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about getting medical records



I think it shoulkd be made clear to people learning the process about getting medical records. Outside hospitals in different states and places can remove and destroy old records after a certain amount of time by law. So, if someone goes seeking old medical records, often the doctors, hospitals and clinics can, by law, get rid of and destroy old medical files of patients. So, anyone that may need those copies better try to get them a.s.a.p. if they are still there to get.

I am not talking about VA facilities. Outside facilities, and apparently each state has different laws about retaining records.

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How do I go about getting my appeal re-acknowledged at the BVA?  They sent it to my VSO, the DAV,....who are telling me, they sent it back on the 4th of February,....the judge wanted to see it, but, because, according to their records, it was at the DAV,...and so,.it didn't get looked at!  To this day, it still shows that the DAV has it,......I have called the BVA, (march 7th), to see if I could get it re-submitted into their system, only to be told that it will be "sent up the line"!  Whatever that means?  

Just checked again, it still shows with the DAV!!   Anyone else having this issue?

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Yea..they dont tell you that when they ask you for a POA.  

In the Legacy appeals (IDK about Ramp), several years ago, my (Board appeal) also said, "WITH VSO".  So, I called my (national) VSO and he said, "Aw, heck, dont worry about it..you already have a docket number, so you are "in line" while we prepare your brief before the board."

So, I called the BVA to ask them what my docket number was..since the DAV said it had been docketed.  The BVA responded..we dont have a docket number, until your VSO sends it to us.

This means the DAV was lying..they had delayed my claim by a 18 months preparing a brief.  Its just another hamster wheel where the VSO's and VA employees send us on a wild goose chase.  

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