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Sucess is Subjective, I think I won, and I am done. Late Entry: this was awarded 2016

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Respectfully submit a “Success Story” (prior HADIT account, I am “L” posting in MST/PTSD forum) If you qualify it in terms of getting TDIU. I utilized the forum to keep me informed of updates and criteria- Thanks Y'all!

My MST is still haunting me in the form of the inmates’ threats if released.

I was first underrated – 2010 / 50% even though I had all the Crime Scene reports and photos, police reports and documentation and VA diagnosis. I missed 13 yrs. of payments since I was discharged out without a service rating, retirement mailed to house – no out processing.

I applied to work at the VA and that is when I went through orientation, I discovered help and my eligibility. (God’s timing is not always Man’s timing)

I have missed a “good /proper effective date” due to MY errors of doing my own rating work-

SSDI awarded on FIRST request 2013, based on PTSD and work history 43 years.  But VA paid from claim file date –not disability date of SSDI- I saw the error months later too mentally fatigue to refile ($30,000) plus the last 13 years it took for me to file.      (Not eligible since I missed that deadline from d/c date).

I redid my claim by reading the CFR and matching it against criteria for rating and paid for an IMO just in case.

The DRO process worked for me. Since I laid out the info in a manner to show, how could I have known what impact the Trauma had on me at the time until I therapeutically processed it?

I did get the TDIU 100% P&T – and a rater called me personally stating from HOUSTON RO after a requested DRO. “I have not seen an MST claim so thoroughly documented or so brutal” – “I just had to call you after reading all your evidence and seeing the photos”.

I stood toe to toe with the inmate at the prison right after this video was posted-see link below.

He was not allowed to look at me or talk to me. The CA Parole Board for this hearing were very welcoming, unexpected in these times.

I want to encourage anyone facing similar situations to show up, if physically and emotionally able: It was cathartic and empowering! (Victim Services can pay for your airfare and lodging- meals)

 I will never NOT show up at a Parole hearing the next one is at San Quentin- 2024 He has been incarcerated for his violent murder since 1978 just months after my assault.

My drug of choice was “avoidance”, so I worked myself to a disability /43years.

Retired Navy 1975-1997 + 100% DV (Concurrent pay) 

Retired Occupational Therapy 1995-2013

Degree:  B.S. Criminology 2016

                 A.A.S Occupational Therapy Assistant

                 A.S. Criminal Justice





VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT:  Surviving Victim 1977

“What does justice look like to you”?

Today, you are deciding MY fate as much as this Murder’s fate, based upon his desire to seek revenge on me for his criminal behavior, leading to his Dishonorable Discharge from the Navy, stripping him of his Veteran status, and benefits forever.

I remember what it felt like to be me, before the trauma inflicted on me physically and mentally by this inmate, this traumatic event was at age 19, I am now 64!

Just think about the daily reminders, I have of a blitz attack upon opening my door in the barracks, being strangled with his hands, screaming for help and biting my tongue almost in half in the process, the white foam from my lungs spilling over the edge of my lips, as I lay dying face down on the floor, he rubs my face in the carpet and it burns my skin embedding the blood into my cheeks.  Blood vessels in my eyes burst from the trauma. I had 19 short years to live, was my last thought.

 My survival was only because he strangled me into unconsciousness and believe me to be dead.

I cannot remember a time since that day, I have truly been happy, or felt genuine joy.

This one event has “numbed” out my entire life.

This “Inmate,” who as we can recall from the May 2019 when asked if he would like to apologize to me, by Commissioner David Long, Taylor stated, “NO”.  I was able to read an exert from his past parole hearing, where he stated,” He would kill me to this day” if released.


If words matter with this inmate, these words matter.


Looking back at his past parole hearing transcripts, He declines to make a statement or answer more than a few words at a time. This is revealing to the psychological deficit of his character.

In May 2014 the animosity exhibited toward the Female Commissioner was evident in his resistance and caddy answers to her questions. This is while incarcerated. His good behavior institutionally has not transitioned to any new learned behavior with Women in my humble opinion.

And yet the hearing today is to assess his possible reentry into society, one he could not live in the past without killing Women or attempting to. Records I have from 1977 with other assaults described to Naval Investigative Services resulting in serious injuries to another Woman as reported to police.

