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Warning about Dr. Thomas J Seiter I lost $3500 in an IMO & DBQ’s



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It is sad that there are people out there to take Vet’s money. I am a wary about who I give cash to. I do check them out with the local state government.  I guess I did better than others. (See link below) He wanted $6500 to do an IMO and 5 DBQ’s regarding orthopedics problems. I gave $3500 with the other $3000 to be paid in 2 months.  When the 2 months were up, I tried to contact the office with no answer. So, I started looking around on the net and found the link below.

Dr. Thomas J. Seiter - Fort Gordon, GA - RateMDs


Dr. Thomas Seiter, MD - Evans, GA - Trusted Reviews

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Thanks for this red flag.  If you put this on a credit card, and "if"  it turns out to be fraudulent , then you can often contact the credit card company, and explain said service was never delivered.  You can likely get a refund.  My bank has "0 fraud liability" on credit card purchases.  

I have not investigated this particular physician, and render "no opinion" on  the merits or lack thereof,   with this physician.   I cant even say whether or not this person is even a  physician.  

There had been some rumors of other well known physicians doing IMO's, which turned out to be false, with the physician dismissed of charges.  

So, use caution whenever you send money and investigate it thoroughly.  

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If you can afford to have a long term treatment from a real doctor who knows you and is willing to write a report for you that is the best way IMO.  I did get a great IMO from a doctor who was the wife of my lawyer.  She was a former VA shrink.  When VARO got her report they just surrendered. She knocked the ball so far out of the park it landed in New Jersey, and I live in Florida.  She is retired now but this is the kinds of deal to get if you can get it.  She charged me $250 and insurance paid for that.  These doctors charging 3-5 thousand bucks are just lining their pockets.  How long does it take to review some records and write a two page report with the correct buzz words and phrases?  If the doctor has access to your records all they have to say is "After a careful review of the vet's records..ect." then you are off to the races.  You want your doctor to give a DX and a prognosis such as " this vet is permanently disabled from all work due solely to his SC condition."  If the doctor mentions other NSC conditions the VA will jump on that as the real reason you are 100%

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My comments are not intended and or directed towards any one particular individual, but this is something that comes up often within the veteran community and it grinds my gears. I highly encourage veterans to stop trying to buy favorable medical opinions, especially those that require a significant upfront financial investment. In my opinion, those doctors that are charging upwards of $10K for routine medical conditions are frauds and should be avoided like the plague. Instead I encourage more veterans to study their C-file, read upon the law, and develop relationships with their care providers. I have represented myself in getting 9 disabilities rated, only two were with the assistance of an IMO and both were complementary. It pisses me off to see the proliferation of all these for profit independent "experts" and the damage caused. 



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On two separate claims/appeals I have had excellent results with Dr. David Anise and his total charge for two IMOs was only $1500.00.  The BVA often approves appeals based on his nexus medical opinions. He obtained a 50% Sleep Apnea rating for me based on my long term PTSD and a still pending remand on heart disease increase.

I have also represented myself successfully in claims and appeals for CUE at the CAVC court and claims for PTSD TDIU P&T, GERD at 60%, Tinnitus at 10%, AG IHD/CAD Ischemic Heart disease at 30% and P&T 100% plus SMC-S.

But no one listens to me because they are

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The only thing I would add would be instead of seeking compensation, seek treatment. Within a year of my discharge, I was sick to the point where I had to go to the VAMC. At that time, I didn’t know anything about VA compensation, all I knew was I was sick and hurting. My PCP was clueless and referred me to the Rheumatology Clinic, GI Clinic and Neurology clinic. By being treated by these VA specialists, I never had to pay for an IMO (Independent medical opinion) these doctors had already did the work of diagnosing me and my SMRs did the rest, at first the VA did deny my claims, but I won most to all of them on appeal. I have even won several EEDs based on my records and the dates I filed.

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You know I don't think most vets are after money before they get sick.  When you get some sort of rating you find out about all the rest and how to get more.  The VA tells you nothing about compensation.  Not once in 30 years did the VA ever mention Agent Orange to me.

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For petes sake folks, do not pay that kind of money. Use a company like Valor4vet. They have several docs. The Owner is an accredited agent and former VA C and P examiner. 

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23 hours ago, john999 said:

Dr. Ellis is also good for worker's compensation claims.  Do you have to go in person to his clinic?

Yes, I did have to go in person.  This helped my claims due to the fact that he stated 'I have reviewed the patients medical records and did an in person medical evaluation'.  Or something to that effect.  I believe he does SSDI exams as well.  Super nice guy. 

Made a mini vacation out of it.  Although OKC wouldn't have been my first choice, lol.

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E...you were wise.  That trip was worth it.  I had good IMO's here in Tampa, so I did not have to travel.  He is known for getting the best "Schedule Awards" for victims of accidents in the federal workforce.  I was a postal worker and hurt my feet and upper limbs.  I got many thousands of bucks for those injuries, but it was not worth it since I suffer from all that still.

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