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Question For Vike 17 And Others In-the-know



I have a question.

I filed a claim for hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, and Menieres Disease. This was all documented by a ENT specialist at the VA Hospital. From the way I read the disability chart for this documented disease, I think I already qualify for 100%. I am going to copy and paste a report I picked up from records at the VA Hospital today. My question is "do you think it would help or hinder my claim?" On one of the reports I sent with my claim specifically identified all of the above including menieres disease. In this report it specifically says "definite bilateral hypo vestibular function". From reading on the Internet this seems to be also caused by Menieres. So should I send it or not?

Progress Note

Printed On Mar 19, 2007


DICT DATE: MAR 09, 2007@10:21 ENTRY DATE: MAR 09, 2007@15:12:56



REASON FOR VISIT: The patient comes in today in follow-up for his middle ear disease and vertigo.

HISTORY: The patient has self discontinued his hydrochlorothiazide. It just felt that it messed up his libido and energy and did not help with any dizziness. The patient has also taken my advice and seen Dr. Patel, orthopedic surgeon, twice and will be consulting with a Charleston group for pain management and possibly injection of the neck.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Today's clinical examination, after reviewing his nurse's notes, his vital signs were stable today. As far as notes, it seemed like he was doing okay. There were no changes there. We discontinued his hydrochlorothiazide and renewed his mec1izine. He is still very exquisitely tender in the neck on both sides. Visually, when he follows my finger he is definitely looking unsteady, so he has a definite bilateral hypo vestibular function. His ear canals are clear.


1. Vertigo.

2. Dizziness.

3. Cervical spine disease.


PLAN: Follow up in one year, continue meclizine as needed, and follow with the spine and the Charleston group for pain management.

JOB# 686914 DB DO: 03/09/07@1021 DT: 03/09/07@1056 800806/AP


Signed: 03/16/2007 15:36

PATIENT NAME AND ADDRESS (Mechanical imprinting, if available) I VISTA Electronic Medical Documentation

Printed at VAMC

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  • HadIt.com Elder


l will give you my honest opinion, as I suffer from vestibular disease with your unsteady balance and more so the eye movement, this does tell me that you definitely have an inner ear problem. I can understand why you may not wish to take the fluid pill, although most doctors do feel that eliminating extra fluid from your ears will help you with your balance problem.

Have you been tested with your eyes closed? You may have a tendency to fall forwards or backwards. The nystamus in your eyes has told your doctor a great deal.

Do remember that Meclizine does pack quite a few side effects, although it will help with the vertigo and the balance, to some extend, mostly the vertigo.

I would most defiinitely turn in this report.

I have had vestibular disease since 1994 and the disease has completely taken my balance and I fall over my feet.

Mine has left me with brain stem damage. Be careful as you may fall, if you have not already done so.

I hope that I have been of some help to you.

I live with this condition every day and night.



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  • HadIt.com Elder


The evidence you posted certainly wouldn't hurt the claim. However, having said that, this medical document doesn't show or prove a nexus between the condition and your military service. All it does do is how you had some type of treatment for it. I don't know if you already have some type of evidence that show a nexus or not, you didn't say. I would go ahead and send this to VA though. I f you don't already have some sort of nexus, this may help support one by the VA C&P exam or a private doctor of your choosing.

Vike 17

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I had a lenthy thread on 3 feb 2007 on this subject with all my evidence. Here is a copy of the imo I sent with my claim. Please go back and read the whole artical.I had nine hearing grafs starting in 1985 ( give or take) Plus one from my final military physcal which showed a lot loss from my intry exam.


Dec. 22, 2006


!mr. ----------------- has hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo. Fact: MR.----------------- complained of healing loss while actively serving in the military as evidenced by his records in may, 1964, Fact: mr Persinger first cornplained of dizziness after 1 year in the military during an exam 20 September 1963. Fact: mr------ exhibited hearing loss at his separation examination. Fact: mr------------ was exposed to noise while in the Army at levels that could cause hearing loss. Fact: mr---------- was diagnosed with Meniere's disease with symptoms dating back to the Army. Fact: :Mr. ---------'S hearing has continued to decrease as evidenced by his audiograms which is consistent with Meniere's disease .

. -

It is highly probable to this daim of the nexus between service and his current medical condition. In my opinion, the currently existing medical conditions of hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus and diagnosed meniere's disease are related to an injury, disease or event occurring during the veteran's military service.

-------------------- m.A.,CCC-A

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KKP -I think that is an excellent IMO-

only have one question- dont laugh-

was this from an Audio doctor as a specialist? Who a doctor who could opine that he/she had experience in hearing disorders?

I would think that just about any general practitioner of medicine could certainly associte the MOS with the hearing problems and the reference to you discharge physical and SMRs is Excellent!

I just look for any potential landmines that VA could come up with-

such as a VA audiologist opinion that is negative and that this excellent opinion does not come from an audio specialist.....see what I mean?

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Berta I've learned theres no such thing laughable question when dealing with the ro.

The imo is from a audiologist (M.A.,CCC-A). She did c&p,s for the local va before they got their own audiology department. She also does evaluations for the state rehab, which my wife works for, dealing with the hearing impaired

The ENT specialist that I see at The Va is one of the best in this area. He does contract work for the Va one day a week.

Please advise me if I should get more qualified opinions. As everyone I would like a favorable decision the first go round.

Also I am being treated by the best ent clinic in this area. Over the last five years they have run every test and done every procedure, including mri's cat scans ect. I sent all of there records whit my claim.

thanks so much kkp

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KKP -she sounds GREAT and I was sure you had gotten a good doctor for this IMO-

a former VA doctor gave me a dynamite statement- not much to it in quantity but the quality was golden.

He was the only VA doc in over 6 years who was going to diagnose my husband right and was overruled by the other docs-

He left VA and I found him in private neurology practice and I didnt even think he would rrespond to me. But he did.

You know what- the ENT audiologist at the local VA KNEW my husband's problems were not his hearing but they kept sending him to audio-

they said he had a hole in his eardrum from an explosion he was in in Vietnam-yet Rod claimed only brief loss of hearing -a few hours-from that-by the time they found the dead, his hearing had returned. He had never claimed any hearing problems at all.

we went to a audio specialist

who immediately ruled out hearing loss or a hole in eardrum-

The VA audiologist documented a very perculiar symptom Rod had during he audio exam-the VA had paid no attention to this symptom before that-

the ER doc =was furious ewhen she sent Rod back to him referring to the symptom-

he tried to kick Rod out of the VA-

Long story- the VA audiologist (still here locally and an excellent doctor)had actually documented the first symptomatic manifestation of Rods undiagnosed and untreated DMII-which caused his death.

I clearly sent this all to VA 4 years ago and they never even read it yet-r. Bash did not use this in his IMO- but it supported the VA DMII training letter and all known ADA literature on high glucose.

Just shows you men and women- the VA DOES have exceptional first rate World class medical people-

yet they work side by side with the quacks.

Edited by Berta (see edit history)
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Berta Your Husband is a good example of what a wrong diagnosis can do. Its a a shame it took his life.

I have my own motto for the va.( Trust but verify) They do have some ( how be it few) good dr's at the va.,but they are so over worked they can miss a lot. We all know our own bodies and need to follow our gut feelings when getting treatment. I know some of the clinics hate to see me coming, but thats life.

thanks kkp

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