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Pes Planus at MEPS

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On 6/20/2017 at 11:02 AM, Lastingeffects said:

This is all very new to me. I honestly had no idea I could file for any of this until a few weeks ago.

14 hours ago, Lastingeffects said:

 Like I said it is something I have just put up with through the years. Until the last few months I have never been to the doctor about this. I have a diagnosis of arthritis with crepitus (sp?) in both knees and arthritis in the right hip. My lower legs and ankles have hurt since 1989.


My doctor told me this could absolutely be related to my military service. I am pursuing this but was just curious how the VA will look at it with no other doctors visits since 89.

LoL-  Sorry! No matter how long you been on here or even worked for the VA it seems everything's still new!

Crepitus- Serious; 'Bone on bone'

You have 'current diagnosis.' It also sounds like you have a 'Nexus' or connection.

See if your clinician will fill out a DBQ. See if their notes say what s/he told you about the connection. You'll need them to write out a medical opinion to go with that, you can lift the verbiage from the hearing loss/tinnitus DBQ.

Then no need for a 'C&P exam', you'd be filing a 'Decision Ready Claim'!

Did you file an Intent to file???



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spelled connection correctly

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And don't worry about what's not there. They can't use things like that to deny claims. (Or they shouldn't) As long as you have items one thru three, and there's no wildly opposing evidence, which there isn't.

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