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FTCA overview info correction




I saw something odd here this AM.

I saw a guest was reading the FTCA forum. That isn't odd. We get hundreds of guests here everyday and sometimes I like to see what they are reading-

I have asked a few vets and widows over the years , to read our info there,regarding FTCA  and to join the site.

Part of the info in the above link is my personal experience with FTCA, but when I read it- it did not seem to be what I would have written in that link- which Carlie had written and posted and then I noticed in 2015 that TBird had edited the linked topic.

I dont know what happened to my actual Overview of the FTCA-

I need to go over this information carefully because some of the info in the link is not exactly what an FTCA overview should state-

The FTCA situation I had ,which is also here in other threads, seemed to be described as Carlie's situation in the link .Carlie never had a FTCA case as far as I know.

I will change this thread with a reply- as it is not a good assessment at all, of FTCA issues. I am glad I caught it.

The actual post was closed for comments.

I lived through FTCA , my husband's death was due to the VA, and my FTCA info here is solid.

It was very upsetting to me to see that the post was edited twice, and definitely used some direct quotes  of probably an older post I made, but that it appeared to be info from Carlie's non FTCA experience.

It will be fixed. I have a Bill that unanimously passed the Senate and is in committee now- and when the House passes it, it will save LIVES.

It grew out of MY own FTCA experience.     I see many here over the years  who read FTCA and 1151 threads.I have helped them if they have joined this site.






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When I re do the Overview info, I want a Mod to delete Carlie's post in the link above as it is not accurate information and since that topic was closed I cannot correct it there.

Some of it came from a prior post I made,a to my own experience with FTCA , but the rest of it is not accurate at all.

I wont have the time for anything else here until I correct it.

Also I still see once in a while, that someone posts info from VA case law, regulations, etc etc band eve from vet lawyer sites, without putting the link to the source.

That is called plagiarism. It is probably just that they forgot to give us the source but plagiarism is serious. We had a new member here years ago who posted info from the VA Watchdog site, from Jim Strickland- like it was his own brilliant advice, without crediting Jim.

It took me mere seconds to find the same info at Jim's site and contact Jim.And to give here, the proper credit for the info.

The newbee never came back, because he could not fool us into thinking he knew a lot more about VA then he did know.


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typos angry (see edit history)
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  • HadIt.com Elder

Ms Berta you will need to address this to Ms Tbird  were not given permission to delete post from senior  late fallen hadit members.

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Tbird had edited that post- if so, why was it not corrected when she edited it?

Maybe she didn't even read what she edited?

Yes, I feel very bad that Carlie is gone, but my USMC Vietnam Combat vet ,is gone TOO ,due to VA Health Care itself . and also AO disabilities.(part of the malpractice) and as his surviving spouse, I had to speak for the dead, when the VA put me through so much bull crap- you would not believe 

their denials, SOCs, SSOCs, letters. etc etc of BS and lies,  will be in my book- Death  by VA.


I might be better off just working on that book, then being here.

I am not angry, but I was this AM , when I read it-because it reads as if Rod Simmons was her husband. And this was her FTCA experience.

I have quite a lot on me this summer here-work is being done on my house and farm, and our church has been able to start more clubs up again, etc etc, prayer groups, etc.

I need to prioritize my time.




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added more. (see edit history)
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To add, before I waste more time on this, I will correct the information and post it in the FTCA forum  as an  accurate Overview of the FTCA.

And then I will do something I have not done in over 2 decades, I will  take a break from hadit.

I will probably be back here maybe by  July.........

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Ms Berta quoted

''their denials, SOCs, SSOCs, letters. etc etc of BS and lies,  will be in my book- Death  by VA.''

That is good Ms Berta About your Book Death by VA''  but is this not what all veterans have to go through processing their claims?

I am so sorry you had to endure all of this during the processing of your late USMC Husband FTCA Claim.


You accomplished some wonderful accomplishments, and it will certainly go down in history to help other widows that have to endure this process 


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Buck, a few hours before he suddenly died, he asked me to-

"if the VA Kills me, go after them, and if they do, please continue to help  my brothers and sisters, who are veterans."He made me promise this and had asked me to promise that many times in the 2 years after he had the 1151 FTCA stroke.


I bumped this up with the info on FTCA.

Much of a past post I had made on this was used in Carlie's post- but it needed to be clarified,

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