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R1 WIN for Multiple Sclerosis

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Here's a great win for a gal who's fought for 8 years to get her R1. I am honored to have been the one she chose who finally got her over the top. What's an absolute hoot is that she sought me out precisely because I was NOT an attorney. Even more strange, she is... or was, until the disease consumed her both physically and mentally. How wonderful it is that this blessing arrived on the cusp of Christmas. I reckon if you believe in God, this is pretty strong mojo to prove it.


Merry Christmas to you all and may the VA bless you with a favorable decision soon.


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Great win.

And it give me hope it really is about if you get the right judge who understand smc.

It give me hope that  I might have a chance.

A veteran can have two smc l awards for a@a. Long as it two different body parts.

Example physical and mental.

I just got my ssoc and I am denied smc r again because all my disabled make up the smc l award. Smh

Well waiting on it to be return to judge.

Finger cross lol.

Once again great win







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How 'bout them apples. The VA wunderkind at the Seattle DROC (RQRS) did a quality control check and spotted the 2014 error denying her R 1. I guess we don't even have to worry about the second BVA CUE determination now. Nice. A R1 grant back to 2014-87 months of R1. It's like winning Powerball- but tax free.

 But wait... Another one popped up in VBMS while I was typing this. Too cool for school. Never had that happen. 

I am truly blessed to be allowed to do this for Veterans.

redactR1 RD 1.4.2022.pdf redact R1 RD No. 2 1.4.2022.pdf

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Asknod I believe you are the one who won smc r based on two a@a smc l award. I can't  seem to find it tho.


This is the perfect example of how to fight with the law.

And calling them on it.

The va are good for using the phrase all your disability were included in your award of tdiu.

All your condition were included in the award of a@a smc l.

This is not legal each condition that is a different body part must be addressed.

Mental health and physical.

This how you get your two smc l awards and get the smc o.


This is my fight also and they are doing everything in there power to not address it.

Court remand smc o and r January 2021.

I got a ssoc may they turn around  an attach it to a remand for loss of use.

They been holding it after the ssoc may.

I did a petition and had to withdraw the remand for loss of use.

And then I got another ssoc Nov and it's now waiting to be send to a judge for. A decision

Crazy part my case is advance for my need of in home care.

I am just waiting on the denial.

I will be back at the court again to get it address.

But now I got a road map

And the fight continues

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