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# your evidence Pages?



  • HadIt.com Elder

@ brokensolider244th &  Well Seasoned  & Experienced Hadit Members.

Is it ok to  number the medical pages that already have # on them to minimized the reading because of thousands and thousands of medical record pages./Reports ect,,,,ect,,,,,,

Example would be this

If there are # on these medical records that pertain to a certain procedure  they maybe duplicate #-s  on these records that may be from another Dr  with a total different procedure   .

So to minimize this is it ok that we go through these medical records and find the major disability's where the Dr's did surgery's and procedures ......> that with any one with common sense would realize this is certainly what makes her totally disabled and in need of assistance from another person.

Ok if these medical records already have # 's on them  is it ok to just number these pages that we pick out of thousands and thousands of medical records  and # them to make it easier to read...like when we find a records that the Dr sign and gave his medical opinion say a diagnose as well as a prognosis and an explanation to the disability.

like on her Dr's letter  that says she needs assistance due to her multi disability's but don;t give an explanation to why she needs assistance......> is it ok to write on them see page# 22  or page# 25 see page# 28  ect,,,ect,,,, the reports from Dr's that would render her assistance from another person.

because of so many medical records this would keep from sending in thousands of pages & of course minimized the long reading.

were going though these medical records at present.


Thanks we both appreciate your input and opnion.


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Hey Buck,
Per guidance from other members, I labeled my evidence pages as exhibits and used letters instead of numbers (so there is no confusion).

I used Microsoft Word to type up my submission. I scanned in actual evidence pages as a TIF image. At the top of the evidence pages, I placed text formatted like the screenshot below. I then pasted the TIF image directly afterwards.


I then referred to the evidence as needed: "In Compensation and Pension exam dated December 17, 1997, (Exhibit B), on page 2, at the bottom, Dr. Quack said...."

There's no right or wrong way as long as the evidence is there. However, I prefer to spoon-feed the VA exactly what is needed. It helps me tell them exactly where to look to find relevant details. They are free (and also required) to review the rest of the evidence.

Additionally, in the footer of the document, I labeled it like "Page # of # {my last name} {type of claim}". This helps in the case that the reviewer gets the pages out of order.


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absofrickinglutely.  When I did my claims I sent a binder folder with a table of contents, an brief narrative at the beginning of the situation as I saw it, some relevant information about condition, information about my own rationale about WHY I thought it was connected, and then I would underline or circle the relevant portions of the notes. I never sent in EVERYTHING, just what was pertinent, usually printed from MyHealthVet (after they had that up and running). Before that I would go to Release of information every couple months and get printouts. After everything started going electronic I did all of the above, minus the actual folder and pages in Word, and then printed to PDF. 

From this end, now, I really appreciate it when I come across a few vets that annotate somewhere/somehow on their submissions where it is, or approx dates, or SOMETHING for me to latch onto to find. Scanned handwritten documents are a 50/50 shot that CTRL-F will work to search them, so I have to look at them manually- all however many hundreds of pages sometimes. STR's come in that way, and Private records too, but if the Vet is thorough on their application sheet or uploads a summary of what they are asking for and approximate dates, pages, whatever It makes it so much faster to cite and find. We have tools to 'annotate' PDF's once they are in Documents, so I can go through, 'tab' all the relevant evidence, then put a flag on it for the rater or Vendor examiner to see. If you make it easier for me, I can make it easier for them. I still look through it in case you missed something, though, so I can call attention to it. I also make notes on conditions you HAVENT claimed yet but might down the road, so whomever gets the file after me a year from now when you claim it can find it faster. I don't know if that is common practice, though, thats just MY workflow. 

When you are referred to a vendor for an exam, we send documentation from your Documents file to them. BUT- all the vendors have a third party in house scanning/printing office that gets it first. If I have stuff tabbed in there it makes it easier for THEM to mark it up however they process it for the examiner rather than sending them entire hundred page PDF's with no frame of reference. SO, if you make it easier for me, I can make it easier for them, and notate "p. whatever Condition, veteran DX [whatever condition], date", or mini quotes from parts of the record that are relevant. When I get DBQs back I do the same thing for the raters where I highlight the opinion section page right off so they can find it, and I make it a 'hover over" so they can see the gist of the DBQ opinion before reading it. 


