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Barrett's Esophagitis

Carl the Engineer



After many years (20+) of slight heartburn, swallowing problem, etc., etc, I requested a (EDG) Esophagogastroduodenoscopy to see if I do in fact have a problem.  I did have severe heartburn in the late 80's, which would wake me at night etc., but resolved itself, I thought, until I talked to the doc today after my EDG.

Preliminary procedure findings;

Grade 2-3 gerd,

suspect Barrett's Esophagitis,

type I sliding Hiatal Hernia

and they did a biopsies of GE junction.  

My daughter, who is an RN, was my driver today.  I gave instructions to the doc to tell her my findings after the procedure as when they told my after my colonoscopy, I didn't remember a thing.  Anyway, he told my daughter that he has seen it a hundred times before and that I have Barrett's Esophagitis and will wait for the biopsies to come back.  Worst case could be a form of cancer.

Back to the beginning, I told him that I had severe heartburn along time ago and he said that I still have it, just my sensors were burned out a long time ago.  I should have been on medicine for a long time, etc.

One of my original (denied) claims when I left in 2009 was for Gastroenteritis, but was denied because of no symptoms.  I suspect my symptoms were burned up...

After the results come back, new medications, and some research, I will shoot in a claim,


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Hamslice-I feel for you brother. The good news is that it is pretty rare that it will turn to cancer, but of course, it depends on how (un)lucky you are. I have had GERD/Barrett's for years and take Pantoprazole prescribed by the VA. My issue is I can't figure out how to get it s-c, but it sounds like you have something in your records that you can connect. I thought maybe an A.O. connection for mine, but so far I haven't been able to find any evidence. As soon as you get the report, start working on your claim. Good luck!


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