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Short note: It looks like I won, was told it is %100 P&T with special compensation added.


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I hoped for the 100% P & T of the pancreatitis! You got that plus the SMC but this is a Section 1151 award-the ancillary benefits are very limited.

what I really hope for Steve, is that the TDIU for SC brings a 100% status AND P & T so that Chapter 35 and CHAMPVA will kick in for your dependents.

Your vet rep was not wrong on what he said- I just hope he knows the difference between 100% P & T under 1151 and direct 100% P & T SC awards, as to how limited 1151 benefits are, as to other SC benefits.

Whati mean is, the VA can buggerup at under 1151, and give them a 100% P & T rating and even SMC ( as in my husband;s posthunmous case, but I received Chap 35 and CHAMPVA under a different theory - because they had awarded 100% SC P & T solely for his PTSD.

When I again filed a claim for direct SC death due to undiagnosed and untreated DMII (I never raised the malpractice issue in that claim)then Everything changed.

Then when I succeeded in AO IHD death as well, the VA asked me to pick a new DEA limiting date-

And if they ever do my current AO HBP claim, properly that too would garner a new DEA EED and entitlement date.

I was awarded the full gamit of survivors benefits, at that time, plus the DEA retro payment, REPS,which many vet reps do not have a clue on,  and a full refund of my FTCA offset. ( that was an unusual situation- most FTCAers dont get any offset refund. I might be first claimant who ever did but that is because I negotiated myself with OGC and had no middleman ( lawyer).

We have many guests who read the TFCA and 1151 forums here.I do not want them to misunderstand the posts I have made in those forums.

I still advise, however, getting lawyers for FTCA cases.

And a very strong IMO/IME.






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I am starting to work on the benefits and when I send forms to people, they say they need one that says I have P&T. Then I go to the va account pages, ebenefits and vahealth websites with my account, they are all buggered and say they are in the process of completing my claims files, and not finished with ratings. I could swear I saw they had finished then I see that they are not finished. Plus, with the virus, they closed everything and non of the va employees have access to the va computers and are working from home. The whole thing is a huge mess! I guess I have to wait for another envelope from the va,, an award letter? I guess the ratings letter is just not finished. I guess They are confusing me. I wish they could just send us a letter telling us they are finished, not finished, or if I am to expect another letter.

I guess everyone that has VA benefits and is in the middle or end of something is being screwed around while the va blames the virus for them not being forthright with information. What a mess. I thought I was fished and could rest. I was trying to get the benefits letter and forms to my daughter and wife so they can get their business done. Now, I am stuck until This is cleared up.

And everyone who comes to these forums is probably have to deal with the va offices closing and info not complete. veterans can only call their offices, and leave messages and business is left unfinished, until they decide they can work again.

I was hoping I could figure it out and print the form that shows P&T, but apparently it is not completed yet, not updated by the va, as they are not working in their offices because of the virus. Maybe we will have the vaccines ready soon and then they can go back to work.

Is there another letter coming, a new awards letter coming? Another rating letter with updates? Is it just me, or does this happen more often? Is 100% good enough for the benefits? or do they have to say P&T? I am going to stop pestering everyone and wait. I guess I expected it to be all finished when they sent me the latest rating letter. I guess I was wrong, and started trying to work on the benefits before they had really finished.

Me so confused.

Oh well, I hope all of your get some quality time away from all the va stuff and  do what you want for Thanksgiving. I just want and need peace and quiet. My daughter is coming up to see us on Xmas. So, just going to be quiet here.

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55 minutes ago, retiredat44 said:

Me so confused.

I just got TDIU P&T at the beginning of November. I got the deposit and looked on eBenefits. In the letters section I could print off the various letters. If you have already gotten a deposit for your P&T I would think you should be able to go to eBenefits and print off the letter. I just took mine this week to the tax office for my house.    

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23 hours ago, kanewnut said:

I just got TDIU P&T at the beginning of November. I got the deposit and looked on eBenefits. In the letters section I could print off the various letters. If you have already gotten a deposit for your P&T I would think you should be able to go to eBenefits and print off the letter. I just took mine this week to the tax office for my house.    

I can print letters, no problem, but they do not say p&t...... I am trying to figure out where they say it, or if they say no further exams... etc.... but like I said, they are still not closed,,, someone is still working on things and so things are still open.  I don't understand what those things are.... back fill? that is one of them there are a few more...

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