symptoms and i think it is bruxism where i clench and grind my teeth involuntarily.
i wan to get comp for this but haven't even made an appointment yet, but like i said there killing me so about to go to a dentist
so i'm wondering what i would use like a dbq or ime/imo not really sure how to proceed

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The VA has service connected bruxism and temporalmandilar joint problems (TMJ) ( in jaws) of veterans, as secondary to their PTSD.

This link shows what I mean:

Also this might help:

This vet had an IME from his dentist and a VA psychiatrist also supported the secondary nature to his PTSD.

Do you mean your PTSD is rated at 70% but you also have an addition SC to get up to the 80%?

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