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Increase For Sc 1 Yr & Counting...........



Newby here with questions!

I am Service Connected for PTSD, among other things I asked for a increase March 2006. Had my C&P exam August 2006. Called 1-800 the other day and the Benefits Rep informed me, that my records just got to the Rating board, and Rating Supervisor has signed for my file. Took 6 months from Dallas to Waco - WTF Over ! They had a turtle hand deliver it!@!

Maybe I'll get lucky and hear good or bad news shortly! Can someone post exactly what the rating board does and usually how long they take.


Semper Fi

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  • HadIt.com Elder


The rating board is where a veteran's C-file and claim(s) go to be decided. The time frame in which it takes the RVSR (Rating Veteran Service Rep.) to actually look at the claim and make a decision varies from regional office to regional office. It is dependent on many factors, such as if all the development to rate the claim is complete or the individual regional office backlog has a large backlog. To give a time frame as to when a claim will be completed after it reaches the "rating board" is just speculation, it takes what it takes.

You stated your claim went from Dallas to Waco. Why, did you move during the time you applied for your increase? Do you mean from the VAMC in Dallas to Waco regional office? If you moved during the claims process, this could certainly slow down a decision on a claim quite a bit.

Vike 17

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Hello and welcome - thanks for your service. Basically the 800 # can only provide limited info.

It's not a great or valid source for tracking claims as one department can easily kick it right back to the previous department for many reasons or totally move it to a different area for many reasons.

There is no USUAL amount of time most departments take.

What percentage is your PTSD currently rated at and what additional info were you able to provide

in seeking your claim for increase. Some times the VARO your claim is at can be either one that doesn't have as large of a backlog as others so your claim could move along a bit quicker.

Are you representing yourself or have you done a Power of Attorney to a specific Service Organization? Do you have any other SC'd disabilities or ones that you feel should be SC'd?

Are you currently SC'd at 30% or more - if so, do you have dependents and are you in receipt of compensation for your dependents?

Here's about the best 2 links to find some answers to questions you either do have or will have.

This link is 38 CFR - You would mostly study Part 3 Adjudication and Part 4 Schedule of Rating's

38 CFR is the rules and regs.


This is M21-1MR - this is how VA is supposed to implement the rules and regs during the Adjudication Process.


This is some info that deals with Claims for Increase and Mental Disorders, there is more but you'll be able to study that a bit yourself.

From 38 CFR:




From M21-1MR



I realize I've put alot of food on your plate here, just trying to cover the bases and get what benefits you may be entitled to.

Others will chime in.

Hope this helps a vet.



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Didn't move anywhere.They said Dallas just sent the file this month to Waco - VARO. My C&P was back in August, the Dr has like 30-90 days to write it up. Not sure but if it was the later - 3 months the other 3 months were limbo ?

If it takes a over a Year to get an increase, can you imagine regular intial claims. I've been in therapy and on Meds for 2 yrs, my therapist encouraged me to file for an increase, so I did.

1 yr later...... Still waiting..... Kinda ticks ya off when your already SC for something and they just need to decide if your worse than before.

Thanks Vik

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  • HadIt.com Elder


Then it looks like the Dallas RO has a large backlog and they "farmed" your claim out to Waco in the hopes of speeding the decision up a bit. This happena all the time at VA. Nothing to worry about. Just hang in there and you'll receive a decision shortly.

Vike 17

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Yes, I am writing a book, but it has nothing to do with Veteran, VA or Claims.

Like I put in my post "just trying to cover the bases and get what benefits you may be entitled to."

If you perfer, I won't put the energy into it.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

My bad, I thought there was a RO in Dallas. I've never had to deal with any veterans in Texas. At any rate it looks like the Dallas VAMC took a little longer in getting your C-file back to Waco. Your C&P exam may have been delyed in being typed up due to large amount of exams being done.

Vike 17

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  • HadIt.com Elder


What was the tone of your C&P exam? Did the doctor say your PTSD was worse. If he did then you will most likely get your increase and your retro but you have to wait on these turtles. I filed for an increase in my DMII due to secondary conditions in September 2006. I just got rated as of March 14th and I did not even have a C&P and it took them almost 7 months here in Tampa, Florida. Actually that is light speed for the VA to do it in 7 months even for a slam/dunk Agent Orange case. My original DMII agent orange claim took almost a year when there was no doubt about the evidence and presumption. They sent me for a C&P which lasted two minutes when doctor said " Yes, you have DMII" and that was it. I have PN and VA tried to argue it preceded the DMII. So it took about 2 years with appeals to get everything SC'ed.

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I see you have 60% ---are you employed?

If you are not employed do your SC disabilities prevent you from working?

Has VA Voc Rehab ever turned you down for schooling and why?

Do the side affects of the PTSD meds hinder you from working- like Do not take and drive, causes confusion, sleeplessness, etc-

If so have you filed for TDIU? Total Disability Due to Unemployability?

