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Success At Last, New Ratings Today, 9 Months 1 Day After BVA Decision! Appeal Effective Date?



So, I woke up this morning and poured a cup of mud, and thought I should check eBennies.  I am now OFFICIALLY 100% TDIU and SMC (s) Permanent and Total!  

Actually, I am also 100% combined even if they took away the TDIU, because I have two 60%, two 50%, two 20%, and four 10% ratings.  They actually low-balled me on a couple of issues, but I won't waste anybody's time appealing, that would be pointless!

A million thanks to all of the folks here on hadit who helped with information and moral support over the last nearly 10 years!  Through these forums, I learned what evidence I needed to support my claim and appeal.  I will be forever grateful.

The Effective Date of October 28, 2009 is incorrect.  I have ample evidence in my C-file that I asked for some of this, including TDIU, in May of 2007.  (I was a Shreddergate victim, my claim that I filed in Houston got "disappeared").  

Is there any good reason why I shouldn't file for E.E.D.?

Also, I now will finish preparations to file a CUE for Major Depressive Disorder to go back to 1974.


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     I, too, am a shreddergate victim, so I know all about how VA delays, denies, and lies about it.  

     Yes, appeal the decisions effective date, when it arrives.  (Wait till the envelope arrives, dont appeal based on ebenefits!)  

      Im very happy to hear a shreddergate victim was victorious.  Like yourself, I won 100 percent and am now fighting the effective date (and SMC S).  

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Congratulations on the big win

Its your choice rather you file for EED or not?

 If its wrong I 'd want it to be corrected MEANS   even more retro..   I don't think filing for the Correct Effective Date will cause you any delays in getting what they already gave you   they should give you another check /deposit when you get the Correct EED.

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