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TBI claim



I recently received my TBI claim status, the va told me it want service connected. I’m told by my psych she believed it was a TBI when I was in service. I think it because I was in a joint base.


I am requesting all my med records, from the va where they confirmed and my mental health clinics.


Are TBI still impossible to get? Should I try to find a specialist , and get a nexus letter.?

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Yes.  Read your medical records to see if your doc said your TBI injury was at least as likely as not due to trauma in the military service.  

If not, you will likely need another medical opinion, such as an IMO/IME.  

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I think it depends on what  you claim that was caused by or related to your TBI, There are a lot of different effects the TBI can cause years later on down the road that may not be present today, they can do a brain wave test and see the matter separated inside your brain  I am unsure what that test is called,?? but if you have any systoms that maybe related to a TBI  check with your Dr, PTSD /DEPRESSION is some DISABLEING CONDITIONS we have a RATED 100%PLUS  TBI Veteran here on Hadit  that  maybe able to help you, he gets the SMC (SPECAIL MONTHLY COMPENSATION) I AM NOT SURE WHAT ALL HE IS RATED FOR  but he has been put on the list that the TBI can cause later on (jeifri) I think is is hadit screen name  he is young and has a youg child  age about 1 or 2 now.

GO see theVA MH clinic  CHECK WITH A  VA LICENSED CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER they can help you  and ask to see a Therapist  they are some social workers that are trained certified therapist .


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My TBI story.

I encountered a veteran whom was in the Navy stationed in California.

He was involved in a physical altercation aboard the ship with another seaman.

The results was a pretty bad head injury which came with a nasty 7 inch scar.

He spent 4 months in the hospital and awarded 100% due to TBI.

This was early 1999 to 2000.

I often wonder what happened to him and how the residuals of the injury affect him currently.


NEVE GIVE UP.........


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TBI is actually pretty straight forward.  You need an in service incident that caused unconscious or significant enough to be sent to medical and have a write up.  That is in VA terms a TBI.  The hard part is having the VA recognize it.  It's more difficult if you have PTSD since they have a lot of overlapping symptoms.  Don't give up if you have a TBI in you service record.

It took a sharp Neuropsychologist (performing Neurofeedback) to get to the root of some of my mental deficiencies.  He said I had a TBI along with my PTSD due to a training accident in service that caused me to get knocked the F out.  VA brushed it off when I brought it up.  I had to get an outside IME from a forensic MD.  I then took that report to a Psychologist for further write up (DBQ & Nexus).  Only this got the claims ball rolling with the VA.  I then got around 5 C&P's for TBI and PTSD.  Once my TBI claim was established, it took them a long time to separate PTSD symptoms from TBI.  When all was settled I got 100% PTSD and 70% TBI.  They combined the two for 100% PTSD with TBI.  They will separate some symptoms of TBI if they are present; headaches, vertigo, incontinences, etc.  I got 10% for headaches.

This got me to 100% P&T with SMC-S.  It's not an easy route, and you will get the MOCA test (https://www.mocatest.org/the-moca-test/) when you go for your TBI C&P.  I did poorly in this test in several categories.

FYI - I had one psychologist state I was an unreliable reporter (a liar in other words).  This set me back with the VA wanting to give her report credibility over 7 different Dr's medical opinions.  In the end, some head Psychologist (after reading all the C&P's) deemed her the unreliable reporter and not making any sense (found all this info in my C-File).  Hopefully you don't get one of these C&P examiners.

Good luck and hit me up if you have any questions.  I've been there done that.

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