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Recently awarded 60% serviced connected disability for both knee's some time back had to have a stint put in my heart of blockage. I was talking to another veteran friend of mine who said I should file a claim on the stint problem because my knee's and the lack of physical activity form the pain links the blockage to my disability. Can anyone help me with some advice on my current situation.   

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Sorry no one answered this sooner.

I was just discussing a similar situation with a RET reserves Navy veteran, who had been a Corpsman prior to joining the reserves- Yes it is quite possible that the inability to do physical activity can lead in some cases to heart problems. We have a mutual friend ( Lt Col Retired) who had a sudden and very unexpected heart attack and they did a triple by pass.

I read a DIC award at the BVA long ago whereby the widow proved her husband's severe service connected hearing loss ( led to his death due to inactivity that caused the heart disease.

Nothing is impossible but his type of claim needs a strong IMO/IME from an expert in the field of cardiology.

What has your doctor attributed the heart condition to?

Are you able to still work?

Have you been on any NSAIDs for a long period of time, as I just posted here the other day ,that NSAIDs have been found to have, in some cases,  a medical nexus to heart attacks. ?



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I agree with Berta.  Its all about the evidence.  If you have a doc who would state these are at least as likely as not related, then you should be good to go.  

Otherwise, you will need an IMO for service connection.  

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acronyms  and abbreviations meanings=

IMO (Indenpendent Mecical Opinion)   IME  (Independent  Medical Examination) S.C. (Service Connected)  Ratings vary from 10% to 100%

for more acronyms go tohttps://www.hadit.com/va-claims-glossary-definitions-abbreviations-terms/

You should have no problems getting your heart condition S.C. to your present medical condition  just request  (ask)  your doctor what  attributed the heart condition to?  you need this medial documentation.

After a Veteran gets a injury or disease Service Connected  and other condition arises because of the condition  these are called secondary claims to the original condition or condition that is service connected.

The only thing for veterans to watch out for is not pyramiding these conditions  carefully.

and remember the Caluza Triangle as you probably know about with your first claim.

1.Current Diagnosis.   (No diagnosis, no Service Connection.)

2.In Service Event or Aggravation.

3.Nexus (link- cause and effect- connection) or Doctor’s Statement close to: “The Veteran’s (current diagnosis) is at least as likely due to x Event in military service

And Welcome to Hadit

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