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HadIt.com Anniversary 24 years on Jan 20, 2021
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Esophagus C&P thoughts.


Hey everyone love the site.  I was just looking over the C&P exams that came back in through the blue button.  While my knee C&P exam was terrible ( Doctor laid me on my back and pushed all of his weight down on my knee, pushing it into my chest) hurt like hell, i even told him it was hurting.  But that one looks like he just did not care.  No tool used to measure anything, said I had no complaints since the service, even though my VA records shows imaging, offering of knee replacements and braces... but I digress.

The tinnitus one they gave me ( MOS 11B ) said  
Does the Veteran report recurrent tinnitus: Yes      
Date and circumstances of onset of tinnitus: He reported constant ringing  since 1996-97.
Circumstances of onset related to weapon training without hearing protection. The tinnitus is described as a loud whine or buzz sound. It is more noticeable in a quiet area, at night in bed.          
2. Etiology of tinnitus    ----------------------    At least as likely as not (50% probability or greater) caused by or a result of military noise exposure

My bigger issue is I can not make this out regarding the stomach disorder and espohagus issue i am having.  They have diagnosed me with Eosonophil Esophagitis.  They told me it was caused from silent reflux due from stomach issues.  But where as the exam for tinnutis stated At Least as Likely As NOT.   This one doesn't say that.  Can you guys give me your thoughts on what this looks like?



Esophageal Conditions        (Including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), hiatal hernia and other esophageal disorders)    
Disability Benefits Questionnaire
     Is this DBQ being completed in conjunction with a VA 21-2507, C&P Examination    Request?    [X] Yes   [ ] No    
    ACE and Evidence Review    ----------------------    Indicate method used to obtain medical information to complete this document:        [X] In-person examination    
    Evidence Review    --------------    

Evidence reviewed (check all that apply):        [X] VA e-folder (VBMS or Virtual VA)    [X] CPRS
    Diagnosis    --------    

Does the Veteran now have or has he/she ever been diagnosed with an    esophageal condition? Yes      

Other esophageal condition (such as eosinophilic esophagitis, Barrett's esophagus, etc.)      
Other diagnosis #1:  mallory weiss tear (esophogus)/healed 1995                ICD code:  000      
Date of diagnosis:  1995/during military service       
    Medical history    --------------    
Description of the history (including onset and course) of the Veteran's    esophageal conditions: 
42-year-old male here with a history of a Mallory  Weiss tear* of the esophagus during military service (1995) here in C&P to be  considered for residual GI problems. Since military service, he never sought  medical care, always being told his dysphasia (difficulty in swallowing) is  due to anxiety.  Vet states he has PTSD, VA records stat he has panic attacks with anxiety.  Had a gastroscopy (considering the stomach with a camera)    5/2/2018 at Wake Forest/NCBH that VA records state he had an esophageal dilatation. "

        * "Severe and prolonged vomiting can result in tears in the lining of the  esophagus. The esophagus is the tube that connects your throat to your    stomach. Mallory-Weiss syndrome (MWS) is a condition marked by a tear in the    mucous membrane, or inner lining, where the esophagus meets the stomach. Most    tears heal within 7 to 10 days without treatment, but Mallory-Weiss tears can    cause significant bleeding. Depending on the severity of the tear, surgery    may be necessary to repair the damage."
Does the Veteran's treatment plan include taking continuous medication for    the diagnosed condition? Yes      

Medications used for the diagnosed condition: pantoprazole 40 mg bid          

Does the Veteran have an esophageal stricture, spasm of esophagus    (cardiospasm or achalasia), or an acquired diverticulum of the esophagus? Yes      
Severity of condition:        Amenable to dilation        Moderate        Permitting liquids only
    Does the Veteran have any other pertinent physical findings, complications,    conditions, signs or symptoms related to any conditions listed in the    Diagnosis Section above? No
    Does the Veteran have any scars (surgical or otherwise) related to any    conditions or to the treatment of any conditions listed in the Diagnosis    Section above? No
Have diagnostic imaging studies or other diagnostic procedures been    performed? Yes      
Diagnostic Testing Preformed:        Upper endoscopy                 Date: 5/02/2018     
Results: esophogeal stricture/ esophogitis
Are there any other significant diagnostic test findings and/or results? No        

Do any of the Veteran's esophageal conditions impact on his or her ability to    work? No                

Remarks, if any:    ------------------       

Esophogeal problems (esophogitis and esophogeal stricture documented in       5/02/2018 study). 

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5 hours ago, 63SIERRA said:

The VA needs to fire the RO person who set up the exam and did not demand an EYE,EAR,NOSE AND THROAT doctor for this veteran . its all a big scam.

GERD is very serious, ive had episodes at night where I was choking and was thinking I would die. its very scary. I couldnt clear my throat and lungs felt full of acid, just fighting for breath.. almost passing out.. afraid to go back to sleep.

Yea I agree 63Sierra..

They told me in the service it was a hole in my stomach, then this examiner said it was this weiss tear that caused stricture.  The worst was i have been told for the last 20 yrs it was due to my mental health issues.  Then one night we were eating dinner, and as I swallowed it felt like it got stuck ( has happened before), but this time it did not go down after a few minutes.  After 3 hours of throwing up, i told my wife it was time to go to the ER.

