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100% p&t exam

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Starting a new thread to avoid confusion.  I was awarded 100% p&t on 12/1/2020, effective 7/7/2020 (date of last c&p).  However, in the decision letter it says they are scheduling exams to evaluate my current severity.   What is the point if I’m already 100% p&t. Are they just looking to take away what they just gave me?

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Well to me it seem to be a problem.

What does a letter have to do with getting a exam for a condition that was just granted.

And he ain't even get the award letter yet

Make no sense.

Now there is a thread going where ppl are give advice on get a comp exam cancel.

If it were me I am call the 1800 and ask for a supviser and have them put something in the system about it.

I am uploading something in the record about it.

I am sending something to everbody.

Then I would go to exam if it not cancel.

But I would have something in my record stating I feel this is no a legal exam.

I am not from the school of just waiting and  see what happen.



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The official letter explains what the VA is looking for, some C & P exams will state that the veteran has to appear and some state that the VA is looking for more details and the veteran does not have to appear. The exams are to determine if the veteran would get an EED (EARLIER EFFECTIVE DATE). There is no problem until an actual decision is made. For a decision to be made, it has to be in writing. Calling the VA at this particular time would not do anything. 

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