His behavior escalated over time, although he minimizes this, when asked if he had any Juvenile issues.

Caught with a gun on a federal facility, taking underage girls in the NCO club, crashing the gate with his motorcycle, sleeping on watch, Slapping the Female bartender when asked to leave the establishment on base, assaulting a woman and her 7-year-old daughter- the mother needed surgery after her assault for broken ear drum, dislocated shoulder. This was because she refused to say, “She would marry him” after he showed up at her apartment at 3 am! (His M.O.)

The 7-year-old was thrown across the room and hit a wall.

Thankfully, this inmate has never procreated, and due to present day, Erectile Dysfunction with blood pressure issues, this may be even more of a trigger to his violence, upon release.

He has declined mental health care and treatment since incarceration in 1978.

No medication listed on his records or based on his past oral reports,” none taken”, “just blood pressure”.

A cure for Psychopath or Sociopath has yet to be determined from my research.

“I have NO IDEA where this behavior comes from,” Taylor states when asked in a past parole hearing. He blames shifts to alcohol, and Women not, “obeying” his orders in both felonies, alcohol will be readily available upon release, in past parole hearing statements, He said, “ALL BETS ARE OFF IF I EVER GET ALCOHOL AGAIN” He now states no drug use, “just alcohol,” but in older parole hearing he states did use Heroin & Marijuana.

His diagnosis of Narcistic Personality D/O, Sexual Sadist, Antisocial behavior, Sociopath / Psychopath by DOC staff as of this time are “Untreated,” due to inmate declining all options except solitary mail in treatment lessons with Turning Point / or classes with LTOPP.  I point to his 23-page, Psychiatric evaluation of HIGHRISH OFFENDER in February 2019, and STATIC 99 score.

He needs to revisit Victim awareness classes since, not apologizing to me in 2019, He has failed this very important curriculum for reentry consideration.

No remorse stated ever in past hearings for Kella Robertson, not even a whisper.

Recidivism is stated as less risky as the inmate ages, individual cases should be assessed when it comes to High-risk offenders, not generalized by a cohort study.

Would you want him living next door to your granddaughter, wife or daughter, or even your grandson?  Stated in 2019 Hearing a question was posed about his sexual advances on an inmate. Is he is now seeking sexual gratification from other inmates?

This begs the question,” Is this inmate ready now for reentry or will he ever be ready.” Or “Is Society ready”?

His “rehab” was not voluntary unless it was through the mail, His transfer to SQ was also not voluntary in September 2019, based on his public defender’s recommendation as a positive rehab move toward Elder Parole criteria.

I have proactively taken steps to protect society.

FBI –I requested inmate be added to NCIC database with fingerprints and buccal swab for DNA, taken in 2019 at CMC Men’s Colony by FBI agents dispatched to the prison for collection.  This will search in perpetuity for other victims.

VETETAN AFFAIRS, I requested and contacted to block any reinstatement of his benefits or amendment to his Dishonorable Discharge, included a transcript received from JAG, a synopsis of the autopsy from his Murder conviction to raise awareness of his behavior and diagnosis since 1977.

SORNA- I contacted this Nationwide entity with the above transcript and his inmate number, per a POC, he is now scheduled for assessment for SEX Offender registry – based on his NCIC criminal arrests, upon a grant for parole this is also included as a Second Strike in CA, based on Penal Code 290.

In past reports to law enforcement, this inmate “admitted” to admiring, “Son of Sam” and stated had been diagnosed with “Mass killing tendencies”. Verify by reading his early parole hearings.

Let’s not forget the sewing rats in the Women’s Vagina statements too.

Rehab at SQ for one year or two, does not support a cure, much less a manageable reentry into society.

This lamenting is in part a therapeutic letter to myself of how I will not be on defense from this inmate or his threats to kill me or torture me, if released.

This shows strength through resilience to fight back for his PAST Victims and prevent FUTURE Victims who do not know his dangerousness.

I served Honorably in the Navy 22 years.

Due to the Military Sexual Trauma, I was granted 100% Disability by VA.

This VA rating does not lessen the traumatic mental & physical health issues that accompanies trauma & ongoing lifetime therapy requirements or the fear and limitations it has placed on my life.

Please consider the danger I am in if this inmate is release.

Your decision of a DENIAL is what stands between me and these threats by the inmate, I take seriously.


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