It is the same $$$ as 100% SC rate.

you said:

"If it takes a over a Year to get an increase, can you imagine regular intial claims"

(In the words of Eminem-"you have no idea")

Depends on the RO, the evidence, whether they use the evidence, and often whether you have a good SO, or vet rep or not-

You mentioned a therapist- is this a VA Shrink?

Does VA have their records-if private doctor-and did the doc support your claim in their treatment records with any statements as to increase?

Welcome aboard here and Semper Fi.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

and.........the Rating Board can send you claim back and forth between themselves and the other folks, either at the RO in Waco (between the offices in the RO building) or back and forth between the RO in Waco and the VAMC in Dallas as many times as they feel it necessary to get things added to or corrected, either in your initial C-file, or in the C&P.

I am in the same area as you. I filed my initial claim in Oct. 2003. I got my C&P for this claim in FEBRUARY. Uh-huh, THIS February.

I made 4 trips between McKinney and Waco.........6 trips from McKinney to VAMC.....just to make sure that they RECEIVED material that I had sent to them......that and to visit with my Texas Veterans Commmission VSO, who has his office at the VAMC.

Three and one half years, jarhead.

Oh, BTW, Semper Fi (and settle in, these are good folks, even though some of them actually served in some other branch of the military, some even JOINED the Navy, believed it or not. Like Grandpappy used to say, "Ain't no accounting for some folks taste....").

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There is no such thing as a 60% rating for PTSD!!! It goes from 0, 10, 30, 50, 70, and 100% and that is it. You must have some other disabilities besides PTSD and your COMBINED rating is 60%, not your PTSD. Yes?

I too am writing a book..... and KMAMIALS!!!!!!!!

One year isn't anything, I would consider it the speed of light compared to how long my stuff has taken so far. I have a skull loss earlier effective date and rating pending since Nov 1976.

Maybe they just have to take longer because we are Marines or something. I have heard of other folks getting their decisions in 7 months or less, but I believe that is just an URBAN LEGEND, MYTH, etc.

Either way in the end, you will get retro pay back to the entitlement for the increase, so you are not loosing anything since the government doesn't pay interest anyway. Just look at it that you have the money in a savings, but you just can't touch it yet while it is still accruing.

With just one year of waiting so far, it just makes you a NFG anyway.

Semper Fi!!!!


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Yes I have other SC %. My C&P went ok, I have a Social Worker and Shrink. My eyes are Blue and I like long walks through the desert.....LOL!

Thanks Y'all..... If I had a claim that lasted more than 2 yrs I would get Senator Hutchinson involved. Were Pin Pals already.....

My Story is long and familiar to most with PTSD. VA Docs, Social Workers, Nurse Practioner say my GAF's are averaged 35-40. They all support my increase. I have SC 50% for PTSD. I'm working alone at night, with no supervision or people to deal with. Its the only way I can provide for my family. My meds do tire me down a little, I want to keep my job I have but its getting worse around here and they may fire me again, they already did once... Long Story!!

Things are just getting worse. I have given up Alcohol the past yrs and that may be the problem. Thinking now I am a Drug addict instead.. Zoloft, Gabapentin, Trazadone cocktail everyday...

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Hey there Marine....its nice to see new Marines here. Lets get down to whats what.

I had a long story about my job and being almost pushed out due to PTSD, so I feel that you shouldn't have to tell them, but who knows. The other thing is for some reason my doctors pysch and social worker gave me Celexia and Clonazapam. Both sedatives. I know the feeling. What i do is keep on the 800# and or have the SO get on them after a while. I think they get annoyed so they rate it....or so I hope so. My first one lasted 9 months. The increase lasted a total of 1 year 1 month so go figure.

Semper Fi

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Agent Orange claims go pretty fast because all you have to prove is that you have the presumptive disease. However, my orignial AO claim took almost one year. My secondary AO conditions took about 7 months. These are slam/dunk claims without stressor verification or IU. A year is nothing to wait for an increase but if you have had your C&P exam you should hear something soon.

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I had my C&P 6 months ago....Went well I guess the C&P Doc said she will do what she could to help my increase claim.

I just think things are getting bad and the RO cannot handle the amount of claims.

Nichols is a freaking dog face liar! On national TV acting like everything is okie dokie at the VA.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

If you are not working you should ask tor TDIU. Do you have Social Security Disability? If not working apply for that. If you can do it go to Waco and ask to see a Councellor and they may be able to speed it up.

I filed for HB Dec 20th, 2006 had my C&P Feb 19th 2007 and my C&P was in Waco 11 days later. My claim is at the ratings board along with 30,000 others. I am not holding my breath. My C&P was in Dallas. Who did your C&P?

I am not writing a book.

Good Luck on your claim.

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