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Update on Buck's wife



  • HadIt.com Elder

from Buck:

"She has Double Pneaumonia  and her lungs are both filled  as they hope the antionbiotics /durritics start to work she been under the ventilator noe 3 days.  with no sign of improvement  so prayers are certainly welcome.

I can go up there and see her but she is sleep and unresponsevive  its sad to see her this way, she was tested 3 times for covid and was all negitive..Thank God,

Dr's say she should start showing improvment soon if not they are going to try some other type of antibiotics,,,,we'll see

she was scheduled fore her gallbaldder today 9/16/21   but thats all canceled   they did remove her drain bag and tubes  MRI shows no infection in her gallbladder  and its of normal size and the Dr said she can have that surgery at a later date  right now they care concerend about the pneaumonia."

It is good news that the gallblader infection i gone.But this is a very serious situation.

They need many prayers and her doctors should be prayed for too. A friend of mine (Veteran)was in critical condition the last 2 weeks with pneumonia but the doctors are trying a different antibiotic on him, and the news yesterday was that he was imroving a lot.

I get the pneumonia shot every year but I understand it does not prevent some types of pneumonia. Still it is protection from some of it- and I ALWAYS get the Flu shot-(but I did get the 4th Quadrant of flu a year ago- that the flu shot did not protect us from.

I have a few friends who refuse the COVID Vaccine. Covid is still in this area of NY. They stay at home most of the time. 



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  • HadIt.com Elder

Update from Buck this AM:

"Hello Ms Berta

 Well they have  the pneumonia down, but it has caused a more bigger problem, the pneumonia has damage her lungs  both lungs,  and she now has what is called ADRS, ITS A ACUTE LUNG DISEASE. that  there is no cure for.

The treatment is very hard  it takes a long time  for the lungs to heal, they have her on a ventilator heavily sedated for the last 12 days, it may take up months for her lungs to recover before she can breath on her own. If her lungs heal?  Dr said they are pretty bad and may take months   if her body can hold out that long???

she has both lungs damage pretty bad and will need lot of recovery time and that means she has to be sedated and on the ventilator (its awful to see)   the bad part is while they wait for her lungs to heal themselves   there other dangers of other organs in her body that could shut down,  heart, liver, kidneys,   so we sure need your prayers  .

So for all her vitals and organs are working  ok at this time...they need to keep working for the next 30 days or so.

Were doing all we can to save her life  its so sad to go up to the IUC room at the Hospital  and see her sedated. Its awful,   she is in the stage where they turn on on her stomach PRONE POSTION  IT'S  CALLED (PRONING)  and keep her that way for 15 hours then turn her on her back for 8 hours  they do this for 5 days , she is on her 3rd day..if that don't show her lungs are improving  they  may do a traconerty  and put the ventilator tube in the front part of her neck/throat  to give more time for the lungs to heal..if they don't heal  were in a lot of trouble and pray Jesus will intervene and heal her...I been praying for that everyday and night.

I have not talk with her now in 12 days  she is sedated 24x7  they feed her via IV's and  keep her sedated until her lungs heal them selfs.

  Were on our 48th year of continue happy marriage.

Here is link of what she has been diagnosed for after fighting off the pneumonia...


please keep her in your prayers/if you have time  you can copy past this update on Hadit and ask for prayers  FOR HER (Brenda Gail) at this time    We sure need them.


Thank you Ms Berta, we send our love to everyone!!!

God Bless


(Buck can be PMed for any words of encouragement from our members.I certainly know what this is like ,when a loved one is hospitalized, and I am amazed at his strength, and Brenda's too.)



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Berta please pass along to Buck that we are all pulling for her and those of us that do have been praying for her. I hope Buck has a support system for himself also, That is a very lonely road he is traveling and to have someone looking in on him helps a great deal.

And thank you Berta for being the Point  for us on Hadit on this; it minimizes what he has to deal with from well-meaning folks inquiries.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

GBA, he does belong to a church and they too are praying for him-and his adult children check on him and their sother's status ,as well- but you are so poignantly correct in what you said-

"it can be a lonely road he is on," and I was on that road twice, with my 2 dead veteran husbands, and I got lots of "well meaning inquirys" but only God's grace got me through it all.


I realized too that he does not need  PMs from members ,because he is so overwhelmed as it is.

Thanks for your insight into this GBArmy. I appreciate all you do here, in so many ways ,for our Nation's veterans.


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