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Possible new AO presumptives Radio show here tonight



The acccess to our show is in the blog Radio show forum- here-

call ins- 1-347-237-4819

when you hear the English woman you need to pres # 1 on your phone to get into the call- in queue.

This is surely our last chance to ever get any new AO presumptives.

The Blue Water Procopio issue will impact on whatever Secretary Wilkie decides- but we do not know how it will yet.

This is important news for any incountry Vietnam veteran, or for any veteran who can prove ( as MANY have done) that they were exposed to AO , in Thailand, Okinawa, and even in CONUS and other places and they have any disabilities that are on , or will be on,  the next AO presumptive list.

Blue Waters= please check the most recent VA AO ship's list here because that list has grown a lot, solely due to the willingness of veterans to prove their ship was exposed to AO. All of their work has helped MANY Blue Water vets , some are hadit members.

Other sailors will have to rely on Procopio , which will help them, and one other  Blue Water AO bill is in Congress, and Nothing is Impossible.



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The Podcast link is here:


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In my recent letter to Secretary Wilkie- I mentioned this fact

"On page three of the National Academies report , it states “ There is limited or suggestive evidence of an association between exposure to the chemicals of interest and the following health outcomes:




As you know, Stroke is one of those under their list.


Page 3 contains this change regarding hypertension:


“There is sufficient evidence of an association between exposure to the chemicals of interest and the following health outcomes:

Soft-tissue sarcoma (including heart) *

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma *

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (including hairy cell leukemia and other chronic B-cell leukemias) Hodgkin lymphoma

Chloracne and


Hypertension (category change from Limited or Suggestive in Update 2014)”


My point was that the evidence for  AO causing hypertension is deemed  as "sufficient" in the new report and that is far stronger than in the past report from IOM NAM (2014)

I dont know if I made that point here recently and all the more reason that the VA could potentially SC HBP as due to AO.  Any citations I mention on the show  will be posted here tomorrow (unless I forget)

but I think all any Vietnam Veteran  needs is the link above to the recent National Academies Report.

Nehmer 2010  has been here in the AO forum ever since those regulations came out in 2010.



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If a veteran is in the A.O, Registry  and comes down with an A.O. presumptive disease ... and files a claim .will that speed up his/her claim?

or make it easier to file for the presumption A.O.

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Buck, as the AO Registry web site says:


If the Registry medical exam finds an AO presumptive or even more than one, the veteran should file a claim on that basis.( If they were incountry or can prove exposure elsewhere to AO. - I would think ,once the claim is filed ,it might make the claim go faster....if the veteran was incountry or can prove he/she was exposed to AO elsewehere while in the Military, then with a diagnosis of an AO, from the Registry exam, that could mean the claim could go faster. maybe.... 

But-another thing ---The BVA just called me as I had a question for their ombudsman. We talked about  other things-VA as well-

My main question was why the BVA had begun to eliminate the specific  Regional Offices ( AOJ) from their published decisions.

The Ombudsman's response was that claims are being farmed out so much these days, that the BVA ,in many cases cannot identify the Agency of Jurisdiction.

But that ony makes a little sense- the BVA cannot Remand a claim -----if they  do not know where to remand it to....

she said maybe I should FOIA the BVA directly on that and I will.

With VA farming out so many claims, it is probably SNAFUing a lot of decisions....or causing them to take more time to advise the veteran on the decision. ( and more time to get  the cash if retro is due)

She laughed when I told her we call the 800# Peggy.

The 800# is worse than ever.



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Roger that Ms berta

I remember when I was put in the A.O. Registry .

   my PCP at the time 1999 was a Major and a Pilot he was called  to Iraq for deployment .

  anyway I had to show him my DD 214  for boots on the ground and he showed me a Map of South Vietnam and the heavily sprayed areas   I was in.   and mention to me   your in the A.O registry now. this was back in 1999


I'll listing in on the Hadit podcast show tonight.


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Thanks for listening Buck-I brought up your question as to the AO Registry.

We might have had vets listening to the show here or at facebook- who never heard of the registry.


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Yes  you did Ms Berta   thanks

On  this issue  Just my opinion here

When a  Veteran brings up  the possibility of A.O. presumptive to his VA PCP  they seem like they are stumped and don't know what to say?   either there ignorant or do not know about the A.O.? or the A.O. PRESUMPTIVES  the old as well as the new ones or just refuse to help the Veteran   especially the Vietnam Veterans     there is not many of us Vietnam vets left  but  

When I ask VA Dr's in the dermatology clinic about a skin disease they don't know what to diagnose me for?  I ask them   is this a possibility It could be related to  the A.O. herbicide that was sprayed in Vietnam years ago?  My reason I ask is because  I am a Vietnam combat Veteran and was exposed to this A.O. and I am very very concerned. 

 they just raise their eye browns and make lite of it and go on to something else 

As member Gastone came down with Brain Cancer   the kind late Senator  John McCain Had and died from.

I have not been in contact with Gastone in the last 4 or 5 months now  last I heard he was not doing very well   after 7 surgeries. 

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Yes, we all are concerned about Gastone-

The VA did not consider his form of cancer as a presumptive,( gioblastoma) because I guess NAM (IOM) just did not find enough evidence for it to be proven to be from dioxin.It is a serious form of brain cancer. We still miss our pastor's daugther- she died just before Christmas with it - 29 years old.

Buck I bet that many times a vet will be diagnosed with and treated for an established AO presumptive but I just dont think these doctors care at all, and probaly never mention they should file a claim.

I would think by now all VA practitioners have some idea of what is on the AO presumptive list.

I made an error on the show I think-

I think I said ALS , but it is AL that is presumptive to AO-

ALS is presumptive to all veterans.

In part:

"What are “Presumptive” Conditions? If you are diagnosed with a chronic disease within one year of active duty release, you should apply for disability compensation. Examples of chronic disease include: arthritis, diabetes or hypertension. Or, if you served continuously for at least 90 days and are diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) after discharge, you can establish service connection for the disease. "



Al Amyloidosis

"AL Amyloidosis and Agent Orange

Veterans who develop AL amyloidosis and were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service do not have to prove a connection between their disease and service to be eligible to receive VA health care and disability compensation.

About AL amyloidosis

AL amyloidosis is a rare disease caused when amyloid proteins are abnormally deposited in tissues or organs. Primary (AL) amyloidosis is the most common form. AL amyloidoisis is not a cancer, but it can occur because of some cancers.

Affected organs may include heart, kidneys, liver, bowel, skin, nerves, joints, and lungs. Symptoms include fatigue, anemia (low red blood cell count), weight loss, numbness and tingling in limbs."




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