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Following Doctors Orders To File New Claims.



I do have some questions that I just am not sure about and have read some of the past info posted but I am not real clear on some of it. Well , I have the peripheral neuropathy all 4 extremities, claim filed. My new doctor has asked me to file new claims for reopen back injury, which I do not think I received military medical treatment.It was a while back. I also filed this week , for depression from the pain , hypertension because of the high blood pressure from it and no sleep,chronic diarrhea, and sleep disorder. I am now on meds from the VA to try and treat this disease. I also have some damage from the Gabepentin causing me to loose my memory and not able to concentrate. They have taken me off of it because of the side effects. Even on the prescrip it says "Not approved by FDA. I am sure that there are others out there taking this so please watch out for this. My questions are ...If the VA is treating for these diseases and giving the medications for treating it or even a private doctor, does this constitute support of claim and where does all of these different claims fall and how are they handled? Also they have prescribed pain medication for me....which I am told they just don't do very often and I do not want to have to take this. I hope this question is relevant, as I have seen so many other multi claims but am not sure what and how these are handled especially when linked to perhaps the original disease. I am also going to file an hearing and eye claim because of major problems also relating to this. Once again thank you troops. CC

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Captain-the key is to getting service connection for at least one disability- and then get anything due to the SC rated as secondary SC disabilties.

If you claim PN-it is the CAuse of the PN hat you want to seek SC for-

PN used to be an AO conditions (still is=as secondary) but the regs for PN were so difficult to satisfy that I dont know of a single AO vet who got the PN under the original PN regs-

If you were exposed to Agent Orange and have diabetes Mellitus-then the PN rating as secondary to SC DMII is a no brainer usually for VA.

Unless they said you had PN BEFORE the DMII.

Do you have diabetes and is it what is causing your vision problems as well as PN or any of the other stuff-

Are you incountry Nam vet?

If not- what is the medical link of any or all of your disabilites to your service?

What were you treated for in the Mil?

What is on your discharge certificate from the mil-

WHat is in your SMRS?

SC depends in most cases-on the Hickson elements- the basis of almost all VA claims.

1. current diagnosed and treated disability.

2. Inservice nexus , cause, etiology, reason etc for present disability

3. Medical evidence that toally supports the inservice nexus as causing the present cutrrent and documented disability.

If the nexus is established for a SC disability- then any complications or secondary conditions from the initial SC can be service connectable.

