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    When a Veteran starts considering whether or not to file a VA Disability Claim, there are a lot of questions that he or she tends to ask. Over the last 10 years, the following are the 14 most common basic questions I am asked about ...
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  • Most Common VA Disabilities Claimed for Compensation:   


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Latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide as of 2020


This is the latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide dated 20180719. The only other one I've seen is dated 2002, including the one on this website and the VA website. I got this from my claims agent, who got it from the VA.

VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide 2 Final Corrected 20180719.pdf

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This is the latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide dated 20180719. The only other one I've seen is dated 2002, including the one on this website and the VA website. I got this fr

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20 hours ago, marathonjon said:

This is the latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide dated 20180719. The only other one I've seen is dated 2002, including the one on this website and the VA website. I got this from my claims agent, who got it from the VA.

VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide 2 Final Corrected 20180719.pdf 277.86 kB · 25 downloads

Thanks, needed that.

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20 hours ago, marathonjon said:

This is the latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide dated 20180719. The only other one I've seen is dated 2002, including the one on this website and the VA website. I got this from my claims agent, who got it from the VA.

VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide 2 Final Corrected 20180719.pdf 277.86 kB · 26 downloads

A quick scan tells me that the clinicians on the ground have different instructions. 

For example, I have a wrist injury.  The examiner's refuse to examine the metacarpal- carpal articulation of the thumb because only the metacarpal-carpal  articulation of the fingers is ordered by the RO.  Hearing loss claims do not include loss by tinnitus in examinations and the audiologist will not fill in the block for tinnitus even when requested most times even though it is reported to them during the audiogram as a problem for high frequency tones.

The Clinician's guide is compliant with 38 CFR 4.42 for injury examinations.  The injury examinations done at the VA are not.  Where do you find the instructions to the Rating Officer ordering the examination and the reason the examiners state they are not allowed to deviate from the specific ordered examination?

The links are to VBAW?  Will not produce?  The link to your document worked fine but there is no trail to see where it downloaded from?

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Not in the usual VA flourish publication.  But I recognize Marjorie Auer in the acknowledgements as the BVA Judge who rendered my May 11, 2017 BVA decision.

The 2002 version download in Word.  Doesn't appear to be as complete as the 2018 version.  This may be a work still in progress while we are not seeing what is actually going on with direct instructions and guidelines to the practitioners who are actually doing C&P examinations today.

And then it could be just look nice stuff to placate upset veterans.

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Lemuel, I'm not an expert on C&P exams, but I've been slogging through the M21-1, which addresses the exams in Part III, Subpart iv, Chapter 3. Section A of this chapter mentions several tools for inputting examination requests. I'm sure they are internal tools that are only accessible by the RO and the examiner. You can find this section here: https://www.knowva.ebenefits.va.gov/system/templates/selfservice/va_ssnew/help/customer/locale/en-US/portal/554400000001018/content/554400000015809/M21-1,-Part-III,-Subpart-iv,-Chapter-3,-Section-A---Examination-Requests-Overview.

As I said, I got this version of the Clinician's Guide from my claims agent; all I know is she got it from the VA, I don't know anything about VBAW.

If you can't get the VA-appointed examiner to examine you properly and report it properly, then your only recourse is to get an independent medical examination and opinion. Unfortunately, they are not cheap, and it can be hard to find someone willing to do them. Beware of the ones who say they can do them by video; the VA does not accept these from private providers (even though they accept so-called telehealth exams from VA providers and contractors).

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I am not either.  But you have provided a step in the right direction.  ERRA doesn't get me to the point I want.  I want to know why 38 CFR 4.42 on injury examinations are not compliant as example in my wrist injury.  The VA avoided compensating me at 20% on the ankylosis of my thumb metacarpal to the wrist carpal bones by not including it in the exam and the physicians refusing to do the measurements on the thumb because it was not listed in the exam as though only fingers articulate with the wrist.  

