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Just a Ebenny/Peggy Rant Really


So, Ebennies is a hard habit to break for a vet with anxiety....we all know that, but it NEVER updates, so I call Peggy "somewhat" frequently. Sometimes you get very polite folks who dig and look, sometimes you get a bolo!

I call yesterday, right off, this guy sounds like he has the enthusiasm of a tortoise traveling through a marshmallow cream field in 130 degree heat.....I'm sure (in his defense), he has answered 1,000 questions since 8am, but he's no "people person" by 4pm!

He says (with a very preturbed tone) "Shows here that you just called 2 days ago for a status update, and you want another one already?"......."I seriously doubt anything has changed in 2 days, but i'll look"......"no, nothings changed" ....."anything else"?

Think he's frustrated.....try being a vet 360 days into an initial claim...a Vietnam vet who is STILL fighting for "Presumptive" conditions.........hell, who knows.....maybe he is! Alas, I digress.....

- Carry on


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Funny stuff.

Seriously everyone wants great job, with excellent pay.

However, no one wants to put in the effort the job demands.

Answering veteran questions can get tedious and old; however you took the job full well aware of the job description.

No pity from me, do your job and assist veterans like you are supposed too.

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