Sure enough food was stuck in my chest.  An endoscopy, 2 biopsies later.  The doctors were the ones that told me I should be filing a claim.  As it will never go away and could possibly get worse.

I have been there where you wake up in the middle of night unable to breathe.

I have proof the issue was caused in the service as I spent 7 days in the ICU in Seoul, SK for it.

It just seems like I am getting the run around on this.  The guy did not even really ask me any questions regarding the issue.  Took a few minutes regarding my knee, but no tools were used to check my ROM , did not even ask a bout my back or the dermatitis.

Just feels like my case is going to be one of those that drag out for years in appeals since the initial examiner was so lax and did not even answer the questions the VA had asked to be answered.

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On 7/30/2018 at 8:42 PM, sanktuary said:

I mean why would they allow someone unqualified to do an exam?

Because the VA is full of incompetence. Take the advice and fight it.


On 7/30/2018 at 8:42 PM, sanktuary said:

All this is going to do now is drag me from the initial claim to now dealing with appeals for months if not years due to these examiners being unqualified or not caring if they answer the questions laid out beforehand.  This system needs overhauled.

I agree the system needs to be overhauled, but that may take a while. In the mean time don't let them screw you over. Fight them tooth and nail. Take these peoples advice and get things corrected. Don't do like some of us without this knowledge that have had our fights drag on for decades.

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Many times it seems the VA will attempt to down play your most serious and  permanant disabilities and try and send you on a wild goose chase for other issues. They are looking LONG term. VA doesnt like the idea of paying a 25 year old veteran 3 grand a month , free total healthcare, possible chapter 35 benefits, ect for the next 50 years. The govt should think of that before they send us to war for 15 years with a country that could be annihilated in 3 months. (Iraq)..  You cant stay in a country for 15 years trying to figure out who the enemy is,, we learned that in Vietnam,   yet we repeated it. You see heres what happens when the shit gets real heavy,, the non combatants will leave..  Why did it take 6 months to DESTROY   Syria, yet we camped in Iraq for soooo long..   War is BIG business.  Our country has become  the  millitary industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about. Many politicians are invested in the defense sector and make bank when the young men in this country go bleed .

Like the song war pigs, from Ozzy says

" politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war

   treating people just like pawns in chess

they leave the fighting for the boys..

Edited by 63SIERRA
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Well I agree.  I waited maybe to long to start looking into any of this, but i was under the impression if I took benefits it would have taken it from the older vets, so I just kept declining to put in a claim every time the VA told me I should.  I did not know the system was already funded whether i claimed or not.

The knee has a service connected event but the Physicians Assistant did not even do a proper exam on that.  I claimed for Serrobheric Dermatitis which is caused by extreme cold and my back which they have sent me to Spinal Specialists outside the VA.. but they did not even give me and exam for those claims.  On the back issue I was told that it was extreme wear and tear and that at 40 I have the lower back of a 90 yr old.  So they will probably kick that claim telling me it was not service related.  Even though within 5 yrs after getting out I told the VA on my initial visit i had back and knee issues.  So 26 with an arthritic back.  I guess we will have to ride this out.

Now my esophagus issue which was done by the same PA-C that did my knee seems riddled with issues.  I had a service connected event, and recently was diagnosed with a stricture but this PA-C did not answer any of the questions that the VA was looking for answers to. To me it just seems open to denial as he provided nothing relevant to what the VA was needing to confirm a SC issue.  Basically i will be on these pills for life and possibly more stricture stretching, which i would only assume will get worse as I age.

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    • Post in New BVA Grants
      While the BVA has some discretion here, often they "chop up claims".  For example, BVA will order SERVICE CONNECTION, and leave it up to the VARO the disability percent and effective date.  

      I hate that its that way.  The board should "render a decision", to include service connection, disability percentage AND effective date, so we dont have to appeal "each" of those issues over then next 15 years on a hamster wheel.  
    • Finally heard back that I received my 100% Overall rating and a 100% PTSD rating Following my long appeal process!

      My question is this, given the fact that my appeal was on the advanced docket and is an “Expedited” appeal, what happens now and how long(ish) is the process from here on out with retro and so forth? I’ve read a million things but nothing with an expedited appeal status.

      Anyone deal with this situation before? My jump is from 50 to 100 over the course of 2 years if that helps some. I only am asking because as happy as I am, I would be much happier to pay some of these bills off!
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    • I told reviewer that I had a bad C&P, and that all I wanted was a fair shake, and she even said, that was what she was all ready viewed for herself. The first C&P don't even  reflect my Treatment in the VA PTSD clinic. In my new C&P I was only asked about symptoms, seeing shit, rituals, nightmares, paying bills and about childhood, but didn't ask about details of it. Just about twenty question, and  nothing about stressor,
    • This is the latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide dated 20180719. The only other one I've seen is dated 2002, including the one on this website and the VA website. I got this from my claims agent, who got it from the VA.

      VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide 2 Final Corrected 20180719.pdf
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    • I don’t say thank you enough to all of you...
      You, yes you, are the reason HadIt.com has remained a resource-rich resource. Thousands come each month to read, ask questions, or to feel a sense of community.

      Last month June 2020, we over 50k visitors they viewed over 160k pages. Veterans and their advocates, spouses, children, and friends of veterans come looking for answers. Because we have posts dating back 15 years and articles on the home page, they usually can find an answer or at least get pointed in the right direction.

      You all made that possible. Thank you.
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