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Vaccine info-Covid


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The local VAMC here told a friend of mine ( USN Retiree 32 years) that because he is only 72, they could not give him the vaccine-????

He is not SC but I hope they give another SC friend of mine the vaccine at his upcoming appointment there.He is USAF retired and I think about 68 years old.

Our Governor lowered the age to 65 the same day after he said 75 or older.I guess the VAMC didnt know that.?????

Our local main grocery store (TOPs Markets )is handling their second dosages for those who signed up on line months ago-(local in NY means within 30 miles)

but the sign up sheet on line gets full FAST- you have to access the TOPs site and click on the COVID info and, as it said today- no sign up appointments can be taken yet.Many I know, and me,  try the site a few times a day or more, because the sign up closes fast.

However, you can print off the 2 page consent form and fill it out at home, and that will save time when you do get an appointment.

Your county web site should have other Covid Vaccine places to go to, as well ,but they all seem to have a sign up requirement for appointments where I live.

They ask that you bring your insurance cards, a photo id ( license)  a list of any allergies (that you can put on the Consent form, to the appointment.

I know the local VAMC has vaccinated staff and inpatients but I have no idea if any out patient will definitely get the vaccine at their next appointment.

Also your county will have an area that shows recent cases and where the tracking info shows those people went-before they got the Covid diagnosis.

It seems that many  cases around here were tracked to bars and restaurants, but many,if not most to assisted living center and nursing homes.

My church had to go completely Virtual and only had one service Sunday, (our pastor was exposed to COVID) via UTube, Facebook and our other meetings are on ZOOM.

People I know are getting so tired of the virus situation and many are depressed.

But we all have to stay as safe as we can, and limit where we go-The local Amercian Legion had a fund raising dinner and many got exposed to it there.

And it is a good time to check in with your neighbors and friends by phone or email- because talking about it while we wait for our vaccines does help a lot.

Spring is coming as well-and some of the schools are opening again-nationwide -

around here the schools stayed open and went hybrid- in  person some days and virtual the other days of the week.

I do think we will need masks and social distancing here in NY for many more months. But I also think the virus is loosing its edge- because so many Americans have followed the CDC guidelines.










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Gee, I am gad I googled the local VAMC:

We are affiliated with Canadaigua VAMC now


This is their statement:

"COVID-19 Vaccines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized two COVID-19 vaccines. VA will have a limited amount of vaccines to start. We've worked with the CDC and other federal partners to develop a phased plan. Our goal is to do the most good for the most people during this time.

Currently, VA is offering COVID-19 vaccine to Veterans already receiving care from the VA, based on CDC and VA risk criteria. If you're eligible to get a vaccine, your VA health care team will contact you.

Veterans who are not enrolled or do not currently receive care at VA can visit VA's Eligibility web page to learn more: Eligibility For VA Health Care | Veterans Affairs

Please do not call VA, providers or appointment schedulers to schedule a COVID 19 vaccine shot.  VA Finger Lakes Healthcare System has identified Veterans receiving VA health care, according to CDC and VA guidelines, and is contacting them by phone, text message or Secure Message through MyHealtheVet to schedule an appointment to get vaccinated.  Phone calls, text messages and secure messages will be ongoing over the next several months as VA Finger Lakes contacts Veterans according to the guidelines and adjusts appointments based on the amount of vaccine on hand. Our goal is to vaccinate all Veterans receiving care from us."

My retiree USN friend only got care there as an employee- He has NO SCs and retired from VA some years ago-so maybe this is why he could not get the Covid Vaccine there.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

When I went to my VAMC (Dallas Tx) VA North Tx Health Care Center.

 When I got to the Hospital they have sighs up and arrows to follow to the spinal cord Clinic. you call them and let them know your here   you wait in the parking lot  until you get a Text Message and they text you to come on in the clinic and get in line to get your injection package  and small record card , I did this  got in line and waiting my turn for the corvid injection,   this was Feb 1 st  I do the same thing Feb 22nd. for the other injection.

I got to see my PCP on the 17th I am not sure how they are going to do that   last time I had to wait in the parking lot and wait for a text  to come on inside the hospital  proceed to the clinic.

Now when we have to have Labs  you just go straight to the lab have your blood drawn  and go on home    I do this about 4 days prior to my appointment date with the PCP.

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I called anyways, told I am on the is interested list and will call back when I can go. I don’t being 100% due to sTBI residuals is going to be considered as a high risk but least they know it’s a yes when it’s my turn..

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That seems to be the be the protocol right now.

Call local VA hospital, get placed on a list, and receive a call when your demographic group is eligible for a vaccine.

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VA Press Release Feb. 11, 2021

"VA receives additional 200,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to administer to Veterans, employees

WASHINGTON — Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care facilities are receiving a one-time supplemental allocation of 200,000 Moderna COVID-19 vaccine doses this week from the Department of Health and Human Services. 

This distribution is in addition to VA’s normally scheduled delivery of approximately 125,000 doses of both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines each week. 

“In accordance to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s phased allocation considerations, VA has worked diligently to offer and administer the COVID-19 vaccine as quickly as possible to Veterans who receive care at VA,” said Acting VA Under Secretary for Health, Richard Stone, M.D. “The additional doses will help us to continue reaching our Veterans at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 during this period of limited supply.” 

VA facilities already receiving the Moderna vaccine, as well as several new sites, will get additional doses this week from the supplemental allocation. VA is currently providing vaccines at more than 215 sites nationally and is reaching out to Veterans who are currently eligible for vaccination. 

As of Feb. 10, VA has administered at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine collectively to 1,047,187 Veterans, employees and federal partners. VA’s goal is to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to all Veterans who are enrolled and eligible to receive VA health care. Veterans who are not enrolled can learn about eligibility, and those who qualify, may apply for enrollment

Learn more about VA COVID-19 vaccines or contact your care team. "

VA receives additional 200,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to administer to Veterans, employees

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I sent a message to one of the patient advocates at my local Indianapolis VAMC and this is the message I got on Feb. 8:

Good Afternoon, 
This was the answer I received from the head of our COVID vaccine operation: 

"Only Veterans in the following cohorts are able to schedule to get their vaccine at this time: 
• 65 yrs old or greater 
• Dialysis patients 
• Transplant patients 
• Those patients receiving chemo 
• Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patients 
• Homeless patients 

Once a Veteran is eligible (regardless of whether they have Primary Care or not), they will receive an automated phone call letting them know they are eligible and will tell them what number to call to schedule. If they miss that call, they will also receive a postcard to let them know." 

It seems they have changed the definition of what an underlying health condition is. Fortunately, I am not in any of the above categories. So I have no idea when I will be able to get vaccinated. Indiana is about to move to age 60 and older and still NO underlying health conditions allowed. They are saying the underlying health conditions won't be allowed until after they are done with the 50 and up group. I'm about to turn 46 next month buy I'm immunocompromised because I take high doses of steroids for Addison's disease. I'm also obese so I have 2 strikes against me. Obesity seems to go hand in hand with with pan-hypopituitarism.  

I also texted with an old coworker who still works at VBA. They are allowing them to get the vaccine. They are all working from home and don't step foot into a hospital. Just thought it was weird that he'd be able to get it before me. 

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