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Benefit Letter today for first filing of VA claims (is this for real?)

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Hi, I check the claim status all the time, so it says " Evidence gathering, review, and decision" as of 
Oct 12th 2023. 

But I went and looked at my letters and there were two new buttons I never had before. Is the legit!?!?



Sam 🫠

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Thanks so much everyone!!!  Would still have zero (none) without Hadit.com


Some were deferred, I looked in benefits, under disabilities.



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  • Greeter

Well you made it over the hurdle with getting your ptsd, rhinitis, and tinnitus. I recommend trying to get the sleep apnea secondary to ptsd and medications. That how I was service connected from weight gain and lorazepam. Gambling disorder I would drop. Acid reflux due to secondary ptsd medications. Forget all other mental health as that would be lumped together to avoid pyramiding a condition. As far as your physical disabilities I say appeal if it was in the presumptive period. If not in service medical records or one presumptive period then I see that as a tough time to get service connected. Secondary conditions is the way to go.


P.S. Have you thought about filing for tdiu for ptsd? I recommend on doing that if you have been out of work. Reason I say only ptsd alone is because that can count for your 100 percent disability if later down the road you want to apply for SMC s housebound. Just remember with the Va it comes it comes it comes in spurts of being awarded. Keep busy and apply as you go to get that 100 percent schedular p/t with time

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  • Greeter

Are you overweight from your medication? Do you take anything like benzodiazepines? Because benzodiazepines is know to aggravate sleep apnea. I was awarded at the VARO because I had a favorable evaluations. Do you experience sexual errectile dysfunction from your meds?

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