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PTSD For MST Claim Finally Approved



I haven't gotten the letters in the mail yet, but shows the claim complete; and the "download your letters" shows me at 40% SC now.  (I was only at 10 before).  I am glad it's finally over at least for now.  Such a stressful process that dug up so many things I didn't want to think about.  I feel they came in right where I should be.  My private doc had filled out the DBQ before we submitted for the C&P.  She specializes in Sexual Trama cases, and I really like her.  She and I both felt like 30% is where I fit in the criteria.  I'm glad the VA agreed with her assessment.  I am grateful to everyone on this site for all of the advice and guidance in the process.  Now, I will move on to get the conditions I have that are affected by stress secondary connected.

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Congratulations on your win but never forget to continue your therapy.  It took me a very long time to provide the details to my PTSD(MST) and it is still hard. I have gone through and continue to go through therapy. Nobody knows how hard it is to go through a C&P for this type of claim but once you do it is so gratifying when you finally receive compensation.  

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