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I smell what your cooking, and like the conversation.  You sure write different than you sound on the Hadit audio shows.  LOL.

I would add one thing, and I think Buck has mentioned this before.  The gap between 90% and 100% disabled in pay.  Makes no sense to me.  And then all the add ons, etc.

When the difference between 70 and 80 percent is around $250 and the difference betweeen 90 and 100 is around $1200.  The differences between the 10 percentages should be the same or on a sliding scale.

A Veteran (like me) with arthritis in most if not all limbs, some heart issues and of course hearing, will nickel and dime (heard that by Asknod on the audio) themselves to maybe get a 90, but never a 100.  Just too hard to get to by 10% or 20% at a time.  As an example, I will need two bilateral 10's to get to 85 rounded up to 90.  After that I would need a 75% to get to 100.  Never going to happen.  All crippled up with no place to go, LOL.

When they made the VA schedule they must have borrowed the guy from the IRS who wrote the tax codes..

So, my thought would be to take the highest amount paid out to a current Veteran, lets just say with all the extras, $8500.00.  That should be 100%, and with simple math 10% would be $850.00.

And get rid of all the extras and IU, etc.  And make it more realistic.  As an example, and not picking on anyone, but 50% for sleep apnea, while appropriate, in my mind does not stack up as being half a person when applied to work.  My boss works full time, teaches school at night at the college and is a volunteer fire-fighter and has sleep apnea and uses a cpac, etc.

And screw the VA math BS.  Just fricken add.  So, in my world, you get less for each disability (like my exampe above), but it counts as a whole number.

Anyway, too simple, I know,



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Posted (edited)

 Identity Thief

Talk about someone getting your SS#...Someone had got mine about 9 years ago, and its hell getting it straighten out, luckly for me I reported it in time so no damage was done.

I found out about it from the IRS

 when I knew about it I got a letter from IRS holding the the first time buyers credit for buying a house And would be delayed...I called IRS about it   they said apparently someone used my SS#  And I needed to go to the Dallas Federal Building and bring all my Identification and spouse and marriage certificates .birth certificates Military ID the whole 9 yards of ID's, TAX records  ect,,,ect,,,When entering the Federal building you go through the X-ray machine and empty pockets and put on a conveyor belt just like out at the airports,& (like 6 armed guards) you take a #   and sit waiting until they call your name  and an IRS Agent takes you into a little office and talk with an IRS person (clerk), I had to do this every 3 months for the next 3 freaking years, until they caught the person that had stole my SS#...I was issued a PIN # by the IRS  for and to use  while this mess got straighten out 

I wrote and called my R.O. and let them know  they in turn contacted the IRS and I got a letter back from R.O. letting me know they have this information and to just do as the IRS suggest. 

Finally when they caught the person that stole my SS# (they would not tell me who it was)

I got a clearance From IRS Was Issued a PIN # FROM THE IRS and not to use my SS# and got my first time house buyers Credit...but so for even last year I had to use the PIN # for Identification to file my taxes.

which we file joint  b/c at that time my spouse was still working  I only had income of the VA & SSA, I never put my VA income on the tax statements  just that I am a disable Veteran and Receiving compensation.

IRS lady mention to us  it takes years to get Identification Thief straighten out   and I believe she was right Going on my 9th year)...I am still having to use this PIN # but I use my SS# at the VA and with a claims.

The IRS Lady did say the person that used my SS# will be doing prison time for a LONG time.

So be careful how you use your SS#  I have no Ideal how they got mine?  Internet maybe?  but I only use it via e benefits  and maybe Banking purposes

IRS will not tell you who use it.

I consider myself Lucky  I never lost any Banking $$ or Credit Cards...b/c I did report all this in time for the credit card company's to do what they needed to do.

Nor did this have any effect on my VA Comp.

Thank God.

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Hamslice you maybe fall in that category of veterans that was LOW-BALLED with their ratings?

what we know now is hine sight 20/20 and didn't know back in the day

When you were given these ratings , you should have look at the rating criteria for your disabled SC Conditions...a lot of times the VA will low ball a veteran and not give him/her the ratings they truly deserve  .. most veterans they don't know this and is just happy they finally got rated.

If you had mention to the VA in your claims to give you the Highest Rating  the Law will allow according to the rating criteria for your S.C. Condition   maybe the rater would have been more precise  with his rating but if they did give you the correct rating  then not much you can do.  BUT you can always NOD. within the appeal time limit  one year after a decision was made.

I would suggest you check out all your Heart Issues and ask Dr's about it and if anything can be a secondary condition  due or related to your Heart Issues?  you maybe very surprised.

 If your a Vietnam Veteran check out the A.O. Condition on Presumption of claims.  you could possibly have a heart condition that would warrant a 100% rating by its self  and get your 100% and SMC's

Maybe you have already thought about all this?  I'm just throwing it out there.

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