Noise trauma is an injury to the hearing ability.  How many veterans know that if their tinnitus is not severe enough to drive them crazy that they have to note it separately as part of their hearing difficulty.  That using the words "hearing difficulty" or "hearing loss" is not enough.  They have to expand to say because of ringing in the ears.  It is not enough to do it on the first exam.  They have to know they have to come out of the exam and put in a claim for it separately from hearing loss or hearing difficulty.

How many multi-trauma victims don't get their full benefits because an RO limits the exam to narrow specifics not consistent with the below 38 CFR 4.42?  It is a subject of my unadjudicated 11/26/1994 Substantive Appeal in a next of friend filing for all affected.  As a HM1 in the Navy, I felt it was the least I could do.  Problem was that I had untreated temporal lobe epilepsy during those fighting years to that point and was unable to articulate my points all of the time or keep the VA straight.  Since 2015 I've been treated with Keppra for my TLE.  I'm back on track with most of my residual 126 Verbal IQ.  

38 CFR 4.42

"§4.42 Complete medical examination of injury cases.
The importance of complete medical examination of injury cases at the time of first medical examination by the Department of Veterans Affairs cannot be overemphasized. When possible, this should include complete neurological and psychiatric  examination, and other special examinations indicated by the physical condition, in addition to the required general and orthopedic or surgical examinations. When complete examinations are not conducted covering all systems of the body affected by disease or injury, it is impossible to visualize the nature and extent of the service connected disability. Incomplete
examination is a common cause of incorrect diagnosis, especially in the neurological and psychiatric fields, and frequently leaves the Department of Veterans Affairs in doubt as to the presence or absence of disabling conditions at the time of the examination."

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    • By scottishere99
      My question is I finally  received my Military Medical record from the VA after 17months,  upon review I found the documentation of my problem with my hand joints swollen and painful.  I have been seeing a Rheumatologist since 2009 when i got out after 20yrs of service.  so my question is how should I submit the missing information i.e. DD FORM 2807-1  BLOCK 12 H, Swollen or Painful Joints and Block 29 12H 6 months now painful and swollen hands and finger joints, Block 30  12h, hand swelling in the AM, minimally controlled on Naproxen.   This was documented January 7th 2009  during the time i was having my C&P Exams.  Also when I submit this information to the VA would this be something I would be entitled to back pay?  My Rheumatologist has told me she would write me a letter stating that this is more then likely the start of my problems with my hands.  Also the sailors I work with will write buddy letters on how my hand will be swollen all the time along with my wife letter stating the pain that my hands cause me and limit my activities in working in the yard and on my house.  

