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conferences with your local RO


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I would like to point out that a veteran can request a hearing at thier local Regional office at any time your claim is still there, . If you would like to try and get something cleared up, you can request a conference and they will see you, prior to a decision or after..  . I didnt know this until not too long ago.  I think calling them would be much easier but they dont allow it.  Shortly after a negative decision has been made, before the ink dries good, can be a good time for a conference, that could clarify wrong information, and lead to a favorable claim, also, at a hearing, you can ask the regional office EXACTLY what needs to be done to win your claim, if there is a path, they are required to tell you by law.    A  couple hours of your time, could save you years in waiting for appeal. It can also be a opportunity to submit evidence, in a tamper resistant environment,  because in a formal conference, they are supposed to record everything being said and done.  be sure to ask for a formal conference if you wish to submit evidence, because it will likely insure what u submit doesnt    go into the shredder.  if the person you are in front of turns the microphone off when you attempt to submit evidence, then they are trying to screw you. this actually happened to me. the person who did it no longer works for the VA though..    . Good riddance S   Wilbur..

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