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VES C&P Records Review, something isn't right

Steve C


Okay, to catch you up first. On June 1st this year, I had an in person C&P through LHI which seemed to go pretty well. On June 3rd, I received an email from VES stating that a C&P had been requested by VA from them even before the LHI C&P posted their result on June 6th (my brother was at a VA symposium in Washington DC during that time and saw the day it was posted but of course, was not allowed to see the results). On June 15th, I received a hard copy of a letter stating that the 2nd C&P was a "records review only" and that I would not have to attend an appointment.

Now, here is the "fishy" part. I was able to log into my VES account today and see the status of the supposed "appointment" by a physician (I will leave his name out for now). Per the status, for the appointment, it shows "SEEN" yesterday, 6/19/2022 which was not only a Sunday but Father's Day as well. Now, having worked in healthcare 17 years, it had always been my experience that unless a physician is on call or making rounds, they do not typically work on weekends or holidays. So something isn't right about this whole thing. It just does not make any sense to me.

I already know this is not normal but has anyone else had questionable experience(s) with VES? Supposedly they are in "good standing" with the VA but nothing about my experience with VES so far has made any sense to me. Even calling VES has been a nightmare because they put you on hold until the call disconnects (I tried 5 times today to just get some understanding of their process). Maybe I am reading more into it than I should, based on my working knowledge from healthcare. Has anyone had any similar experience with VES and if so, how did it resolve for you? I get it. The government has a crazy way of doing things and it is clear that they want us veterans to just give up and quit because the government doesn't want to admit or compensate for what they have caused. 

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I have had two bad experiences with LHI and 7 good ones.  It is a crap shoot on which one you will get.

I have had my 2nd C&P done where they read the records only about 4 times.  I have seen once where it was done on a Sunday.  It might have been they had to get one more in to hit their goal or quota.  They could have read it prior but forgot to close it.  Or they skimmed over it and did not do their job.  

Until you get the decision back, it is very hard to find out.  They give a run around and there is no real way to fix it.  

There is one thing that has worked for me in the past.  They can give an answer, and it a long shot.  Go to your local VA hospital and they have a C&P office.  You can go there and ask the status and see if they can see the notes.  If they will talk to you and you feel there is a problem, they could schedule a New C&P if they want too.  They do not have to do this, but it does not always hurt to ask.  

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Well if it was me I would upload a statement that I feel the VA is developing to deny.

I would put the date of the last exam and example that I would like a decision based on the exam an your record.

By doing this it is uploaded in your record about the exam if you have to appeal to the court decision to the court 

It isn't much you can do I would call white house hotline example what is going on.

This also becomes part of your record.

I just like to back myself up if they keep ordering exams because it is crazy.

First isnt it the rater to address the record..

So why is they keep ordering doctor to do medical records reviews.

I just believe there is no one see these exam been order because it really seem they are ordering 345 exam for the nothing.

For a claim they did this to me I had 4 loss of use exam and a specialized loss of use exam.

My case got remand by the court they try to order more exams I refuse.

An ask for a decision based on the 6 exam and my record.

They closed the case and didn't address anything.

VA lawyer just told my lawyer that they agree that the VA should have made a decision based on my record.

An not just ingore my request 

Good luck and before everyone attack me.

I am not telling you to refuse a exam I am 25 years protected so yes I refuse all these repeat exams 

In my case.

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4 hours ago, Steve C said:

Maybe I am reading more into it than I should,

A lot of these guys doing exams especially the ACE exams, are working from home . They don't care what day it is they just do the review that takes very little time. I had a situtation were I had an exam and then an ACE didn't make any sense to me but that is what they sometimes do.  Just take a breather, and wait for the results because you may be getting all worked up for nothing.

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2 hours ago, Mr cue said:

I would call white house hotline

You know I see this a lot , I even called the white house hot line  myself recently about the cost of living and compensation, but I was really more  interested to see

what it  was all about. I  lerned the white house hotline is not at the white house, and it is maned by the VA.  Anyone who really thinks they are going to do anything

for you, well I have a  bridge to sell. I don't care who you call or write. the answer you get is the same answer you would have gotten if you had just asked yourself.  I

don't want to rain on you parade but I have had too much experience writing letters, asking for help etc... and more ofter than not the response would indicate that I

was the problem  not the VA. I don't want to discourage you from making a call, that is your choice and if it works for you good, But really if it was so easy don't you

think we would all be doing it. After a few times you will see what I am talking about.  Best of luck regardless 

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In over 36 years I have had many VA C&P exams, one LHI and two QTC exams.  With exception of at least one and maybe two VA C&P exams the examiners have been almost hostile and quick to let you know of their indifference to your claim. 

One VA examiner since 2017 was twice overruled by the BVA on two separate appeals that in one case found his negative opinion against me to be defective and on the other appeal his opinion was inadequate.  I am certain he was biased against me for a number of reasons but he loses and I win. Many of them are a sorry lot.

