BVA sent remand back to regional VA, they failed to follow the judges directions

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Depressing news isn't it Broncovet?

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I am reading and see, but truthfully,,, I am so sick of this VA mess... I fee so horrible everyday, all day...I appreciate al of the help, I am just malaise in fog of pancreatic disease and morphine for pain. it al needs to end, the pain and disease were suppose to not last this long, the surgeons said that the next step is cancer, from necrotizing. And the hell of the claim process which is horrific on anyone. Again, thank you all. I wait for the end. eVERYDAY IS HELL OINA LOCKED CAGE. i MAKE THE BEST OF IT. i STIL TRY TO WALK, I TRY TO EAT. I thank al of you for your help. The end of the process should come while I am still alive. I don't know, everyday is hell. Thank wonderful people. You helped me try to get through this crooked rotten claims process with crooks running it. Guilty until proven innocent. Yes, I am so jaded that it probably looks horrible to anyone reading this. How much can a person take before they go insane. Waiting for the disability claim or the fatal disease to finish me first. Thank you, wonderful caring people. At least I made it this far, without giving up!

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Steve, I wish you had followed my advice here to you, years ago.

That costly toxicology report will not help one bit. She never referred to your SMRS or made any nexus statement.

You need an IMO for the 1151 issue. Why not try Dr Ellis or other IMo docs here that did not charge high fees.

All the IMO doc needs to see if the advice I gave you with citations etc, over the years and a copy of the SOC..or SSOC in which they (VA) said the ERCP procedure caused you the necrotizing pancreatitus as it did in those other links I posted at VA and also at private hosps..I still might have a copy of that SSOC but I also think much is at the older board about 8 years ago.

The ERCP VA did (and buggered up big time,) is the far greater claim than the fuel exposure claim.

This was one of your most important posts at the new hadit board:

and my reply:

"Posted01 April 2011 - 02:29 PM

I forgot to add to my post

“Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) remains the most common cause of iatrogenic pancreatitis [1]. Studies have shown post-ERCP complications were responsible for greater than 65 percent of malpractice claims [2, 3]. “

Is anyone here willing to give Steve some support here by reading his posts as to the Section 1151 issue?

Iatrogenic means caused by medical intervention ..meaning negligence as his GI doctor at VA agreed. That doctor might even due an IMO for free.

I got a freebee from a former VA Neuro who had treated my husband and went into private practice. The medial records revealed he was the only VA doc who stated a proper diagnosis in the med recs , which someone crossed out at VA..that's OK I managed to decifer it.

It was part of my  evidence ( Undiagnosed, ubntreated DMII from AO.) Awarded 2009

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