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TDIU appeal



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That is a difficult question to answer.  Getting hardship approved is the start.  You may go to the front of the line but even then it could be several months.

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Asking how long it will take, is like asking how far is it to your grandmothers house, when no one knows your grandmother or where she lives.  

If you want a guestimate, we need more information.  What lane did you switch from/to?

You see a higher level review will be processed faster than SCL, because they dont have to wait for additional evidence.  

Of course, since its after Feb. 19,2019, you could also have opted for a board level appeal.  

If you went from HLR to SCL, its gonna add some time.  (one year)

If you went from SCL to HLR, it may save you some time. (6 months)  

If you asked for a hearing, its gonna take much, much longer.  2-4 years

If you are going to the BVA, its gonna take longer, and there are 3 lanes to the Board, also:

With new evidence and a hearing. 3 to 6 years

With new evidence and no hearing. 2-4 years

Without new evidence with or without a hearing.  Maybe as soon as a year.  

Of course, the short answer is "no one knows", but Im gonna be foolish and guess anyway.  

I made these guesses based on the BVA chairmans report.  However, since you are in RAMP you have either gotten or wont need a SOC (around a year)

And you wont need your claim to be "certified" to the BVA (another 18 months)

Finally, my experience is that it takes your VSO about 18 months to file a brief.  My VSO lied to me and told me that it did not matter that I had a docket number and my place in line was held.  That was a bald faced lie.  I called the BVA and had no docket number assigned.  

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