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Another Windows 8 Question


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Seeing that there was another Windows 8 question I thought about asking my own.

If computer details are required it will take some time for me to get that because of 2 reasons at least: 1 8 was so odd compared to all that came before, plus my computer kept typing double " e "  any and every time time I needed an " e "

and 2 I was so frustrated with it and TRYING to get help; I purchased another new Tosiba Laptop from Best Buy for under $400.00 with windows 10.1 which needed to be returned the very next day because it would not connect to the INTERNET. The " GEEK SQUAD " insisted on trying " to fix it " after 3 hours and backing up the line of people waiting for help they gave me a new computer ( same make model ) but they checked it before leaving since it was a 52 miles round trip. In any event I'm typing on the Tosiba with 10.1 ( or so ) But I would like to use the Gateway that I purchased with 8. One major mistake I made with the Gateway was giving permission to Gateway to access my computer. Without asking the tech in a foreign land updated my laptop to 10 stating that it was much more stable. But I wanted to learn and fool around with 8 which I started to like ( not the double " e " )

Now I've been told that MS installed a time limiter so to speak and now I can not go back to 8 ( any version ) Is that true even if I buy an 8 DVD NEW? I do not recall the Gatway coming with a disc. So what are my options beside donating it.or using it for target practice ( It was purchased from TARGET )



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Ok, there are 2 possibilities:

1.  Hardware problem.  Did you spill pop or something on your keyboard?  That can make keys sticky.  One way to find out if its hardware is to try plugging in a USB keyboard, and if the USB keyboard works, then the problem is likely hardware.  

2.  Software problem.  Software issues of this nature "should" be able to be fixed by reloading the software, that is reloading windows 8 or windows 10.  There are at least 2 ways to restore your operating system (if that is necessary):

    a)  Windows 8 or 10 both have a restore program built in.  That is, on your hard drive is another copy of Windows 8 or 10, and you should be able to reset it to factory settings.  How this can be accomplished is here:

     b)  You can also restore Windows 8 or 10 from a CD/DVD.  You dont need to buy  another Windows operating gateway and they should send you an operating system CD/DVD compatable with your computer.  They may charge you for this..sometimes about 10 or 20 dollars for the system restore CD/DVD.     You see, when you bought the computer, you paid for a Windows 8 (or 10) license.  This gives you the right to use windows 8 or 10.  Some people mistakenly think its illegal to "copy" a windows CD.  It isnt.  You paid for the license and have a right to restore a defective operating system, such as when the hard drive fails.  Your license did not fail, the hard drive failed.  Its somewhat like a drivers license.  If you accidently throw your drivers license away, that is you can not find it, then you can go to the BMV and get another one for a few dollars.  That is far different than getting a DWI and the police make you surtrender your llicense.  Once the police "take" your license, that is you  lose it, you must go through their procedure of getting it back, which often involves not driving for sometimes several years.  There are 2 different types of "lose your license".  If you simply misplace your license, you can get it back fairly easily.  But NOT if you "lose" your license because a judge revokes it because you were caught drinking and driving or committing other offenses.  

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I'll attempt to reply to your great reply covering many of the bases.

So: Nothing ever spilled. I  purchased two logitech bluetooth keyboard one with an A/B/C option so it can be used for several devices. The gateway still seems to hicup. Gatway had me reinstall the drive for typing. Same problem/

The 10 
 upgrade was free and I figured it would fix all things 8. It didn't and I purchased a new Tosiba with 10 as the OS

But at some point when I finally started the gatway I had a message that a time period had expired for me to go back to 8   I didn't get a disc with 8 and Gateway is now Asus or something else. The time it takes to figure out all of this craziness  triggers a kind of anxiety that truly lead me to thinking about a dramatic end to this 400 dollar PC/

If I can find an 8 CD or DVD that will allow me to go back to the original OS I would try that but this sort of insanity is enough to drive a man to APPLE!

Thanks for your feedback.!

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Can you still upgrade to Windows 10 for free or is that option not available anymore? I can't find it anywhere so I'm guessing Microsoft doesn't offer that anymore but I thought I'd ask. Maybe I'm missing something.

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Better yet, since you are comepletely dissatisified, install linux on it and try that.  If you download the operating system for free, you can TRY WITHOUT INSTALLING, running it on the dvd drive.  It will run slower on the dvd drive (than installing it on the hard drive), but if you dont like what you see, take out the dvd drive and use it like it is with no changes.  

I use Linux mint, I have used Ubuntu, but Im not familiar with manjaro but I may try it.

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It's true that Microsoft did install a time limit that prevents you from reverting back to Windows 8, though you could always try downloading an older version of Windows 8 from a third-party website. You could also try using a virtual machine to install an older version of Windows 8. This would allow you to experiment with 8 without having to actually install it on your computer

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I'm sorry to hear about all the computer trouble you've been having lately! I'm not sure about the time limiter you mentioned, but you may want to check with Microsoft directly to see if that's true. You can also look into purchasing a new Windows 8 DVD, but I'm not sure if that will work. It's possible you may be able to find a used one on eBay or some other online store. You may even want to consider using cheap windows keys from a third-party seller to save some money. Hopefully, you can find a way to get Windows 8 on your Gateway laptop and have some fun exploring the system!

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Download 8.1 and install.  Win key is (usually) burned into bios.  I think the burning started around 8.  I know mine is and that is how I went back to 8.1 from 10.

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