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Report to VA when you sign up for medicare?

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 Have a Question about reporting my MEDICARE PLAN I sign up with,....> to the VA

I have the Plan G  with Part (A) &Part (B) Medicare Card and also the Supplement card from United World Life from Mutual of Omaha. USA(Senior Care Network)

OK I was at the VA MH Clinic yesterday for an appointment with my therapist ,After I went to check out and presented these cards to the Clerk..he seems not to know what to do  I mention to him I am reporting that I have insurance now  via Medicare  due to me turning 65 on  July 5th

He put the card's into this small machine device on the counter and was typing...he handed me back my cards and said ok your in the system now.

Does this mean I will be paying  co-pays to the VA? And also does this effect my travel pay? or effect my VA Care in anyway? 

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bump bump

Was this the right thing to do?

Where  or who else should I  report this to?

I never had insurance since I was working  ...20 years ago.

Now I am 50 lbs fatter (FAT BELLY)and no teeth and white silver hair  more silver and yellow than the presidents  eh!

I'm UGLY yep....>I'm U.G.L.Y.

Edited by Buck52

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I did the same, within the past month or so.  It affected absolutely "nothing", at least as far as Im concerned.  

It MIGHT result in more money for VA to squander on useless or corrupt projects, such as parties for VA executives or VA  Exec bonuses.  Some of it may possibly even filter down to help Vets.   By the way, Im not oppossed to ALL VA employee bonuses.  Here is a great example:

Dr. "A" is a surgeon who makes 350,000 per year in private practice.  

VA tries to recruit him and offers the max of around 180k per year.  

He says...mmmm...no.  I like vets but Im not working for half salary, I have 1.2 million in student loans to pay off from going to medical school for 10 years.  Enter Bonus system:

Ok, how about if we get you 50,000 bonus, per year, pay all your medical, give you a retirment, and you will never have to pay medical malpractice insurance.  You see, VA needs to be able to compete with 

high paying doctors who are good at what they do.  

The bonuses Im angry about are the VA executive bonuses where he has no college degree, or maybe a bachelors, and "faked" the wait times to make it look like Vets are seen in 30 days, by instructing the people who make appointments to tell Vets to "call back next month" for an appointment and we will try to work you in, as "the computer" wont let us book an appointment past 30 days.

This is absolutely not true..its a lie and a secret waiting list to try to get bonuses for people who dont do much for their 140 grand salary, except figure out how to collect more bonuses.  

The doc deserves his...he has massive responsibilities for peoples life and a decade of education to pay off.  

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 Been going to the VA FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS  & For the past 15 years I just been getting what the VA will give me  I've waited many  many times over 30 days for appointments  no matter how severe I am...don't matter to the VA, The only appointments I get weekly is MH to see the the LCSW Therapist for an hour.

I went to private  E.R. a few months ago because I could not hardley breath from  the flu it was pretty bad   anyway fighting with the VA For them to pay the E.R. Bill for a FLU  Swab & Diagnoses/Chest X-RAY and no treatment  seen  Bout 20 minutes and sent me home  but we called the VA before we left to the E.R. And VA Triage Nurse told us to go to the Private E.R. so thats what we did  its on records in myhealthvet notes.

but they ain't paid the darn bill yet.  makes me just sick of the VA 

We are damned if we do and damned if we don't  what a choice.  eh!

Edited by Buck52

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Guest L

Remember Buck 52 @ the VA - VA is primary ( Insurer) - Medicare is a secondary. NO copay

I typed mine into the kiosk - also if you have not initiated the notice of Medicare they would know anyway via the system because of your age. 

sorry about the bill - But hope you are better. 

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