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Seeking Veterans to participate in user experience studies

Brian Moon


On behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs, we are recruiting Veterans to participate in user experience studies. The VA wants to make it easier for you to explore, apply for, manage, and track your VA benefits. Teams at the VA want to hear your feedback about improvements they are making to VA websites, mobile applications, and other digital tools -- to ensure that these services are usable and relevant for you.

All Veterans are welcome to participate. We are also seeking caretakers, family members, and soon-to-separate service members. All participants receive a thank you gift.

Details of the program and registration are at http://veteranusability.us/

We look forward to helping you participate.

Brian Moon

CTO, Perigean Technologies

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I'm curious, if your study is legitimate, why does your link not have a va.gov url?  With all the hacking and identity theft going on in the world these days, it is hard to trust that an official VA survey would be conducted by a private company on a private website.

I looked at your website, and there isn't anything that would indicate you're authorized to conduct official U.S. Government business of any kind.  I have not been contacted by the VA about participating in any non-VA surveys, either.

Please don't feel insulted, but I wouldn't advise anyone to even click on your link until we see some kind of proof that this is a legal enterprise.  Yes, I'm a cynic, after many years of daily phone calls by charlatans and scammers.  

I've become so jaded that every day I refuse millions of dollars of free money from friendly benefactors, most of whom are located in Africa, and all of whom are fine, upstanding folks, I'm sure.

All that said, I hope you're for real.  On the other hand, I can't speak for all disabled vets, but if someone was scamming my fellow veterans and I found out who and where, someone might undertake a covert op one night to eliminate the threat.


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Pedro, I can create a simple website just like that one in a matter of hours.  Anybody who can use a computer can create a website and make any number of claims about what they do and who they do it for.  Those "press releases" were created by the same guy(s) that created the website.  

I do not believe that the VA is going to allow someone to say they're conducting business "on behalf of" the VA, and yet not make some  official statement to that effect,  I bet you can't show me even ONE official VA announcement from any va.gov or official United States government website.

I'm calling bullshit until I see OFFICIAL U.S. Government / Department of Veterans Affairs documentation that this dude is authorized to act as an extension of a federal agency.  

Hey, since they're acting "on behalf of" the VA, can they write me a check for about $200K the VA owes me in retro?

Enter that website at YOUR OWN RISK.


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Acesup and Pedro,

We appreciate your concerns. We are contracted by the VA to recruit Veterans; specifically, we support two offices and contracts:

  • Digital Service at VA, Contract Number: 36C10B19C0013
  • Human Factors Engineering, Contract Number: 36C10X18C0061

These contracts and our POCs are listed on the recruiting website. Any Veteran is welcome to contact our VA sponsors directly.

Thanks again,

Brian Moon, CTO, Perigean Technologies

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Brian Moon, 

I emailed the three email addresses your website lists.  I have no response yet from any of them.  Oh well, we are talking about the VA, it could be days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia, or even never before I get a reply.

I don't disbelieve you, but in this day and age, there needs to be official notification from the VA about such a survey.  Heck, I get phishing emails from the FBI and IRS all the time, don't you?

Now, I'm curious, does your survey request personal data?  You know, to give the participant his/her $50 "gift", do you ask for the bank account number so you can deposit it, like those guys in Nigeria do?

Sorry, but without proof, your word is just more letters on the Internet.


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