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    When a Veteran starts considering whether or not to file a VA Disability Claim, there are a lot of questions that he or she tends to ask. Over the last 10 years, the following are the 14 most common basic questions I am asked about ...
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  • Can a 100 percent Disabled Veteran Work and Earn an Income?

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    You’ve just been rated 100% disabled by the Veterans Affairs. After the excitement of finally having the rating you deserve wears off, you start asking questions. One of the first questions that you might ask is this: It’s a legitimate question – rare is the Veteran that finds themselves sitting on the couch eating bon-bons … Continue reading

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How to properly revoke a power of attorney from your veterans service organization


I am wondering what the proper procedure is for revoking my vso's poa and representing my claim myself.  I contacted my regional VA office in reference to the matter and they informed me that I needed to fill out a form 21-22 and fax it in to the office.  I noticed that form 21-22 is the power of attorney form for adding a vso which I do not want to do.  I looked at the form 21-22a (for adding an individual) but think it would be silly to fill out a form to give poa to myself.  I really don't want the VSO that I am currently involved with to have access to my records.  I understand from doing a few searches on this subject that it may be a difficult procedure, but I did not see anywhere that actually stated a procedure to accomplish this.  Thanks for any help in the matter.

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Another great question.  VA makes it easy to do a POA, and its also easy to change from one VSO to another, as the new VSO POA automatically revokes the old one.  

The VA probably does not have a form for this because they really dont want you to go Pro Se, they want you to have a VSO, which is mostly under VA's control.  The VA is defiantely a "control freak".  They snub their nose at the polce as they have their own Kestone Cops, the VAOIG, and they dont really listen to congress either, as congress inquires have been simply ignored on more than one occassion.  

They dont like the presidents hotline, and they certainly dont want Vets calling the RO to try to get anything done.  In short, the VA is a control freak, with their self proclomation of things like, "All claims are different" so they do not have any deadlines on themsleves, but strictly impose deadlines for Veterans.  

I suggest you try sending a 21-4138 revoking your old POA.  Again, VA will choose whether or not to comply with their own regulations or not.  

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Really as far as I know there is no specified procedure, you just file another group as your POA.  I would at least have a vet's group have your POA since you can at the very least call them and ask them to look up stuff for you on the system that you cannot see.  Even if you represent yourself you should have someone to look over your shoulder to make sure you are not messing yourself up.  Before I had a lawyer I had a state representative but I wrote all of my own appeal paperwork.  Good luck and do not give up.  