I will in due course for fun send him a copy of BVA opinions of his opinions.  I have been P&T 100 for well over 20 years so not concerned about anymore revenge from the loser or VA. Since he was spiteful I may also contact out of spite and fun.

Recent LHI and QTC exams have been very professional and friendly with great claim results for me.  Two licensed NPs and one audiologist.

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4 hours ago, Richard1954 said:

myself recently about the cost of living and compensation, but I was really more  interested to see

what it  was all about. I  lerned the white house hotline is not at the white house, and it is maned by the VA.  Anyone who really thinks they are going to do anything

for you, well I have a  bridge to sell. I don't care who you call or write. the answer you get is the same answer you would have gotten if you had just asked yourself

Like I said the white house hotline is to get the info. Put in record.

I don't think the white house hotline is for complaint about cost of living.

I don't think anyone ever said it was direct line to the white house.

But if you have a problem it will help get someone to respond from VA.

It has work for me an like I said your complaint becomes part of your record.


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9 hours ago, Mr cue said:

t has work for me an like I said your complaint becomes part of your record.

I am glad that it works for you,  but I have written so many letters and made so many calls that I just think its a big waste of time.

I once wrote a letter concering agent orange in Korea  to every senator and congress rep that were on the veterans committees  and not one responded to me.

The only time I ever received  any  responce using a congressman was  when the va wants to put the problem back on me.. so I gave up even trying, frankly most of

our congresscritters and senators don't care about veteran issues, unless they somehow benefit along the way, or unless its an election year.  As far as the complaint

becoming part of your record, well I have a complete copy of my va comp files, and not one piece of paper about any inquiries I have made especially from 2000-

2003 were I  became a pain in the va's backside.  Unless putting this infor in the veteran's record is new,  I have never heard of it before.  anyway what ever works 

for the veteran, and what ever makes the veteran feel better is all that really matters. As I said,  no letter writing or phone calls ever helped me, and I don't personally

know  any veterans who has indicated it helped them, (  and I know a lot of veterans personally.)

One other point, why call it the white house hot line, if it isn't located at the white house, also  it seems to me they never put out a list limiting what a veteran 

could call about  did they,  just saying?  I know this may sound negative, but for me its just voicing a reality. 


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In the time period 1999 to 2000 I sent copies of my VA Injury Section 1151 claim to many U.S. Senators and Congressmen in many states including Chair of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs committees and not just relying on my state's senator congressmen.  Most replied to me and sent letters of concerned inquiry to VA Secretary and Directors of Temple, TX VA hospitals plus directors of Reno and Waco Regional Offices.  I also threatened to send copies to all major national news media.

In short order I received letters of apologizes from the VA Secretary, and  Directors of Temple, Waco and Reno hospital and VAROs plus copies of the letters sent to the VA officials on my behalf.  Before end of 2000 I was made P&T TDIU with 5 years back pay.

The director of Reno VARO retired shortly after having to answer many dozens of congressional inquiries because of VARO mishandling of my VA Injury, CUE and other claims.  

I still have copies of all those many letters should I ever need to use them again. 

Sometimes it works and also pays to think outside the box.  It was also sweet payback and fun sport for me.  I am not a follower.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I got to 100% with LHI and VES exams.  So, there is that.

I also saw where they worked on my claims during weekends and yes, even a Holiday.

So, "I" think you are putting the cart before the horse.

Wait for the rating letter, then go from there, 

The wait is terrible, but it's part of their plan.  Way too many Veteran's have given up way too soon.



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Well look like the veteran who post got a lot of info. An it there choice how they proceed.

I am not one who just go with the follow.

The white house hotline and congress inquiry are two different thing and work different.

I have also done both.

If you are have problems with the VA responding yes call the Whitehouse hotline they have to answer there inquiry.

Well I am at the court right now and have a copy. Of my whole record an yes my complaint to Whitehouse hotline are in the record. An the VA response to hotline are in the record.

I never stated to just write a letter an email it.

I said upload a letter if u upload something on VA .give  doesn't it become part of your record. Smh.

My Reason for doing all this is because you will not get a copy of the comp exam before they make a decision.

The veteran doesn't feel he needs another exam.

Second if they just address one comp exam and not all of them you have your complaint document in your record before the decision.

It's call been  proactive.



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I've posted about VES in another thread but in my experience they are horrible. I too, had a records review only request from the VA and the subsequent report was littered with errors and misinformation. Because of this experience and one other,  I recommend veterans if they can to always submit an IMO.  It's my opinion, that these contracted exams are a conflict of interest and are generally not in the best interest of the veteran. I've had exams with both Quest and VES, both left a lot to be desired. Prepare yourself now for a prolonged fight is what I'd say and if it comes back positive that's just an added bonus. 

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I have never been assigned to VES for CP exam but have had recent excellent CP exam results from LHI and QTC for GERD at 60% and Tinnitus at 10%.

Long term VA medical records and Army 1970 71 STRs were very clear in supportive documented evidence for my 20-day claims.  Sometimes I do get lucky.

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