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Letter requesting specific %


I made a letter given the VA's propensity that to think I'd be happy with a lower rating. So a quick Google search gave me a baseline letter and I edited it some to tell them what I need. Does this seem too crunchy? Could they not take too kindly to the wording? My claim is almost out of the Gathering of Evidence phase & the C&P is complete. Also, they need to change it from Unspecified Depressive Disorder to PTSD, as noted by the C&P examiner. There are more notes and diagnoses from more providers in the C-File too.

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am currently rated for “Unspecified Depressive Disorder” at 30%. My condition has become worse since this rating was awarded. I have compared my current condition to that listed in the Schedule for Rating Disabilities (CFR 38) and I see that it would be more appropriate that I would now be rated at 70%+. Based on the array of symptoms, my PTSD preventing me from work, and review of precedence such as Mauerhan v. Principi, I am applying for that rating increase. Thank you for your kind consideration of my request.



[Mauerhan v. Principi is the case that clears up the matter of "symptoms such as" and states that veterans don't have to have the exact or all symptoms within each impairment rating]

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I said "almost impossible to work", not impossible.That is not the issue. I am wondering about the letter.  Additionally, sedentary work doesn't pay the 200,000$ salary I was making previously before the onset of my symptoms.

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Buck52    2,731

Unless your a medical Dr and give your credentials in this particular field of medicine The letter is not good...they will use it as'' only speculation'' they want medical documentation as prof your condition has got worse and a Dr to state so.

If your condition as worsen and you feel your rating was not correct, the best thing to do is check with your VA MH  Dept Request a new evaluation on your Medical Condition your claiming, just let them know  in your opinion your condition is worse than the benefit they gave you.

A new C&P will likely be ...and the examiner will give his opinion after he/she evaluates you.

remember they rate on your # of symptoms and the severity of them.


Also remember if your give a 100%PTSD Rating...you can not work any kind of work  and mental rating at 100%  they will be watching you like a hawk  if you  go back to work...so if you get  a 100% rating  the 200.000.00 $$ a year income is History.

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