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Unemployment Questioner 21-4140-1 Mail it to??



Where do we send the 21-4140-1 Unemployment Questioner?

1. Your local R.O.???


2. Dept of Veterans Affairs

(Claims Intake Center)

Janesville Wi.??

Or both to be sure? and with return receipt.

Could send it via e benefits  but it also could be lost.

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Iam getting forgetful in my older age...I had a dispute with a fellow Vet today at my Vet Center...I said send it to The Janesville Claims Intake Center...he says send it to your R.O.

I guess were both correct  but since the enactment of the Claims Intake Center...Everything goes through them and they  send or place the records /correspondence where they need to be.



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Either or is good. The main thing is to have Proof of Delivery within the 60 Day Window following your IU Aniversary Date.  A late or failure to file could result in an IU Reduction Review, not good.                     Semper Fi

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Thanks Gastone

AS for as sending in the 21-4140-1  I am guilty of sending it in at the last minute, my award anniversary date is Feb ...I Don't always send it in within the 60 days  b/c I do forget  but I send that sucker in some times during the year, last year I sent one in around Sept  and two weeks later they sent me a letter requesting the 21-4140-1  and mention in the letter that failure to send in the 21-4140-1 with in 30 days of this notice will result in reduction in benefit's...now if thats not a threat I don't know what one is.

Anyway I sent in two last year with return receipts.

I send in by paper form  b/c I simply don't trust  via e benefits.

If I recall seems they sent me a letter letting me know I don't need to send in this form anymore...however my grandughter was cleining up my office bedroom and throwed that ''important letter away...I looked for it in my C-FILE AND ITS NOT THERE??

 so I'm screwed to  the wall  now if I don't send in the 21-4140..but I may request the IU BE MOOT now that I have another separate 70% PTSD Rating..I just need to know what # form that is to make the request. R.O. is instructed to do this at the time a seperate award is given to IU Vets. but they fail to do this a lot of times.

even though ON EOB on e benefits it says I have a final degree of 100%rating   it says nothing about the IU BEING MOOT.

If anyone knows this form # please share it it on here   Much appreciated.

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