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Buck,  I have done both in the past but not at the same time. I made sure that I addressed the issues(s) on the proper form and then make sure that I would attach those documents with my claim.  Yes, they may come back as duplicate but I want VA to know that I Know what is in my file.  I placed my name, SSN, and the date at the header of each page. We all know that documents get lost and or missed filed. I also state what page to look for in my records.  For the past few years I would download the fillable proper form in Adobe and fill it out. This way I will/would always have a copy of it. I also would make a separate personal copy on my removable flash drive then I would note on the form to see the attached documents of proof of my claimed evidence.  Example; ATTACHED:

VA FORM 21-4138 (1)PAGE

VA FORM 21-0966 (1)PAGE

VA FORM 21-0958 (2)PAGES



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  • HadIt.com Elder

Thanks Guys  will do.Kinda expeted it to be this way..good Information not only for me but hopefully other veterans that need A&A for their spouse.

Remember this is my wife were were trying to get her A&A Pension.

So yeah we will have it all organized and placed in a folder with  table of context and instructions as to how we have this  information in the folder as evidence Numbers  on the Dr 's letters that address her need of assistance they never gave a rational or explanation as to why she needs assistance   so we will write on their letter  please see Page 3 from Dr **** and page 7 from Dr# please read their explanation as to why she is in need of assistance  due soley on her major disabilitys/medical conditions or something close to this  we will do rough drafts first and see how it sounds.


Thanks Everyone!!!

Buck & Brenda

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I do this for every submission. I have a cover sheet that looks like this


Evidence List

Note: You will see in the top left hand corner BATES NUMBERING (i.e. 000001, 000002, etc.) to denote page number. A total of XXX pages of evidence is to follow this cover page listing all the evidence to be considered.

Contains names of files uploaded and how many pages per file and brief description of evidence contained. I REQUEST THAT THIS LETTER AND ALL EVIDENCE SUBMITTED BE INCLUDED IN MY C FILE.




Stating current and past symptoms of X disability


Statement by spouse/friend/coworker relating how my disability has effected my life, work performance and how the disability manifests in public


Evaluation by Dr. John Smith from April 2020 indicating impairment form disability, symptomology, history, effect on life/work and how it relates to experiences occured in service.

JANUARY 15, 2005 BAS Medical report: 1Page

PA notes from BAS medical visit regarding first instance of Disability X manifesting in service.



After i compile all my evidence i not each individual report, statement, medical log, etc. down. i indicate how many pages that report, etc is, and a brief statement abotu what it says in relation to my claim.  i then include a total pages list and then i convert it to PDF and use their "Bates numbering" function that stamps it with a page number for all pages in the compiled total evidence list.  If you dont have adobe just do all the same thing then hand write it or hand type in the header.  If you are uploading in ebenefits the whole thing wont upload all at once and will need to be broken up into separate sections to be uploaded.  Personally i upload, fax & send certified mail w/ return receipt so theres no chance they can say they didnt receive it and didnt receive it by the required file date. its also helpful because maybe one person miss uploads it to your file but not 2-3 different people.

After your claim is completed if its denied or not the outcome you wanted you need to request your CFile, personally i request the Cfile at the same time as the claim as they wont send it out until your cfile is updated with an existing claim. once you get that back (or go to the VARO to make copies) check to make sure that ALL of the evidence, every page submitted is shown.  If it's not and especially if it was a critical piece of evidence you have a great case to be made on appeal that the VA didnt consider all the evidence submitted and with that you will include the cover sheet stating exactly how many pages of evidence was submitted, what was submitted in it and even the fact you wrote out in simple, plain english for them them what that evidence showed.

So for example you are claiming sleep apnea as direct, you have a sleep study done in service and you were diagnosed. you are denied in the claim and see in the c file that pages 1-25 & 29-45 are in there but conveniently pages 26-28, the diagnosis, isnt in there and they claim no inservice event. well you can submit all the evidence you gave to them the first time show by certified mail and return receipt it was sent and received by the VA and that your cover sheet CLEARLY stated that it included a inservice diagnosis of the disability you are claiming.

What ive learned about the VA is that all the things we talk about and tips we give about submitting a proper claim in NO WAY guarantees the right result, all of this does is gives you a better chance at getting that right result the first time, but where the advice really shines is on appeal.


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Roger That.

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Made a good point & this is crucial we do this.

'' I placed my name, SSN, and the date at the header of each page. 

Claim #is 99% your SS# NOW DAYS.

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