    • By deedub75
      Why does the VA continue to make it more difficult for us to view our C&P exams? First, they took away our access to exams done by contractors and now they delay our access to exams done at VAMCs.  
      In the not too distant past, I was able to walk into the VAMC records department, fill out a form and instantly get copies of contractor performed exams. Now the VAMC no longer gets copies of those exams. They said they used to get a courtesy copy of the exams but they no longer get them.  I say B.S.  
      I had an exam done at the VAMC on September 11, 2020. I've been checking my VAMC medical records online every day waiting for a copy of the exam to show up there. A note is in there now saying that they won't put the exam in the records until after 30 days has passed. Why do something like that? I don't think it's always been that way. Maybe I can go to the VAMC records office and request a copy but who knows? 
      It seems like VBA is making it difficult for us to view our exams before they are used to rate our claims.  Don't forget that they also took away the 48 hour hold that the VSOs used to have to review our claims before they were finalized.  
    • By ADAMS
      I have a C&P exam coming up for my knees, While I was in service I served aboard 2 different ships, I hear that Ship board ladders are bad on your knees, I didn't start having a problem with my knees until we had our PRT test, during this time I was on recruiting duty, while I was running i slipped into a hole and fell, It was documented and I went to my private physician, he documented that there was swelling and the xray results showed Ostephytes on my left knee, it was sore for weeks, from there I feel like i over compensated for my right knee, I had knee replacement on my right knee last year, 9 years after I retired. I was diagnosed 6 years later after retiring that I had moderate to severe osteoarthritis in both knees. Any one experienced claims for this disease. just wondering and am nervous about my C&P exam that the examiner wont see it my way. Thanks
    • By Logarius
      Hi, I am curious and thought I would ask here. I was trying to find out what my effective date is. I reached out to the DAV to find out if they would be going back to 2011 since my initial C&P exam. Here below was there response:
      10/20/11, you filed a claim
      1/17/12, the VA said you failed to report to exams (FTR)
      4/2/12, the VA deferred decisions on your back and GERD
      3/11/13, the VA denied the claims because they said you failed to report to exams in 2012
      12/31/13, you filed for your back and GERD again
      11/27/15, the VA denied the claim
      7/14/17 you re-filed and attended exams, that is the date of service connection.  If you wouldn’t have had over a year in between these then they could’ve gone back, but as you can see by the screen shot included, there was no activity between 2015 and 2017.
      Does this make sense the fact that I missed just single one year in 2016 of continuous reapplying that I can't go back to 2011?? I've tried to look all over the place to find something in the VA to support this but haven't found anything.
    • By Jash
      I’ve done the VA claim-bit on my own. I don’t  know if this is a mistake or not. 
      I went to a c&p exam recently. I left somewhat confused. I never had a doctor tell me directly that she was recommending an increase as well as IU. She said though it was ultimately up to the rater. I don’t have her report because 30 days has not passed. I was at 50% for ptsd and 10% hearing loss. During the appointment the c&p doctor quoted a couple other reports where VA doctors I’ve seen at various clinics said that I had “long term, chronic and severe...” (Don’t want to get into the what). I find myself now obsessing if: 
      1. The c&p dr was lying to about her recommendations; 
      2. The c&p dr was telling the truth about the recommendations;
      3. The rater will decrease my %
      4. The rater will increase my%
      Ultimately it boils down to: How much weight does the rater put into the C&P dr recommendations? Could I really get IU if that dr did actually recommend it? what are the chances?  The IU could help a lot, I’ve not been able to work much the past few years. 
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    • Post in New BVA Grants
      While the BVA has some discretion here, often they "chop up claims".  For example, BVA will order SERVICE CONNECTION, and leave it up to the VARO the disability percent and effective date.  

      I hate that its that way.  The board should "render a decision", to include service connection, disability percentage AND effective date, so we dont have to appeal "each" of those issues over then next 15 years on a hamster wheel.  
    • Finally heard back that I received my 100% Overall rating and a 100% PTSD rating Following my long appeal process!

      My question is this, given the fact that my appeal was on the advanced docket and is an “Expedited” appeal, what happens now and how long(ish) is the process from here on out with retro and so forth? I’ve read a million things but nothing with an expedited appeal status.

      Anyone deal with this situation before? My jump is from 50 to 100 over the course of 2 years if that helps some. I only am asking because as happy as I am, I would be much happier to pay some of these bills off!
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    • I told reviewer that I had a bad C&P, and that all I wanted was a fair shake, and she even said, that was what she was all ready viewed for herself. The first C&P don't even  reflect my Treatment in the VA PTSD clinic. In my new C&P I was only asked about symptoms, seeing shit, rituals, nightmares, paying bills and about childhood, but didn't ask about details of it. Just about twenty question, and  nothing about stressor,
    • This is the latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide dated 20180719. The only other one I've seen is dated 2002, including the one on this website and the VA website. I got this from my claims agent, who got it from the VA.

      VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide 2 Final Corrected 20180719.pdf
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    • I don’t say thank you enough to all of you...
      You, yes you, are the reason HadIt.com has remained a resource-rich resource. Thousands come each month to read, ask questions, or to feel a sense of community.

      Last month June 2020, we over 50k visitors they viewed over 160k pages. Veterans and their advocates, spouses, children, and friends of veterans come looking for answers. Because we have posts dating back 15 years and articles on the home page, they usually can find an answer or at least get pointed in the right direction.

      You all made that possible. Thank you.
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