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  • Similar Content

    • By GBArmy
      One thing that I am curious about is the Power of Attorney (POA) that a veteran signs off on to a VSO, such as the VFW or DAV. I understand the function of the VSO, but what is the VSO's incentive? I expect someone, perhaps Brokensoldier for one, would have first hand knowledge. I'm thinking it is directly or indirectly connected to a financial incentive. Maybe, the VA pays "X" to the VSO organization for ever veteran they represent say on a monthly basis. If it isn't financial, what is it?
    • By GeekySquid
      So, as some know I have been having a little war with the VA and my VSO, the American Legion, about getting my DBQ's.
      So today I went to the VSO's office in the VARO building during their "walk in" hours since I could not get them to give me an appointment.
      On the door was as sign saying the office was closed for the week for training and left the 800 number for Washington DC office.
      I knock on the door anyway. Two ladies answer.
      Tell them what I want and that I need them to do it today.
      They invite me into the office.
      I hand them a typed sheet with the Dates and Dr's of my C&P's and a list of documents for each one that I need.
      The first lady says she doesn't know why I am there. The second lady says she will help me. The first lady says show me how we do this.
      I tell them again what I want and the 2nd lady says why do you want to file a NOD, I tell her. She says you don't need these files to file an appeal.......The VA already has them. I tell her I need to know exactly what the DBQ says and what the letters to and from VA says. I also need the code sheets as they existed at each point for each approved and denied C&P.
      She tells me no i don't and if I insist on filing a NOD I should just file an HLR.. I told her no, that would not work for this and the HLR results are not typically veteran friendly.
      She then spends 20 minutes more telling me that I need to listen to her because veterans don't know what they want and don't know anything about the VA and how to win their claim.
      She then says "We work for the VA not for you, and the VA knows what it is doing".
      this of course makes me mad and I say to her " I am asking you to get me these files. nothing more. I have heard your opinion and all you need to do is get me copies of these files." She then starts in again trying to convince me not to file.
      I get more insistent and tell her that i heard her but I expect her to do exactly as I requested, nothing more.
      She then says "Well you don't need those files so let me file the NOD" I tell her NO. Resoundingly empathically NO>
      She then tells me I know how to file a NOD. She then remembers I am filing a CUE and says "you shouldn't file a CUE because you will never win and then the VA will be mad at you"......
      Just f'ing wow.
      Then I tell her once again to do what I asked her to do and to stop trying to dissuade me from what I want. I tell her she is wasting her time and mine and that all I want is her to get those documents.
      She then yells to the other woman to get "Bill".  Man comes in and says "those are VA files you don't get to have them".
      I tell him he is wrong and ask who he is. He refuses to answer. I look at woman 2 and say Please tell me your full name so I have a record. She wants to know why. I tell her point blank, that the next time I speak to AL in DC I am going to reference her and what she has said and not done. I then look at "Bill" and ask his name. He tells me 'you don't need to know that". I tell him I do because saying "Bill from AL means nothing to anyone". He snaps back 'I don't work for AL I work for VFW".
      I ask him why he is sticking his nose into an AL situation? He gets mad and leaves.
      She writes down her name, at least I think it is her name, date and time .
      Then says all she is going to do is fill out a FOIA.  At this point I decide to let her do that and get a copy to submit with my complaint to the AL.
       She then asks me what I want. Types that I want my C-file and the files on the attached sheet, prints it, shoves it at me and says to Sign it. I tell her no it is not accurate and ask for a pen and write explicitly what  I want.
      She literally tries to argue with me.
      I tell her to stop arguing and write the FOIA the way I tell her.
      She writes it wrong in her own phrasing and i made her redo it.
      Then I made her add Time is of the essence on the form.
      When she handed it to me. I initialed before and after the typing and drew a line threw the blank space.
      She gasped and asked why I did that. I said "its blank space and anyone could add words to that blank space. She then started to say, and got half way through saying
      'I needed to put more stuff...." and then shut up as she realized she was admitting to falsifying a FOIA over my signature.
      I am not sure which is worse, having the people with my POA try and screw me over or having the VA which is supposed to be on my side try and Screw me over.
    • By Kihr
      How much can they see, how much can they tell me?  I seem to get almost nothing but cryptic information from my VSO.  Are they restricted from telling information to me while the claim is not yet complete?  Or is it possible that she withholds the information having been burned by changes in the past?
    • By Kihr
      I submitted my claim 9/24, I had the C&P exams on 11/6, and I am still waiting.  I talked to my VSO today and she said I was "Awaiting adjudication" and that it could be several more months and I may need more exams.  I know the VA is a long process, but it has been 10 months already and I am not sure what "awaiting adjudication" means.  The VSO seemed a little annoyed, I call about 1 time a month, it just is frustrating.  I don't know why a claim should take 10 months, I know I have read about appeals taking years so I shouldn't complain.  I just feel that 10 months is an unreasonable amount of time to be "months away"  
    • By Spidey
      Hello fellow veterans.
      I had an experience over years- each Spring, feel a lot better after the much worse Winter.  A chronic, physical, neurological, pain condition means the normal forces of life get multiplied or muted.
      This year, worst Winter, but Spring brought a good day- so I went out, Motrin augmented, and used tractor to fix dirt road that was like a moonscape of potholes.
      People came out along the stretch. Some angered, some wondering, some wanting to talk, and one person offered 600 for gravel in front of their place.
      While placing the gravel (showing where to dump it) someone else wanted gravel next door on the road- I saw to it.
      Soon, 10,000 dollars of gravel spread over a mile- and all I had to do was show people the gravel was appropriate for their investment, the results were obvious.
      So, eventually, over a month passed, 60 truckloads (30 trips) and the road was done.  Some complained, others angry, others reassuring, others with critical useful information (how to make the road).
      I went home when someone took a tractor and dug up the gravel in a sort of angry move.
      When I went home, wondered how I worked for a month plus past the much worse pain, pain from Motrin harming kidneys, yet when I got home, was unwilling to do laundry, clean house, vacuum, Spring cleaning...  I thought hard.  The answer?

