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Bipolar C&P Exam Today



I had a c&p evaluation, I guess for re-evaluation of severity or maybe for my TDIU claim. It was a strange exam. The guy actually gave me advice and therapy for some of my issues. He even recommended and asked if I had applied for social security benefits. I haven’t worked since 2015 except for three days in 2016. 

I’ve had quite a few c&p exams since my medical honorable discharge in 2005. Never have I ever had an examiner give me therapy or disability advice during the exam. I was certainly a wreck. Maybe he was trying to build rapport..? My paranoid mind won’t let the strangeness of it go.

I’m sure it’s stupid to think this, but was it some sort of trap. I was scheduled for 105 minutes, but I was in his office for almost two hours. He spent some of the time telling me about his background in neuroscience and how he quit private practice because of insurance companies. He told me about his desires to kayak and fish for flounder after I told him that I deckhanded on head-boats in the summer of 2015. 

I guess my question is...how freaking weird was that C&P Exam. I’ve never experienced anything like it, especially him recommending that I apply for SSDI...  my paranoia is off the charts. 

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Well I am not sure what all this was about but what did the letter the va sent you say?  Typically an exam will be for something you put a claim in for. I do my yearly with my local va doc.  She will check all of my issues and their severity. So I am not sure what this is. 

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It sounds like you ran into an examiner that was trying to help you.  I once had an examiner give me a copy of a page in my str and tell me to keep it locked up as it was my nexus.  He complained that he was given an hour but he could not form an opinion on a complicated case like mine in that amount of time.  He wrote a very positive exam.  The best advice I can give is drop by your VA hospital and check with release of information and see if you can get a copy of his findings.  You will be less anxious and know what he did.

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