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Retinal Detachment

Robert 53


In 2005 I was blow up by a car bomb in Iraq, the car was less them 10 ft beside my vehicle I was in.  In 2007 I was in formed my VA doctors of pain and migraine headaches and severe pain on the left side of my head for almost a year.  I was send for a x-ray in 2008 and found to have shrapnel inside my head.  Also in 2007 the eye doctor at the VA noticed something about my right eye a large blood vessel, and my vision was off and lost my depth percetion.  The eye got worse in 2014 and I was having floaters and dark spots, the eye doctors found I have retinal detachment.  I asked the VA to claim this as a disability due to combat injury. At two times the VA said it was denied because of misconduct on my part, but later changed it said it could not be because of the time line. 2005-2014 but it started to take in effect my eye was going in 2007.   After read several articles even one done by DOD, I feel this should be corrected, but I need some one outside the VA to said this is could have been possble. 

Combat Ocular Trauma Visual Outcomes

during Operations Iraqi and Enduring


Eric D. Weichel, MD, LTC, Marcus H. Colyer, MD, CPT, Spencer E. Ludlow, MD, CPT,

Kraig S. Bower, MD, COL, Andrew S. Eiseman, MD, COL

Objective: To report the visual and anatomic outcomes as well as to predict



In previous blogs, I have generally covered visual problems secondary to head injuries that are related to the brain. Obviously, there are vision problems related to direct trauma to the eye, but that has not really been the purpose of my blog.
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So did you fight to get your status changed?  

If you can the best thing with this would be buddy statements from other who where there and knew of the event or were in the event.  

Can you post the denial minus the personal information so we can see their whole reasoning?  I kind of looks like they are saying nothing happened in Iraq during this time frame.  Not that your eye could have issues from a car bomb.  

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