      The Placebo Effect. 
      No, I took no sugar pills- but when one goes to be tested with a sugar pill it is always a PERSON saying the pill helped.  A PERSON that one meets up with to see the results..  It is the PERSON not the PILL that makes a significant percentage feel their symptoms improve temporarily.
      So, I realized, this year the Spring improvement was augmented by leaving the home- Nature always guides with discomfort if doing the wrong thing, pleasure if doing the right thing- moving back towards being near others- mean, angry, helpful, reassuring, no matter- just be near the (if you will) herd.
      Disability isolates, insulates, makes one away from others, more so with time.  I avoid getting help from family- over decades it just hurts em to see it.  I avoid the VA because they very, very, often do more harm than good if not extremely vigilant.
      Disability alters sleep-wake time.  It makes people get introverted.  It makes ordinary pleasures- eating at a restaurant- unpleasant. Makes having a mate problematic (in a few senses).  But aside from all this, merely being NEAR OTHERS in a physical, not just online way (I am pretty much a spider on the web, dispensing solutions wherever inspired, since the days of Compuserve, Netscape, and Prodigy). I can explain how this probably works.
      In each persons gut (mouth to tail) there are microbes, bacteria like, much or most of your body weight is not you.  This means much of what makes a human operate or inoperable is the microbes NOT suffering from your disability- but from isolation from OTHER HUMANS and their microbiome.  Just being near a person (not necessarily that close!) means your microbiome matches up with other peoples- and a silent equalizing happens.
      This explains why pain is so depressing, why depression is so isolating, and why isolating is so pandemic to the disabled.
      This explains how the Placebo Effect works.
      This explains why young people join terrorist groups- and how to fix it- get a non terror group for them to join.
      This explains in part why people laugh more, louder, at jokes if in a room of people
      This explains how people suspend disbelief much more in a theater than alone watching a show

      Altogether, a solution offered for those in misery and won't even let that word (and others) pop to the surface of their awareness is to just get near other people.   Try this...

      Go to a grocery store or similar venue.  Walk slow, be fairly dressed, not unkempt.  Shop.  When you see someone with another person, just walk up real discreet and comment on their purchase.  See how they light up?  Do it again.  And again. Maybe crack a joke. 

      Now, go to the checkstand.  Pay for what you bought.  When the checker (forced) says ...would you like to donate your money or change to ...  you say ...Nah, I am trying to quit...  or tell them another joke (Do these GMO free eggs come with free HBO?)
      When you leave, look how you feel- do you feel better mentally despite the possible pain from ambulating about?
      Seems plain we vets should try to meet up with other, very near, vets for a bite to eat, a pizza party, a regularly recurring thing.  Something like a 12 step group without the ...stuff that has creeped into that movement over decades...  Maybe call it a Half Step movement?  At Ease?  Ah.  Not good at naming things.
      Let me know if this resonates with you.  Try to please Nature by getting near others even if you usually wait to feel better to get out- instead, feel better by meeting up, even hold a meet at your place if practical. Hot dogs and a loaf of bread and ketchup probably is enough.

      Consider the reward from being selfless.  If you want a smile, see this video and if you identify with its meme about pain and being trapped. Notice the hero is not alone.
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    • I told reviewer that I had a bad C&P, and that all I wanted was a fair shake, and she even said, that was what she was all ready viewed for herself. The first C&P don't even  reflect my Treatment in the VA PTSD clinic. In my new C&P I was only asked about symptoms, seeing shit, rituals, nightmares, paying bills and about childhood, but didn't ask about details of it. Just about twenty question, and  nothing about stressor,
    • This is the latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide dated 20180719. The only other one I've seen is dated 2002, including the one on this website and the VA website. I got this from my claims agent, who got it from the VA.

      VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide 2 Final Corrected 20180719.pdf
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    • I don’t say thank you enough to all of you...
      You, yes you, are the reason HadIt.com has remained a resource-rich resource. Thousands come each month to read, ask questions, or to feel a sense of community.

      Last month June 2020, we over 50k visitors they viewed over 160k pages. Veterans and their advocates, spouses, children, and friends of veterans come looking for answers. Because we have posts dating back 15 years and articles on the home page, they usually can find an answer or at least get pointed in the right direction.

      You all made that possible. Thank you.
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    • VA has a special where we can ask questions TODAY, at 3:00 to "people that matter?"  Someone should ask why we can not ask them questions EVERY day, why today only? (This is a big problem with VA..the 800 number often does not give specific answers).  We should have people in VA who "solve Vets problems" like Allison Hickey did a few years ago. 
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