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Hello Berta, You have so much information and knowledge , that I am happy you answered me. With all you have been thru you should know more than anyone. First, I have been sick for a number of years without knowing the cause. Yes I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. No Vietnam service but according to several BVA rulings it does not have to be treated within one yr.(acute)Some of you may not be aware of those cases but they were ruled as chronic and awarded which goes against 38 CFR. Most of the vets here that were AO contaminated did not dream of getting sick down the road of life. No, I do not have diabetes II , I do not drink or smoke nor have I in over 20-25 yrs. I do have DOD, BRAC, ADEC,EPA, RAB, ASMC and several other documents listing, Nuclear Reactor contaminated post well water,dumping also into creek next to Fort. Reactor now entombed in 1975 until about 2030a.d., Testing and unaccounted and questionable or undocumented disposal of Nerve Agents, Biological weapons up to one or two yrs of my stationing there in 1971. AO, Lead, Arsenic, Abestos,benzene , xylene, DRO, and carbon disulfides listed as known sites having contamination and "remediation" from 1995 until today, with over 40 sites still listed as under Administrative Controls" to minimize risk to human health and environment. 5 year review, and staus of sites not resolved and listed as Cause for concern. Yes , I have a "least as likely as not" nexus from IMO, as well as VA doctors from neurology wanting to know cause as they have opined that chemical contamination seems highly probable after ruling out all other causes. Also VA doctors reviewing my case and documents also listing in writing that it is "highly probable" the cause points to chemical contamination. I also have another doctor that is reviewing my tests and medical reports that will hopefully render another nexus. Is it service connected? I have proof that I was there and all this took place. Yes my MOS and Project transition did put me there and in direct contact with most if not all of the chemicals. I believe that I will prove service connected and unfortunately, I did not find out about all of this including the VA claims procedures until I got sicker. Now I have an uphill battle with the "system" which I wish I could have started 4-5 yrs ago when I got sick. Most of the documents did not become available until 2-5 yrs ago so no one knew. Most of us remember getting sick and many , including me thought ....I am superman , I will just ignore it and live with it. But as many of you also have done ........you older too ..and not able to fight some of this stuff off. Now myself and many of the other vets are getting sick and some dying , while trying to battle the system to help them. The same system that I served and you served to protect. Everytime I see a person in uniform I get choked up and am so proud of my military and the people in it. They , like me did not ask to get wounded or exposed to things that can kill them or make them sick. Berta, I am really sorry about your loses of your loved ones. It is unbelievable what you have been thru.I try and read all of your post because not only your knowledge of the system , but your compasion and perserverance to prevail. I can't even imagine this type of crusade. Nor the others here at this site that I have seen and watched their stories. I am just another vet that served honorably discharged , went where I was told to go and do what I was told to do for my country. I did not ask for this disease nor am I bitter , though I should be. In the 60's and 70's noone really knew what could kill you or make you sick. The problem I have is now they know and refuse to acknowledge or help those that are. Hiding behind antiquated rules or opinions from the dark ages patiently waiting while each one they fight either gives up or dies trying to see the end of this paper trail and court system, that they know how to use to their benefit not yours or mine. I now know why so many of you say ......"Don't ever give up". I only know this ......... when God decides to call me home then my battle will be over and I can be rid of this disease and its pain. God Bless, CC..........PS. Sorry for all of the acronyms........ I spelled it right too.

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I think an injury to the neck or back could cause PN or exposure to heavy metals. The cause most of us have is a secondary condition of DMII. You have to service connect at least one condition like Berta says and then you can try to claim the others as secondary. Are you sure about the DMII. Have you had a high reading on a fasting blood glucose test lately? I know a guy who has PN very severe and he has no idea what caused it. Idiopathic PN is what the doctors call it.

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Hello John, As far as I know from all of the blood work I do not have diabetes. I did take the glucose taste like flat coke test and I believe it was ok. I am waiting on my records to get here ....that is all of them. I have most of my others. I did have an injury in basic but I do not think I went to the hospital though it has showed up in xrays a couple of years ago. They are treating me for chronic diarrhea for over 5 yrs and cannot find the cause. I have another doctor that is concerned about this as he says they (VA) does not want to find out what is causing that. I also have been put on high blood pressure meds from VA and Pain meds which I am not happy about nor am I going to get hooked into that trap. The Gabepentin treatment for PN is as bad as the disease. For me it did nothing for the pain and it made me lose my memory and my concentration. The VA took me off of it and are going to try some other prescrips. Heavy metals test did not come up with anything to my knowledge but this is only for short term exposure and not chronic. Yes, the chemicals I listed can and does cause peripheral neuropathy and I did not list some others that were there also. Yes, the post is still contaminated and closed in 95 and has been extensively "remediated" with sites unresolved and contaminated causing concern for health and many areas are strictly off limits till this day. I am tired of being a guinea pig and the VA not wanting to help with the cause or deal with it. They just keep putting all of these test together and keep rescheduling me with more off the wall reruns. The diagnosis is confirmed but the why and what question has only recently been brought out. I am just trying to figure out what the VA and the docs are going to do next. Which is not going to be much. Oh yes , Vietnam is only one place where AO was used. The regs are specific about a veteran that is exposed to it in another part of the world and several are listed there in "their new list" of places.And they are suppose to present another list with other post and places

to be added soon. I still have the Army documents though showing it was widely used on post and the reports giving the sites still contaminated with AO and Dioxins even given the breakdown and contaminates levels of the last 10 yrs. are still above the accepted levels for health. Hard cold facts. Undesputable because DOD and other agencies had to sign off on them. Thanks John for the thoughts on this too. CC

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