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ANOTHER suicide at a VAMC


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I am beginning to wonder what the common thread could possibly be- the VA has started hiring "Providers" who are not VA employees.

They might well be completely qualified to treat veterans with MH issues ------but----are they-----

Have any of these veterans been prescribed any medication that could cause or enhance suicidal ideation?

Is you MH VA doctor a VA employee? Or contracted out by QTC, LHI, or VES?




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My guess the "common thread" is that all of these Vets have applied for benefits!  

You said that if you did not have PTSD prior to applying at VA, you will when you get done!

Trust me, its devastating for a man to be unable to provide for his family!!!

And, when you can not, it makes you feel, well, "worse than an unbeleiver". 1 Tim 5:8..even worse than an unbeliever is a man who wont provide for his family.  


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Ms Berta

I honestly think in my opinion anyway  its the VA Therapist  or L,C..S.W. SW -4's not doing an Adequate Job in their therapy sessions .

I notice each one of my sessions are getting away from the main purpose I am there and they are getting away from the basics of mental health treatment, some days (sessions) we never discuss my thoughts or how I feel its more or less  just a BS session to past the hour away..

Although my therapist had taught me how to use certain tools to use during a high anxiety attack  breathing treatments  but I have problems with Hallucinations  and panic attacks  and Isolation I don't like to be around people and very unsociable   even at home  if we have guest over I am headed to my bedroom  and in fear...I can't understand why I am like that and  the therapy is suppose to help  I been in treatment now 4 years with two different therapist   and so for I have not seen a change  other than know how to get through an anxiety attack... so all these veteran that have ended their life I can understand in a certain way  why... Alcohol or Drugs  is my reason  and they need to do a prescreen test on VETERAN BEFORE EACH SESSION  and that's not happening at my VAMC   THEY FOUND ANOTHER VETERAN DEAD IN THE RESTROOM Just a few weeks ago at my VAMC.

However I make my self get out in public at times I need to  but I really hate it.

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Each veteran is different in the way he thinks about things and I really can't say its attribute to his benefits?  if your bad enough to want to kill yourself  I doubt benefits has anything to do with it  but I see broncovets point  But I choose not to believe that rout. 

 after a bad traumatizing experience I really never even thought about my benefits .

PTSD can affect anyone in a different way  and the treatment for is crucial here in getting the right treatment the right therapist and the right feel of being.(for the veteran)

some veteran fool the therapist so-to speak and therapist think they had a good session  but in all reality the Veteran has other things on his mind.

okay with that said   if a Veteran comes to therapy and  mentions about killing himself  the first thing they do is call security and have your little ass locked up  ,no Veteran wants that,  but they need to understand how this veteran is thinking and get his thinking back on the right track  they fail to do that with certain veterans and its getting a lot worse  (jmo)

It's  all a sad sad situation.

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Yes, it is horrible, but I do agree with Broncovet.

I fully believe that the VA claims process has caused some suicides of veterans.

As a civilian the only momentary suicidal ideation I ever had was when I received a denial in 1996 stating that the C & P examiner had opined that my husband had died due to an overdose of cocaine.

The VA had multiple copies of his autopsy that they refused to read.

He didnt even drink and only had VA meds in his system in the toxicology report.One was at the wrong dose and another med was for a condition  I proved he didnt even had.

I mentioned what happened when I called the C & P doctor in prior posts here.

That terrible suicidal moment rapidly changed, and I became even more aggressive in my approach to them.

The 1995 Peer review that supported my 1151 /FTCA charges , had 'disappeared and I was told it never existed.

The autopsy was withheld from the General Counsel until I called VA Central and found that fact out. They settled shortly after they got it from me.

The 1995 "non existent"  peer report, I found at the bottom of my C file in 2003.I used it as evidence for my AO IHD death award claim.

I do believe that the claims process for anyone who feels the VA is continually ignoring their evidence, would cause either MH issues or suicidal ideation. The frustration alone can be traumatic.

There is also the medication factor.

I was thing about Bourdain last night. The shows he did in Vietnam were fabulous. His death was shocking,.

"The recent suicides of celebrities Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade have prompted many of us to look more closely at what may drive people to depression or to end their own lives.

One risk factor has gotten little attention in this discussion: the medications people take.

More than a third of American adults are using medications that have the potential to increase their risk of depression, a study published this week in JAMA finds, and nearly a quarter use medications that have suicidal symptoms as side effects.


There is a lot more info on meds and suicides at 






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Yes I am sure the VA claims dept has caused a lot of the suicides for veterans with PTSD not getting theire due benefits, but at a less amount vs Blaming the  VA claims Adjudicators.

As most Chronic Severe rated Veterans for this disease PTSD are 100% or more AT THE TIME OF SUICIDE.  so to me Laying blame on the VA is not the most likely reason someone takes their life.

In my opinion its the Non Treatment that veterans are not getting & so badly in need.

VA is working on this daily  but so for they are getting bad results  if its just one Veteran that takes his life.

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I think some of it is denial of benefits.  When you lose your job and start seeing everything fall apart while the VA plays games.

As for VA therapists I don't know as I have only seen them when in the hospital.  What my civilian therapist does is supply me with his emergency number to call if I need help.  He helps and does not immediately run you up to the hospital.  

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