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There must be a difference when using a DRO. they must be a difference because the Veteran has a choice & how he wants the DRO hearing conducted.

The DRO Himself will usually let the Veteran know the difference when using a DRO at the beginning of the Hearing  With two types of DRO Hearings (not meaning a Formal va Informal)

A personal DRO hearing – In this scenerio, the veteran meets face to face with the DRO at the regional VA office for an informal hearing. The veteran is allowed to attend the hearing with representation. A DRO will only hold a personal hearing on a case at the veteran's request. (This is the type you and I had)

A full DRO review of the case – Here, the DRO reviews the veteran's file and any newly submitted evidence supporting existing claims. In this “second look” review, the DRO makes a decision without meeting with the veteran.

I believe  I had the same type of DRO Hearing you had (informal) 12  years earlier (2002) and my DRO mention to me  it will be informal & off the Record

However I did recieve a complete transcript of the Hearing with my Award letter. (word for word)

 Actually if you didn't receive a complete trans script  you could have CUE them on that  , if your DRO Hearing was not a success and you had to go on to the BVA for a decision  and you had no evidence of what was mention at your DRO Hearing  then you had no proof , This is the reason for a transcript.

So when the DRO Mention to you about Informal and its actions  he never completed his instructions to you, or maybe there was not a transcription person at your Hearing  and this would be Illegal .

I believe you when you say you never recieved a transcript  but I also believe  you was mis-informed by the DRO.


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Wayne from Texas

When you go to your QTC   C&P EXAM be sure you take medical evidence that your hearing has  worsen since you were S.C. for it  with Audiology test to show that your hearing has worsen  and the Audiologist needs to follow the VA Guidelines  (found here on Hadit)

 With Tinnitus a Dr or Audiologist needs to opine that you describe a ringing in your ears/head and is of ''constant sounds)  and this is Known as Tinnitus &  that  the Dr believes you have this  disorder.

Even though you may have already submitted these  its best to be prepared when going to a QTC C&P Exam   just in-case the VA never sent it to the examiner.

You will have it.

& Remember tinnitus is only a 10% rating  for one or both ears.


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