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I been researching the Internet to try and find doctors or organizations to assist me in getting an independent medical opinion so I can appeal my denied claim. I believe I filled out a form online with an organization called Veterans Benefits Evaluations. I received a call from a lady in a call center in the Philippines, who told me she received my information concerning my denial for disability claim, and that for them to help me the first step was to gather basic information me about my claim or the next step would be a free consultation, with more detailed advice concerning my appeal of the denied claim and the help that this organization could provide at that time. Both her call and potentially the next consultation call are both free. She did ask that I text a copy of my denial letter for more experience staff to read and evaluate before consulting with me.

Has anyone out there dealt with this organization with regard to giving veterans assistance with appeals on denied claims? Are they legit? I’ve seen other forums on here about the same organization or similarly named organization, giving veterans C and P examinations. I have already had my C and P exam. This is a Company providing assistance to veterans with denied claims, just not so sure if they are legit or not? Ladies name was Verna that called me from 407-584-7768

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To me this screams red flags. In all honesty if you are questioning it I would go with your gut feeling. But no I have not heard of them. 

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I hear you I am going with my gut.  I’m going to pursue different paths to get my independent medical opinion. I posted this mainly to alert other veterans of this potential scam. Unless other vets have use the service and found it to be credible, they let me know, otherwise others beware.

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To avoid scams of this nature, deal with law firms or advocates who are members of NOVA.  I agree this is a red flag.  If the company is not on the nova advocate list, then my advice is to not send your info and contact one of the companies on the list.  


Note:  Any state's advocate can represent you, you are not limited to law firms in your own state.  For example, I have hired law firms in Texas, Arkansas, and Washington DC, and I live in none of them.  I got good outcomes from all 3.  

Law firms which have helped me:  

Glover Luck, out of Dallas Texas. https://gloverluck.com/

Attig Steele out of Arkansas https://attigcurransteel.com/

NVLSP out of Washington DC.  https://www.nvlsp.org/what-we-do/lawyers-serving-warriors.  

An additional check on your (potential attorney) is to search the CAVC website,  where you can search by attorney name.  It will show you cases..and the outcomes.  


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This is Richard, I own Veterans Benefits Evaluations. 

I am a disabled Veteran who has been around the VA disability space for the better part of a decade. 

Just to be clear we are not claim support, we are NOT VA claim consultants or coaches, we are a 3rd party medical evidence provider. There is no such thing as an accredited medical evidence provider.  

I will explain our entire process to clear up any confusion: 

Everyone gets a free benefits eligibly exam. You are assigned to a fellow disable Veteran and his/ her assistant. Vern is his assist and was calling to collect some information, so that the process can start.

Once we have some basic information it is taken back to our staff. There we help to identify any possible secondary claims, increases, mental health claims or if there are any denials you need medical evidence for. (These are all possibilities) We then identify what (if any) medical evidence is needed to back up those claims, you can then take that information to your doctor or use our platform to order needed medical  evidence. You are then set up for a call with your assigned representative to help identify any questions you may have and walk you though the buying process.

There is NO FEE when you win your claim and NO FEE on backpay. I also guarantee you that you will not find a better price for the qualify of medical evidence that is produced.

 I have attached one of our recent reviews. 

If you have any questions, let me know. 

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Just curious what was your claim for again? Also I would not recommend dr bash even though he come recommended. He may have been good at one point and time but for me he sucked. He was all over the place when he talked and difficult to get understand. Handed me the wrong information and wanted me to change everything. His fee is 10k which I thought was ridiculous and tried to get additional money out of me for his advice on ssdi. Regardless I felt like he took advantage of my disabilities. That’s all I have to say about that. I’m sure there are other recommendations that other veterans have on here. 

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