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SC disabilities effect my job performance



I'm SC for IBS and have other abdominal issues.  I'm going in for a C and P exam shortly to have my abdominal issues looked at and re-evaluated.  My intestinal and IBS issues send me to the restroom, on occasion, 2 or 3 times per day, but usually at least once per day.  These restroom visits frequently keep me on the can 30 minutes or more.

My question is, my work is office type and is productivity based and I have minimums I'm supposed to hit each week.  When I'm not stuck in the bathroom, I have no problem meeting my production goals, but when I'm spending so much time stuck on the bowl, it adversely impacts my job performance and I fall short of my work requirements and risk losing my job due to performance.

Should I tell them that at the C and P exam? What are the rules if s disability effects my work?

Thank you

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Tell them.  I can not promise it will affect your rating, but in might.  Look up the 38 cfr for your condition.  Check to see if "Ibs's affect on your employment" is one of the criteria.  

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I would ask my boss if it happers your work ask the bossman/lady to write you a detail letter as to why it happers your work load  (I amen its obvious) bur we have to spoon feed the VA  Anyway the boss needs to say something like  or if this continues you will be let go  ect,,,ect,,,and your medical records should say what you can do and what you can't do and what to expect with Server IBS

going to the bathroom TWICE A DAY I doubt seriously they will approve you for IU? 

The highest rating for IBS servere with constant diarrhea  is only 30%  

Check this link out from CCK Attorneys LTD


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Depending on where you work, you might consider talking to your human resources team about reasonable accommodations under the ADA. Accommodations can be just about anything from a flexible schedule to workload changes.

More information is available at the Job Accommodation Network. You can even call and talk to them about your situation. 


Keep in mind though that they don't force the employer to do anything, but can act as a intermediate if needed. It is important to know your rights. If your rights end up being violated, you would have to pursue it through the EEOC (wait times rival the VA).

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